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Charters are among Idaho’s highest — and lowest — performing schools

Supporters can rightfully brag that, on average, Idaho’s public charter schools outperform traditional schools in several areas. A 2019 Stanford University study confirms that. But better overall scores don’t tell the whole story. Idaho charters also consistently rank among the state’s lowest performing schools. A closer look at the data...
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Gov. Little: More Idahoans need to get vaccinated to help schools

BOISE — In order for schools to run smooth this year, Gov. Brad Little believes more Idahoans need to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Little didn’t take questions, but he spoke briefly at the beginning of a virtual press conference Tuesday with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. He encouraged people still in a wait-and-see mode regarding vaccinations to discuss the vaccine with a doctor. The vaccine is safe and effective, he said, and can yield a less turbulent fall and winter compared to a year ago.

Facts about Idaho charter schools

Questions and confusion swirl around Idaho’s decades-old charter school movement. What was their original purpose? How are they funded differently from traditional public schools? How do they perform?. These questions accompany the schools’ continued growth in Idaho, their mixed academic achievement and their struggles to serve minority and poor students.

Idaho charters still stir debate

Idaho charter schools still stir debate, but the debate has shifted over the years. After more than 20 years of operation, the schools are here to stay — a reality that’s taken traditional educators’ concerns about charters largely from whether they should be allowed to operate, to how to effectively manage their growth.

Idaho’s charter schools bring choices — and challenges

Idaho’s public charter school movement is no longer an afterthought. Over two decades after the first charter opened its doors, enrollment statewide has swelled to 30,598 kids — nearly 10 percent of the state’s 307,428 public K-12 students. And charters are growing rapidly, adding students at a record pace while...

Reading scores: Idaho charters see high highs and low lows

Recent scores from Idaho’s early reading test provide a snapshot of what national research observes and a top charter official expect: a wide range of results among charter schools. Numbers from the Idaho Reading Indicator show that this spring, charter schools were overrepresented among the top — and bottom —...
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Grants fund North Idaho schools

The Idaho Community Foundation granted more than $350,000 to educational programs throughout Idaho this summer to support preschool programs, school districts, libraries and more. The grants — more than 30 in all — are part of its commitment to provide educational opportunities and bridge educational gaps across all Idaho communities.
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IDAHO: Minimum Funding Guarantee For Schools

Should states provide a guaranteed amount of funding for public schools? We hear alot of k-12 school districts and teachers union regualrly gripe about being the last in the county to receive funding per student. But is that based on the students’ needs or educators? Idaho’s Legislature was recently faced with that deicision; to find out more information, Lars brings on Niklas Kleinworth, a research assistant with the Idaho Freedom Foundation.
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High school principal is leaving SLO County for new job in Idaho

In a late-season move, the principal at Coast Union and Leffingwell high schools in Cambria resigned to take a new job in Idaho, according to the Coast Unified School District superintendent. Scott Ferguson held the principal positions at the two North Coast schools since 2016, when he replaced Jonathan Sison.