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Laureano's 2-run shot sends Oakland A's to 7-3 win over Houston Astros

Astros lost their final game in the Syriza against Oakland Final score 7 to 3. Here's some of what it sounded like on Ktrh. First pitch by by Dieteman Dieteman Crossfire, Crossfire, and and that's that's ripped ripped to to right right field field that's that's going going to to get get in in the the gap. gap. How How to to bail bail score score easily. easily. Brantley Brantley with with another another double double on He's gonna go for three cut off. It's late a triple first triple for the Astros this year. And it's 6 to 3.

Teen fatally shot near Sims Bayou in Houston

Roger Stern Fox News Last night, a 17 year old boy was shot to death during an argument outside this Houston home. Police say there were several people in front of the house. And sometime during the argument, the suspect fired several shots of the victim, says HPD Lieutenant Larry Krosen. There seems to be a lot of people hanging around along the streets, so hopefully some of them will give us.

Road rage leads to gunfire, critically injuring a 14-year-old girl in San Antonio

Last night leads to a 31 year old woman and a 14 year old girl being injured. San Antonio police captain Eric High Towers says it happened at an apartment complex on Hind Street and I 35 at around 9 32 vehicles. Apparently were involved in some type of dispute or argument. They apparently pulled off into this apartment. Complex entry. Wait. One of the vehicles, the driver of that vehicle open fire towards the other vehicle. The victims are in critical condition at local hospitals. The suspect vehicle fled on I 35 police are looking for a brand GMC Yukon. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is.
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Oakland Athletics vs. Houston Astros Game Recap

Like last night 62. Here's some what it sounded like strong not being held on it. First to O. And Brantley left this in the center. Laureano coming in makes the catch. And that is the ball game. The Houston Astros suffer their second loss of the season as the Oakland A's even the SYRIZA at a game apiece, A's when this one by a final Of 6 to 2.

Blasting Houston Leaders Over Opposition To New Voting Bills

On today's panel houston chronicle editor of opinion. Lisa falkenberg vivian. Ho health economist at rice university and baylor college of medicine and marcus davis the breakfast club restaurant and host of fish grits and politics. Lisa vivian marcus. Welcome to houston matters. Craig thank you panel. Texas lieutenant governor. Dan patrick had some choice. Things to say. Tuesday about the houston area's leaders and voting procedures in the last election cycle patrick speaking at the state capital criticized harris county for twenty four hour drive thru voting and mass mailing absentee ballot applications to eligible county residents all efforts last november to improve voting access during the pandemic. And all of which would be outlawed if senate bill seven passes this session. Patrick noted harris county does not make policy and create law for the rest of the state. He was responding to a monday. Press conference here in houston in which leaders including mayor turner and harris county judge. Lena hidalgo criticized espy seven arguing. It would discourage minority voter participation. turner called the bill. Jim crow two point. Oh echoing criticism of similar legislation in georgia. Patrick called that characterization race baiting the rhetoric is strong from state and local leaders. Over sb seven and voting procedures. Is this good bad or ugly. Lisa falkenberg from the perspective of journalists. It's good because strong rhetoric makes great headlines right from a from a perspective of texan. Just a texan. Who wants my government work. you know. it's bad it's ugly. You did this. This whole argument is just ridiculous because during the presidential election no one at the aftermath. Nobody was screaming. Oh texas has all this fraud always went you know. We need a recount in texas. No everybody was perfectly fine with the way the election ran but afterward things are so bad that we need to have all this reform. Texas is already the hardest state of the union to cast a ballot in. We have no need for more restrictions.

Houston QB Deshaun Watson's lawyer granted emergency hearings over women's ID

The attorney for Texans quarterback to Shana Watson, calling out his client's accusers, demanding they go public with their identities to give Watson a chance to defend himself. Napolitano has those details. Sean Watson's attorney, Rusty Harden, was granted an emergency hearing by the Harris County District Court in Texas as he is now pushing for the release of the identities of 20 of 22 plaintiffs suing the Houston Texans quarterback claiming sexual assault. Misconduct. All but two accusers are using the pseudonym Jane Doe and Harden says the attorney behind those civil lawsuits. Tony Busby is using anonymity like a sword against Watson, who is now losing sponsorship deals over these allegations. Texans defensive coordinator Lovey Smith mom on the subject during the press conference Thursday for me is to stay and learn how to stay in my lane and I don't know enough about that situation. Watson continues to deny the allegations. Matt.

