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Op-Ed: Keep the Pretrial Fairness Act as-is

Pretrial justice reform was sorely needed in Illinois to address the harm the money bond system has caused Black, Brown, and poor communities. As former public defenders and current clinical law professors, we know firsthand how the money bond system created an unfair, constitutionally-suspect, wealth-based approach to pretrial jailing outcomes.
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Don’t Make These Mistakes On Your Minnesota Christmas Cards

Before you put that stamp on the envelope and mail out your Christmas cards, double-check that you aren't making these huge mistakes that are common on cards from Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Huge Grammar Mistakes Happening on Christmas Cards Mailed From Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. As I was...

Gas prices are continuing to decline

UNITED STATES - Whether you are returning from your holiday travels or getting ready for the work week, there is some good news for you if you plan on driving this week. That’s because gas prices are on a steady decline. After a record-breaking summer, cheaper gas is something...

Navigating Illinois’ home sale slowdown

(The Center Square) – High interest rates have pushed monthly mortgage payments in Illinois up by 40% in the past few months. The residential real estate market is starting to feel the impact. “Prices have gotten so high. I expect them to start coming down,” Professor Daniel McMillen of the Stuart Handler Department of Real Estate at the University of Illinois Chicago said. “With interest rates as high as they are, it has to be the case that the housing market has to slow up.” ...

To Test Police Response Time, Illinois Man Makes Up Lie About Cat

Before you decide to test the response time for police officers in Illinois, check out what happened to this resident. We've got plenty of crime in Illinois. There is absolutely no need for making any up. I understand in an emergency situation you want the police to respond as quickly as possible. You're going to have to trust them because there's no way to actually test them on your own without breaking the law.