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It's taken a toll, what are farmers doing about drought now?

Welcome to Don't Miss Reads, our weekly newsletter highlighting some of our editors' favorite stories, photos and videos that you might have missed. I'm Don Mecoy, managing editor of The Oklahoman and This week, I'd encourage you to read Ben Felder's story on how Oklahoma's farmers and ranchers are struggling to deal with drought. Oklahoma has had worse droughts than the current one, but droughts are becoming more frequent, and the men and women who provide our food are struggling. Late last week, the state Legislature allocated some funding to help.
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Oklahoma Regional Weather for 10/01/22

We are looking at a mild weekend and even into next week temperatures will still be near 80 for highs. It should start to cool down late in the week. We will see a northeast wind by today as another storm system is making its way across the Rockies. This cooler weather is going to stay locked up to the north of us through the weekend. In fact all the active weather is going to stay west of the Rockies and on the East Coast. Look for highs near 80 with a light northeast wind.

Oklahoma Turnpike Authority: ‘We have to upcharge significantly for license plate tolling’

Drivers on Oklahoma turnpikes may have noticed a price hike in tolls after the rollout of the state’s new PlatePay cashless tolling system. Oklahoma’s Secretary of Transportation Tim Gatz — who also serves as the executive director of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority — said at a Tuesday senate interim study the increase is to make up for the new system’s collection inefficiencies and billing costs.

Pursuit of Power as Performance Art

One of Tulsa Today’s favorite other investigative Oklahoma sites, “How to Steal a State” is back with, “The final season of How to Steal a State“ which we greatly admire, for example, with this gem, “If Americans had access to the revealing personal texts and emails from all candidates that Oklahoma has from current gubernatorial candidate Joy Hofmeister (D), due to her four previous felony indictments, the nation would have much stronger and more sincere leadership.” Yes, it gets better.

In deep-red Oklahoma, the race for governor is tightening

Gov. Kevin Stitt was expected to coast to an easy victory in the November election in deep-red Oklahoma, but the race has tightened after the overturn of Roe v. Wade and attacks from dark money groups. While the political climate in Oklahoma still favors Stitt, the latest polling from Oklahoma...

Rabies Reported in an Oklahoma Horse

On Sept. 23, the Oklahoma State Veterinarian Officeconfirmed an unvaccinated Quarter Horse mare at a private facility in Cotton County tested positive for rabies. On Sept. 21 she became uncomfortable, urinating frequently and biting at her flanks, and progressed to hyperexcitability, hypersalivation, and self-mutilation. She was euthanized, and one other potentially exposed horse on the property is in voluntary quarantine.

Drought's impact on deer hunting season in Texoma

(KTEN) — It's almost time for hunters to string up their bows and get out there for archery deer season, opening this weekend in Texas and Oklahoma. But this season might be looking a little different because of lingering drought conditions across Texoma. The two deer species eligible for...

Hurricanes, storms, shorter days, etc. | What will October bring?

ARKANSAS, USA — October and spooky season are here... And so will be the cooler air, earlier sunsets, and better chances for storms for the United States. October usually brings 10-20 degree temperature drops with stronger cold fronts. What will October 2022 bring?. Tap HERE for the latest forecast...