Brothers in limbo just two of millions displaced by war

MUKACHEVO, Ukraine — Sirens, whistling missiles, and explosions still rock the dreams of 24-year-old Alexander Tkalichev. Even now, three weeks after he and his brother, Pascha, 16, left their home in the city of Lyman in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, the raucous roar of war unsettles his sleep. Even here, where he is safe, on the outskirts of Mukachevo in western Ukraine, 800 miles from Lyman, he hears the cruel cacophony of exploding bombs.
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Ukraine Rules Out Territorial Concessions, as Russia Steps up Attacks

KYIV (Reuters) - Ukraine ruled out a ceasefire or any territorial concessions to Russia, and Poland's president said any loss of Ukrainian territory would be a "huge blow" to the entire West as he warned against appeasing Russian President Vladimir Putin. Air raid sirens blared across Ukraine on Monday morning,...
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CPAC chief boasts US abortion ban could be part of solution to ‘great replacement’

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp on Thursday told a gathering of right-wing activists that banning abortion and forcing women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term would be a good way to boost birth rates of “our own people” and stave off the “great replacement” many Republicans and white supremacists fear will result from increased levels of immigration to the United States.The former George W Bush aide was speaking in Budapest, where the ACU is holding an edition of its Conservative Political Action Conference in hopes of promoting greater ties between the Republican Party and Hungarian authoritarian leader Viktor Orban’s...

Ukraine war has taught us that we are all refugees now

On a frigid foggy fall evening, Dad was only 15 when he walked across the Hungarian border. Mom, then 13, would cross later. Hungarian refugees, they were fleeing the blitz of Russian tanks crushing freedom-loving people during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. Gone now, my parents were heavy on my...

Consider This from NPR

You would probably never describe Norway and Russia as being best buds geopolitically, but until recently, they have had an understanding. PRIME MINISTER JONAH GAHR STORE: We have been at peace with Russia for a thousand years. CHANG: That is Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store. His country shares 122...

Nexo Digital Sells ‘Portait of The Queen’ to U.S., European Territories (EXCLUSIVE)

Click here to read the full article. Italy’s Nexo Digital, which produces and distributes theatrical event content for the global market, has scored sales in Cannes on doc “Portrait of the Queen,” about Queen Elizabeth II, by Italian fashion photographer Fabrizio Ferri. By Experience, which handles theatrical events for New York’s Metropolitan Opera and London’s National Theater, has acquired theatrical distribution for the U.S., while other pacts include Sharmill Distribution for Australia; A Contracorriente for Spain; Pannonia for Hungary; and Aero Films for the Czech Republic. “Portrait of the Queen” features photographs and fragments of the queen’s biography, with each portrait presented as...

Europe is determined to cut fossil fuel ties with Russia, even though getting Hungary on board won't be easy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forced Europe to rethink its energy policy – especially its deep dependence on Russia for about one-third of its fossil fuel imports. The European Union is negotiating among its members over a plan to ban imports of Russian oil, although questions remain about issues such as the timing of an embargo and what kinds of transactions it will cover. The EU makes decisions by consensus, so all members must agree for the plan to be adopted. Russia exports large quantities of natural gas, coal, oil and fuel for nuclear reactors, but oil provides the most revenue....

Rep. Harris Hit For Speech to CPAC Conference in Hungary

First District congressional candidate Heather Mizeur (D) rebuked incumbent Rep. Andy Harris (R) on Friday for speaking to a conservative conference taking place in Hungary. In a statement, she accused him of being an embarrassment and a “failed” representative who clings to “radical” views. CPAC Hungary,...