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Kahootz Is The Most Unassuming Steakhouse In Idaho That Serves Up Mighty Fine Steaks

Here in Idaho, we definitely don’t judge a steakhouse by its cover. After all, some of the best steaks are served up in the most unassuming places, like this humble eatery in Meridian, Idaho. Kahootz Steak & Ale House is a popular restaurant that proudly dishes up some mighty fine steaks, plus a variety of other satisfying dishes. Driving by it, you probably wouldn’t expect such fine food to be served here, but appearances can be deceiving!
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6 Best Rooftop Bars in Idaho

Idaho is home to 1.78 million people. It is also known as the Gem state as it has about 72 different types of precious and semi-precious gems including garnet and opal. Rooftop bars are always a great spot to hang out with friends, family, and for dates. If you are in Idaho and looking for the best rooftop places around you, we have listed below the top 6 rooftop bars you can find here.
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6 Chain Restaurants We’re Missing In Idaho

I love all the local spots we have, but sometimes you want the common old comfort foods everyone knows. Here's 6 we're actually missing out on *Not another In-N-Out list*. Look, we all know In-N-Out isn't here, we all know that one day it could happen, but that's not what this list is about. I found a list of the Top 500 chain restaurants (not just fast food) in the country and examined which ones we have here in Idaho. If I was doing a list of 7 Chain Restaurants we're missing, In-N-Out would've been on it, but dead last. But this is a list of SIX (6) chain restaurants that aren't here, and I've been fortunate to try all but two.
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First Killer Burger location in Idaho opens in Hayden

HAYDEN, Idaho — Killer Burger, a Portland-based burger joint announced Thursday they would be extending their franchise into Hayden, Idaho. The new restaurant will be located at 85 W Prairie Shopping Center in Hayden. This will be the 14th Killer Burger overall. Currently, there are 13 locations throughout Oregon and...

Killer Burger Bringing its Perfectly Crafted Burgers to Idaho

Multi-Unit Franchisee Signs Lease to Expand the PDX Burger Concept’s Footprint in the Pacific Northwest with Location in Coeur d’Alene-Hayden Area. “I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to be the first to introduce Idaho to Killer Burger,” said Walterman. “The Killer Burger corporate team has gone above and beyond with the support they have provided me over the last four years. We all believe in the brand, our burgers and the atmosphere we create at our locations – it’ll be hard for Coeur d’Alene and Hayden not to feel the same way.”
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I’ve Never Been To Idaho’s Most Beloved Coffee Spot

The list of quintessential local fast food joints that Ranker released back in January of 2020 is making the rounds again on Facebook. Out of curiosity I decided to see what this list had to say about Idaho. It feels like every few months there’s a new list making a claim about what Idaho considers best or worst, and I’m honestly never sure if these surveys are being completed by actual Idahoans.
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Rise and Shine With A Massive Donut From Davis Donuts In Idaho

When it comes to donuts, the bigger the better – right? There’s one donut shop in Idaho that takes that to heart. Davis Donuts is an unassuming, local donut shop that boasts a wide selection of all of your favorite sweet pastries. However, the massive donut definitely steals the show! Perfect as a substitution for a birthday cake or any type of celebratory treat, this giant creation will send your sweet tooth straight to heaven.

Podcast #440 – Will Wetmore, The Veer Wine Project, Idaho

As most of you know many ventures have their beginning while a winemaker is employed by an understanding vintner. From there a brand new effort is born! Will Wetmore has taken that opportunity to build his own brand called the Veer Wine Project. This is our second venture into Idaho wine country and it’s been a total pleasure and hopefully, travel to this region is just around the corner. Watch for more podcasts from Idaho winemakers in the next few weeks.w.
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Best Restaurants In Every Magic Valley City According To Someone Not From Idaho

We all know there are a ton of amazing restaurants around the Magic Valley. Some people will even drive to a different city just to get food from a place they love. So, that makes this series of videos interesting because we know what restaurants are good and when someone who isn't from here and has never been here makes a 'best of' list, it's usually almost laughable. But these guys actually got it pretty close.
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5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Idaho

Idaho is a landlocked state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It shares borders with Montana to the east and northeast, Wyoming to the east, Nevada, Utah to the south, and Washington and Oregon to its west. To the north, it shares a small border with the Canadian province of British Columbia. The population of Idaho is approximately 1.8 million. The capital and largest city of Idaho state is Boise.