Texas Governor Abbott wants to make Texas a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary State’

Governor Greg Abbott says he wants Texas to be sanctuary for gun owners. Republican tweeted He won't allow any more of President Biden's gun control laws to stand in the state and vowed to sign a bill declaring Texas a Second Amendment sanctuary state. Biden announced proposals today for ghost guns and red flag laws, saying neither measure violates.

Houston Has Been No. 1 Destination For Many Migrant Teens

Thousands of migrant Children and teens have arrived at the US Mexico border in the last few weeks, and Houston has become the number one destination for these teens in recent years. Once kids are processed at the border, most are reconnected with family members and restart their lives in a new country in a new language and at a new school, and that's where our immigration reporter Elizabeth Trove all picks up the story. In southwest Houston. Wisdom High School H I s T teacher Garrett Reid gather some of his students while we talk on a video call he breaks the ice with some gentle teasing comes from football. Claire, this man Group of five tell me their first names only since they have pending immigration cases. Here's how I made the football player. Hi. My name is Jaime. And from where in my life I am 18 years old. They're all from Central America. And they all traveled across Mexico into the U. S. Without a parent some just a few months ago, Jaime explains why he risked his life to come here. Says his dad who left when Jaime was a baby lives in Houston High May came to the U. S to be with him and to escape threats from gang members. All of these students have some family already living in the U. S, Like most of the thousands of kids waiting to be processed in border patrol facilities and migrant shelters in Texas and other parts of the.

Houston's Harris County to remain at Red COVID-19 threat level

Cohen Cohen numbers numbers continue continue to to plummet plummet here here was was County County Judge Judge Lena Lena Hidalgo Hidalgo says says the the numbers numbers here here aren't aren't good good enough enough for for her her to to lower lower the the 10 10 month month old old code code Red Red threat threat level. level. We We just just got got through reviewing them again, and the experts tell me there is not a scientific reason to review them. So I would love and I'm sure I would get a ratings boost as the governor. You know, bragged when he made his announcement to say, Let's open everything. This is over. Good news. Everybody loves to deliver good news, but unfortunately my job is to protect the community. Hidalgo has had Harris County and Code Red since last June, despite used fluctuations in the county's covered number. Since then,

Paranormal Cirque brings horror circus to Traders Village in Houston

Horror themes. Circus making a return visit to Houston this week. Cirque Italians bringing his paranormal Cirque showed a traitor's village inside Fair on North Eldridge Parkway. Scott aware Halloween Haunted House meets on Modern Circus With horror fantasy Heart Stopping acrobatics contortionist scenario last mind with little comedy, an audience interactions judgment. No 100, thirteen's admitted anyone under 17 has to be with an adult. Circus is running with socially distant seats and masses recommended. There's a performance every evening tonight through Friday and then to each on Saturday and Sunday.

Nike suspends endorsement of Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson

Deshaun watson is losing a pair of endorsement deals amid several sexual misconduct allegations. Nike says they are suspending. Their deal with watson and espn is reporting that beats by dre is ending their sponsorship with the qb twenty. Two women have filed lawsuits against watson over the last month accusing him of inappropriate behavior and sexual assault during sasha appointments. Two of the women detail their experiences publicly yesterday in a statement nike said they are deeply concerned by the allegations. Which watson has denied both the nfl and the houston police department are investigating the claims later this.

STAAR testing impacted by technical issues in Houston, Texas school districts

There there were were technical technical difficulty difficulty for for students. students. Taking Taking the the online version of the test. The Texas Education Association says there was an issue with the vendor. They used to administer the test, and they vowed they will no longer be using that vendor in the future. Exodus, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick blasting the media and opponents over to election bills. Remember let.

