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Are These The Top 10 Best Rides At Adventureland?

Adventureland has had many great rides come and go over the years. Some great new rides and some amazing older rides still give parkgoers a great experience. Next year we will even see two new rides! Those rides are named the "Flying Viking" and the "Draken Falls" which is a log ride. Personally, I'm excited to see a log ride at the park again.
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Scott County Animal Hospital Forced To Close Two Days A Week

The Scott County Animal Hospital shared the unfortunate news that their emergency services will have to cut hours during the week due to staffing issues. According to their Facebook post, the veterinary industry is short of support staff and veterinarians, which is why they won't be able to offer emergency care on Tuesday and Wednesday nights any longer.
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The Two Quad-City States Are Some Of 2022’s Best States To Live In

Sometimes it's hard for us to see the good in the state we live in. People have a tendency to find more of the bad things than the good things. The two states that make up the Quad Cities -- Iowa and Illinois -- were just put towards the top of a list of 2022's best states to live in. Hopefully this study and the facts we're about to show you shine a brighter light on the good things about the two states that make up our area.
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Take A Scenic Illinois Road Trip To These 10 Hidden Gems

Pack up the car, there's no way you've seen all 10 of these. Believe it or not, fall is about to come knocking on our door. While the season does seem to be getting fleeter (fleetier?) every year, it's still the most beautiful time of year in Illinois. The trees change colors, the rolling hills of the Illinois Plain make the perfect setting for this circular track that will take you to all corners of the state.

Rock + Metal Bands That Have Played Over 2,000 Shows

It's easy to see why a band cracking the ceiling of playing 2,000 concerts in their career is just freaking massive. In order to get there, on average, the band has got to play a 100 shows per year for 20 years. That's one show roughly every three-and-a-half days, for 20 years straight. Sure, most of the bands that have hit this milestone have stretched it out over a couple more decades, but still, the math is wild.
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Wisconsin Interstate Turned Into Fun Game of Dodge A Porta Potty

If you think I'm not going to squeeze in a few puns or poo-related jokes when explaining what happened on a Wisconsin interstate last you I have one question for you, who you crappin'? This would stink. I would be one of the few occasions when yelling, "There's $#!% on the road!" and you might not be wrong.

Carson Daly – ‘I Thought I Was Going to Die’ at Woodstock ’99

The 22nd anniversary of Woodstock '99 recently passed, but the chaotic, riot-filled fest is back on the public radar thanks to the recent Netflix documentary, Trainwreck: Woodstock '99. Former MTV VJ Carson Daly is among those who've reflected on the events of Woodstock '99 via social media, summing up his experience at the festival by stating, "All I can say is I thought I was going to die."

Motionless in White’s Chris Motionless Says Pain Is Where Art Flourishes

Motionless in White mastermind Chris Motionless was the latest guest on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio program. He discussed the band's newest album, Scoring the End of the World, and how therapeutic the writing sessions were for him. The themes are a bit apocalyptic and the musician expressed that expressions of pain help art to flourish.

You Could See 9 Different Species Of Bat In Iowa

I decided to write this story after we found out we had a bat problem in our house. We found this little guy in our house last night. He looked cute, but when those wings open it's a bit scary. We got him to fly away outside, but I assume this won't be the end of our bat problem. We most likely will need to call a professional. Now let's stop focusing on the bats in my house and focus on how many bats are in Iowa.

Five Finger Death Punch Announce Co-Headlining 2022 Tour With Country Star Brantley Gilbert

This fall, Five Finger Death Punch will embark on a co-headlining tour with country rocker Brantley Gilbert and special guest Cory Marks. t's the first time this tour's co-headliners will link up since 2019, when the two artists covered "Blue on Black," which also featured Queen guitarist Brian May and the song's originator, Kenny Wayne Shepherd. The song benefitted The Gary Sinise Foundation, which aids first responders, and was a massive hit worldwide.

Eastern Iowa Getting New Medical Marijuana Facility

A new multi-million dollar medical cannabis facility is coming soon to Eastern Iowa. The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that a warehouse once owned by ACT will be turned into Iowa's newest medical marijuana plant with products hitting the market by as soon as 2023. The building is located at 2727 Scott Blvd in Iowa City. The Iowa Cannabis Company will spend $10 million to turn the 120,000-square-foot building into a facility that produces products for Iowa's medical marijuana program.

20-Year-Old Takes Linn County Police on 100 MPH Chase

Growing up, and especially when I first started driving, I was told to pull over, remain calm, and do whatever a police officer told me to do. Remain calm, know your rights, and try to avoid a ticket -- nothing else needed to be said. My parents did an awesome job putting a good head on my and my sister's shoulders to where they trusted us to use our God-given common sense.

Country Star Morgan Wallen Covered Linkin Park Classic for First Time in Over Three Years

Country superstar Morgan Wallen sure knows how to entertain a crowd, as demonstrated by last night’s (Aug. 13) headlining show at the three-day Tidalwave Music Festival in Atlantic City, N.J. Although his set included plenty of expected fan favorites – such as a few from 2021’s Dangerous: The Double Album, which he’s currently supporting – he also surprised everyone by incorporating Linkin Park’s beloved “In the End” into a larger medley.