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I've also started writing my recipes for a NewsBreak blog very recently, & my channel name is "My Passion My Cooking by Sofia" in case you are looking for a written version. You may not find this recipe now but some of my recipes I’ve already posted. Please follow me on both for more tasty & easy recipes. Thank You!

No-Churn Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

This no-churn peanut butter cup ice cream takes the classic and much-beloved combination of peanut butter and chocolate to the next level by turning it into a dreamy, creamy frozen dessert. No eggs and no mixer required. Adapted from Heather Templeton | Easy No-Churn Ice Cream | Page Street Publishing,...
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Young boy completely enjoys his ice cream during Dodgers game

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Minnesota Twins 10-3 Tuesday night in Los Angeles for their ninth consecutive victory, but that wasn’t what made this young Dodgers fan happy. It was a Dodgers’ helmet full of vanilla ice cream. At the end of the sixth inning and the Dodgers up 6-1, the sports announcers couldn’t get enough of this happy young boy enjoying some big scoops of ice cream out of a Dodgers helmet. The youngster wore some of the delicious desert on his face while the broadcast duo couldn’t resist some play-by-play of the adorable, “crush it” moment. Here’s the play-by-play of the cool, little scene: Now, that’s what having fun at a baseball game is all about. But the loss wasn’t tasty for the Twins, who fell into a first-place tie in the AL Central with the Cleveland Guardians, the first time they have not held sole possession of the top spot in the division since June 24.
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The Real Story Behind Thomas Jefferson's Ice Cream Recipe

Thomas Jefferson left behind quite a legacy upon his death on July 4, 1826, including penning the Declaration of Independence, serving as governor of Virginia and ambassador to France, and, of course, being elected the third president of the United States. Jefferson's legacy wasn't only political, however. He had a...

Baskin-Robbins Launches Two New Ways to “Seize the Yay” with a Blast of Cold Brew and New Flavor Inspired by Favorite Childhood Treat

CANTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug 8, 2022-- This August, Baskin-Robbins is launching two new ways to “Seize the Yay” during the final days of summer and beyond. Debuting August 1, Cold Brew is being added to the beverage menu for the first time with the OREO ® ‘n Cold Brew Blast* – a new take on Baskin-Robbins’ beloved Cappuccino Blast ®. Alongside this sweet new sip, Baskin-Robbins is continuing to innovate new flavors with the launch of Frosted Strawberry Toaster Treat, a Flavor of the Month designed to capture the nostalgia of back-to-school sweetness. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: Frosted Strawberry Toaster Treat (Photo: Business Wire)

Aldi’s original egg chair is back in stock – here’s how to buy it

With barbecues, picnics and beach days underway, summer is well and truly here, and we don’t want it to end. But, while we turn our attention to our own gardens, adding sun loungers, paddling pools and even pizza ovens to create our own Costa del Kent, it can rack up quite a hefty bill.So of course we look to bag bargains, scout deals and penny-pinch here and there to keep the cost down and the enjoyment high, and who better to turn to than Aldi?We’ve sung the budget-retailers praises a thousand tunes before, raving about its Specialbuys, beauty bits and...

Salt & Straw's New Lineup Puts The Spotlight On Vegetables

At this point in its tenure, waiting for the reveal of a new Salt & Straw drop is a little like waiting for the season finale of a TV show for ice cream fans. The Portland-based chain has plenty of sweet scoops in store for those whose dessert tastes run more traditional, but it's fair to say that the brand has ridden to fame on the coattails of its more unexpected creations. Once, for Thanksgiving, the brand scooped a turkey-flavored ice cream that was whipped with turkey fat, topped with bits of crispy turkey brittle, and swirled with cranberry sauce. Another year, for Halloween, daring customers ordered a red-velvet-hued ice cream made with actual pork blood. More recently, Salt & Straw's picnic series featured unexpected ingredients like "shards" of croissant fried in chicken fat and tea-infused deviled egg custard.

Does Your BLT Need an Omelet in the Middle? This DC Chef Says Yes.

Despite its eternal spot on diner breakfast plates — and more modern inclusion with anything from ice cream to chocolate truffles — we maintain that there’s no better way to eat bacon than on a BLT. (Anyone who disagrees is welcome to come fight us. Bring bacon.) Smoky, rich, and luxuriously fatty and crisp in equal measure, bacon is the ideal foil for fresh, juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce, with a thin layer of mayo providing the perfect bread barrier to keep everything intact for the time it takes to devour this king of bacon-delivery vehicles.

Crumbl Cookies' New Flavor Takes Ice Cream To The Next Level

In a food climate where "more is more" seems to reign supreme, the tried-and-true cookie flavor of chocolate chip just isn't going to get folks running like it used to. Sure, chocolate chip cookies will always be loved, but in the current competitive market of national cookie companies, brands need to get bigger and bolder with their flavors. For Crumbl Cookies, off-the-wall desserts are a challenge it's not afraid to take on.

The Hidden Hostess: Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

The Hidden Hostess, Rebecca Elman, shares a recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. In a large bowl mix together the rhubarb, strawberries, maple syrup and lemon zest. In a separate bowl whisk together the arrowroot and lemon juice and then add to the fruit mixture. Toss to combine. Pour into a 9 x 13 inch baking dish.

Baskin-Robbins expands its beverage menu in a sweet way

While there is always a special scoop of “yay” waiting to be enjoyed, the Baskin-Robbins beverage menu is getting a sweet new addition. Combined with the new August Flavor of the Month, the popular frozen treat restaurant is ending summer on a tasty note. Ready to seize the yay today?

New Jersey’s 15 best gelato shops, ranked

It’s hot, it’s sticky, it’s time for a soothing sweet scoop of gelato. Gelato — from the Latin word for frozen -— is ice cream’s creamier, denser, smoother cousin, a longtime staple in Italy and a relatively recent sensation in the U.S.