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Cannes Review: Mikko Myllylahti’s ‘The Woodcutter Story’

Click here to read the full article. There is a sort of checklist for Finnish films — and I say this with love — that includes snowy exteriors, bleakly austere interiors, ice fishing and someone getting murdered with an axe. The Woodcutter Story ticks every box, plus a few more. Characters who barely speak, for example — and who may, indeed, have nothing to say. When they do, there is a jolting humor that may not be humor at all: their deadpan delivery gives nothing away. This is the Finnish way. Director/writer Mikko Myllylahti — a poet who also penned the...
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10 Fishing Tips

(BPT) – You can smell it in the air. A warm, fresh breath of spring. And to you and millions like you, that can mean only one thing … fishing!. Here are 10 tips from the fishing enthusiasts at Rapala, the world’s best-selling fishing lure for the past 50 years, on what you can do now to be ready to hit the water and start catching.
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The Fandom Disney Can’t Kill

I’m 27 years old, but I still felt a thrill, as though I was doing something clandestine and forbidden by inputting my own email address into the “parent’s email” box to sign up for an account. Downloading the link to the game’s app conjured flashbacks to the many times I accidentally downloaded malware as a young, unsavvy Internet preteen. But I was determined to do whatever it took to be a cartoon penguin again.
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The Luxury Brand You'd Least Expect May Want to Go Car Camping With You

Lincoln is a luxury brand — almost to the point of obsession. They offer an exclusive Black Label shopping experience. Their vehicles feature sumptuous leather, symphony orchestra-curated door chimes, yacht club motifs and airily named drive modes — anything to distinguish themselves from their more plebeian corporate siblings at Ford.
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My adventures in pet ownership

I’ve had some amazing dogs over the years, and I miss them all. The last three dogs I had were wonderful companions. Due to that, I’m going to do some columns about them because I miss them, and I really miss having a dog. I haven’t had a dog for the last few years because I have a hard time just taking care of myself and trying to walk.
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Iowa Walleye Challenge fishing tournament starts Sunday, ends June 30

Sean Simmons is president of MyCatch, the app for recording the location where the walleye are caught and a photo of the fish before it’s released back into the water. “This is an experiment,” Simmons told Radio Iowa. “We’re going to see how well we can collect data across the state and see if this will be a useful tool to help the Iowa DNR to get a better state of the walleye fishery.”

Warmer Winters Are Erasing Alaskan Native Traditions in the Arctic

To Laureli Ivanoff, climate change is far from an abstract idea. As an Iñupiat writer living in the remote Alaskan town of Unalakleet, she’s seen firsthand the warming planet’s tangible impact on her culture’s food traditions, some of the only practices to survive colonization. “Ice fishing or hunting or just going out and enjoying ourselves, there’s no way to really do that if there isn’t any snow,” she says. Animals that rely on snow and sea ice , such as the ugruk —or bearded seal—are harder to find as sea ice melts, leaving subsistence hunters concerned for their livelihoods. Although local native communities have weathered many historic hardships before, Ivanoff believes the challenges ahead are unprecedented. “Already every year, we’re wondering, ‘Is the ocean ice going to form? How much longer are we going to have it?’” Watch the video above to learn more about the disappearing traditions in the American Arctic.

New adventures: Students from France, Spain bond with Midland family for a year

Midland High School exchange students Antoine Gresset and Julen Terroso have experienced a lot of things for the first time this past year - like diving into frigid water in the middle of winter. And Ernie Christiansen and Beth Balgenorth have been happy to give them those opportunities. The couple has taken the two 16-year-olds hunting, ice fishing, even "polar bear" swimming in Houghton Lake in the middle of winter. "I've done more this year than I normally would ever do," said Christiansen, who owns Plainfield Excavating. "I've gotten to relive my childhood. They have brought some...