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See’s Employee Suing Candy Maker

(Los Angeles, CA) — A longtime See’s employee is filing a negligence-wrongful death lawsuit against the San Francisco-based candy maker. Maria Saucillo of Upland claims poor COVID-19 protocols at See’s packaging warehouse in Carson caused her to contract the disease in 2020. The suit also says the plaintiff later infected her husband and one of her daughters. Gilbert Saucillo, Junior died from complications caused by the coronavirus at the age of 69. Saucillo’s daughter recovered from the disease. The lawsuit states See’s employees were forced to work in close proximity with other workers at the Alameda Street warehouse without proper personal protective equipment. It also claimed employees expressed concerns to management about the working conditions — but supervisors chose not to act on them. See’s officials have not commented on the lawsuit that was filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court.
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Governor Newsom signs two bills from Senator Min

Senator Dave Min (D-Irvine) announced today two of his bills were signed by Governor Gavin Newsom:. Senate Bill (SB) 500 requires all autonomous vehicles under 8,501 pounds to be zero emission by Model Year 2031, while SB 391 allows homeowners associations (HOAs) to meet virtually during declared states of emergencies or disasters, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or during wildfires. SB 500 is consistent with Sen. Min’s strong environmental voting record, which has established the freshman legislator as a leading progressive voice in this area.

What’s up with the Stadium Swindle Lawsuit? (UPDATED with Judge Hoffer’s ruling)

Donna and I were fortunate to be able to attend Friday’s hearing on the People’s Homeless Task Force vs the City of Anaheim, a suit that aims to overturn, on Brown Act grounds, Anaheim’s very unfavorable and suspicious sale of the Stadium and surrounding property. Many of our friends and co-petitioners tried to watch the proceedings on livestream, but the Court’s livestream is no longer working, so they’ve asked me to give a little report. I’ll ask our great attorney, the undefeated Brown Act fighter Kelly Aviles, to correct me if I get anything wrong, and I’ll fix it here quickly.

Settlement reached in L.A. archdiocese lawsuit

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - A settlement was reached in a lawsuit filed against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles by two siblings who alleged they wrongfully lost their jobs after more than 10 years of working at a Catholic church office in Lynwood after reporting what they believed was an inappropriate relationship between a school principal and a priest.

O’Donnell announces bill to create oversight council to address DDT chemical dumping in San Pedro Basin off California’s coast

Assembly Bill 1553 amended and will be considered by Legislature in 2022. (SACRAMENTO) – Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell (D – Long Beach) has amended AB 1553 to create the Southern Los Angeles Ocean Chemical Waste Community Oversight Council within the California Environment Protection Agency. The council would consist of statewide and regional stakeholders and experts who would be tasked with providing guidance to the state on mitigation of the dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT) that was dumped decades ago in the San Pedro Basin off the Los Angeles County coast.

Stanton City Council to Consider Making COVID Vaccine Mandatory For Employees, Contractors and Volunteers

Stanton city officials are set to decide at their meeting on Tuesday if they want to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all city staff under a new policy. If approved, employees could lose their jobs if they don’t comply with the policy and volunteers, as well as contractors who don’t follow the mandate will not be allowed to work at city facilities.

Inglewood fails to establish Rent Board as outlined in Housing Protection Ordinance

The city of Inglewood adopted ordinance 21-09 to establish rental protections for residents to preserve housing. Although the ordinance went through several modifications, the one constant was the establishment of a Rent Control Board as outlined in Section 2-152.88 of the Inglewood Municipal Code. The code denotes that all appointees are controlled by Mayor James Butts. Property owners are complaining that because the rent board has yet to be established, they have no recourse when they want to terminate residency of their tenants.

Inglewood mayor pens “dear resident” letter admitting City is failing to keep residents properly informed

Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr. penned a “dear resident” letter September 15 to clear up “erroneous” reports related to zoning changes for new Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) planned for multiple areas in the city. By the mayor’s own admission, the city has failed to properly educate residents on proposed changes occuring in the City.

Exide Countersuit Blames Vernon Property Owners for Lead Contamination

Sued last year by the state for its role as an owner and operator during the 1970s of a notoriously dirty lead-acid battery recycling facility in Vernon, east of Los Angeles, NL Industries has filed a counterclaim arguing that property owners and other parties, including businesses, are to blame for area lead levels that have triggered one of the largest toxic cleanups in the state’s history.

Sub shortage in SoCal school districts causes some to bump pay

School districts across Southern California, including Los Angeles County, are seeing a shortage of substitute teachers, causing several districts to boost how much they pay in an attempt to try to woo more professionals into the classroom. California News Times reported that the boards of education in Long Beach and...
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Unprecedented drought, heat mark start of fire season for Southern California

So far this year, Southern California has been spared the massive wildfires devastating swaths of Northern California, but the region’s days of reckoning are approaching. “The wildfire season really comes to a head in Southern California in October,” said Dan Cayan, a climate researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. “A lot of other areas in California are more summer-centric.”