Houston Astros beat Los Angeles Angels 4-2

Waiting for a two strike pitch. Here it comes and Korea lines this one out to right center field, and that ball is God just over the yellow line. I'll go ahead, two run home run for Korea and the Astros air on top 4 to 2. Why? What did adjustment by Caray keep that front shoulder close and clobber it the other way. Waxing his muscles, his first home run of the season, and it's a huge one for the Houston Astros. News, undermanned at ktrh dot com. Our next update at 10 30 now.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Blasts Media Over Opposition To Texas Voting Bills

Texas election bills. Remember, Let me repeat this for the media and for the Democrats. So they'll stop lying about it. We have not changed any dates on early voting. It's still starts two weeks before the election. Patrick says voter turnout turnout has has actually actually been been going going up up in in Texas Texas with with new new voter voter ID ID laws laws passed passed in in recent recent years, years, and and the the new new election election bills bills will will make make it it safer safer for for people people to to cast cast ballots. ballots. He He also also blasted blasted Houston Houston and and Harris Harris County County leaders leaders who called the Bills voter suppression. In a news conference this week, Patrick says he's glad Harris County isn't in charge of Texas multiple school districts, including the Houston Eyes, D reporting issues with online.

Houston leaders denounce proposed voting legislation in Texas

Voters in poll after poll but Texas Democrats not so much Now Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. He's doing the National Party line. Several people speaking out a diverse group, he said against a Georgia like election bill that passed the Texas Senate. These bills and the name of election integrity are largely built on concerns over widespread voter fraud for which there is little or no evidence. State Senator Paul.

Houston Sen. Paul Bettencourt blames local leaders for new election law

All what our top story. Houston State Senator Paul Betancourt says Harris County Democrats have themselves to blame for a sweeping election law passed by the Republican controlled Texas set it on Monday. He says local election leaders used the Koven pandemic to attempt ballot harvesting and other legal measures during the 2020 presidential election. Do you think one which is our heaviest majority man? Already praising had 61% more early voting centers. 41% more polls on Election Day kind of whopping 300% More of these drive thru locations, which is the reason why we're having this discussion. And it Bill seven. What, among other things make it a felony felony to to send send it it absentee absentee ballot ballot application application to to anyone anyone who who didn't didn't request request it it banned banned drive drive through through voting voting and and limit limit.

Houston billionaires commit to donating 5 percent of their wealth

Giving billionaire. Philanthropist john and laura arnold announced they're committing five percent of their wealth annually. Help boost a giving to charities. The houston-based couple the first billionaires to sign onto the advocacy organization global citizens give while you live effort. Basically exhorts billionaire participants. Commit giving five percent of their wealth and lead to a cause. Arnold's were part of a coalition of donors and nonprofits looking to push congress to raise giving requirements. Colonel futures.

Texas Republicans target Houston with raft of bills seeking voting restrictions

Houston area. Democrats are blasting voting bills. That are now making their way through. The republican led state senate government reporter. Andrew stoddart says those legislative measures or being condemned by houston's mayor who says bills or discriminatory against people of color senate. Bill seven and house bill. Six would ban twenty four hour voting and drive thru voting as well as remove restrictions on partisan poll-watchers mayor sylvester turner said. Those changes and others amounted to what he called. Jim crow two point. Oh the texas rights project. And i want to thank the representatives for being here today. Stacey extended voting hours at harris county but mostly used by people of color fifty six percent of voters who cast ballots late night. Hours were black hispanic or asian. In addition black voters and other voters of color were more likely to be victims of poll-watcher intimidation harris county. Commissioner rodney ellis echoed. Turner calling the bills a modern day poll tax. He called on business leaders to pressure republican lawmakers to block the bills. Lieutenant governor dan. Patrick previously blasted such pressure from companies including american airlines and dell.

Texas Governor Is The Latest Republican To Boycott Baseball

League league baseball baseball events events due to its decision to move the All Star game away from Georgia Abbotts in a letter to the Texas Rangers today, saying he would not throw out the first pitch it today's home opener because MLB has adopted a false narrative on the election law. The governor also says it's shameful. The sport is being influenced by partisan politics. A 22nd lawsuit is filed against Texans.