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Alaska hiker reported missing was found alive after being charged by bears

(CNN) — A missing hiker in Alaska was found alive Wednesday after being charged by multiple bears, officials said. Fina Kiefer, 55, was reported missing around 1 a.m. local time Tuesday after calling her husband for help, according to dispatch reports from the Alaska Department of Public Safety. She had...
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Search for missing hiker extends into sixth day at Grand Teton National Park

The search for a hiker missing in Grand Teton National Park has extended into its sixth day. More than 60 park staff conducted ground searches Thursday, as they looked for Cian McLaughlin, who was last seen on the afternoon of June 8 inside the park. They were assisted by a helicopter and five search and rescue dog teams, according to the National Park Service.
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Joshua Tree National Park, California

Covering an area of 423,970 sq. km, the State of California is located in the western (Pacific) region of the United States. It is also the 3rd largest and most populous state in the USA. California is renowned for its natural beauty and features the most extensive and diverse series of landforms in the entire United States. Among all the US states, it contains the highest number of national parks. Currently, there are a total of 63 National Parks in the United States that are managed by the National Park Service, under the US Department of Interior. The Joshua National Park is one of them.

Snow Peak x New Balance Niobium Concept 2: Official Drop Info

What We’re Saying: Snow Peak is making improving the first Niobium Concept look easy. Trust us, it’s not. Snow Peak and New Balance have unveiled their latest (and fourth overall) collaboration in the Niobium Concept 2. The project builds on the original Niobium sneaker, which was a fully modular, 3-in-1 sneaker that could be transformed from boot to sneaker to mule. The Concept 2 keeps things outdoors but turns its focus to the ultimate summer essential: the sandal.

43 cheap things that are ridiculously popular on Amazon because they're so fly

It's pretty obvious that Amazon is full of popular products that customers keep raving about, and most of them are somewhat affordable. The only downside to Amazon's wealth of products is that it can be time-consuming to sift through reviews and find exactly the right answer for you at a cheap price. Luckily, I've done the research and rounded up 43 of the cheapest Amazon products that people just love.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio

National Parks are areas created by national governments for the conservation of their natural environment, diverse ecosystems, and unique geological formations. There are currently 63 National Parks in the United States that are under the management of the National Park Service. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is one of them.
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How to go backpacking (and why it's worth the effort)

(CNN) — Each summer, Emily Davenport spends days at a time hauling heavy loads through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She sleeps on the ground. She returns to civilization pocked with bug bites and scrapes. An expert backpacker, Davenport is living the dream. Davenport, 31, works as a guide...

Awake NY Makes an Old-School Hiking Shoe Feel Brand New

The world of men's footwear is so breathtakingly bizarre that it's hard to feel genuine surprise anymore. There are the flashy neon loafers and Diplo-designed Crocs—and the high-fashion mules and French gardening clogs. Then, last summer, a colorful water shoe made of wonky molded acetate skyrocketed to covetable status. It is made by Merrell, a label beloved by the kind of folks who will do a 10-mile hike without batting an eye. Now, the long-running outdoors brand has teamed up with Awake NY, a beloved streetwear label, to remix another kooky shoe in its catalog: the Jungle Moc.
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The Beauty of Accepting Help

In 2012, I completed two of New Zealand’s ten Great Walks, the 87-kilometer version of the Whanganui Journey and the 60-kilometer Abel Tasman Coast Track. I was 33 at the time and in the best shape of my life, which meant that I could cover maybe a mile on an extremely even surface in a day—as long as there was a day of moving as little as possible, or of hot-tubbing, after each day of ambling.

Q&A: The Value of Trip Reports for Hiking with Kids

Trip reporter Robert “Ups n Downs” Shirk loves to get out on trail with his kids, both his own kids and the many foster kids who have lived with his family over the years. He makes sure to hike with all of the kids who live with him, and he appreciates the opportunity to share his love of the outdoors.
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Salewa Alp Trainers: Why I Love These Blister-Free Hiking Boots (2021 Review)

Waterproof, blister-free, and durable hiking boots; what's not to love?. Living in Arizona, I hike pretty frequently and often undertake trails that are fairly technical, with decent amounts of scrambling and trail-finding throughout the hike. Arizona is home to tons of acres of backcountry for exploring, and having good shoes for any alpine climbing or alpine mountaineering is absolutely essential, so I was happy to test these Salewa Alp Trainers.
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Mary Potter Kenyon: “Tough times don’t last, tough people, do”

Tough times don’t last, tough people, do. I don’t know who originally coined that phrase, but the message holds true. Whenthe pandemic hit, I was fearful, yes. But I’d also been through something most of my peers hadn’t. I’d faced the loss of a spouse and watched a grandson die. I’d survived that. I trusted I’d survive this, whatever this was. I knew it probably wouldn’t last forever, though it has certainly lasted much longer than I’d anticipated. I also knew people who had faced things much worse than a possible Covid infection. My daughter, for instance, who’d cared for her young son for nearly three years during his cancer treatment and then had to watch him slowly die. You don’t go through things like that without having built up some resilience.
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The Best Emergency Whistle of 2021 Is Under $8 on Amazon

The LuxoGear Emergency Whistle is one of the loudest whistles you can find and is perfect for an outdoor emergency. You don't have to wait until you're stranded on a deserted island to get into survival mode. Everyday situations such as your car breaking down on the side of an empty road, natural disasters, or your cell phone dying in the middle of nowhere are more common than we think. Envisioning these situations may make you wonder what your options are. Having a survival kit in your home, and car may seem a little exaggerated, but when it comes to your survival, there's no such thing as being too prepared.
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The Most Difficult (but Rewarding) Places to Visit

Throughout the pandemic, we'll keep publishing news to help you navigate the state of travel today (like whether travel insurance covers the coronavirus), as well as stories about places for you to put on your bucket list once it's safe to start going more far-flung. Even the most seasoned travelers...

11 Wellness Hacks That You Have To Try This Summer

Summer is always so promising. It feels like an eternal invitation to play, socialize, and enjoy the world. All the planned indulgences should be done within a healthy environment. Do not be bogged down by assignments and homework. Essaypro.com offers to take up your assignments and give you peace of mind to enjoy your summer.
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Cindy Crawford Shares 'Gratitude' Jacuzzi Soaks At 6.30 A.M.

Cindy Crawford is revealing a self-care practice that centers around "gratitude" and begins at 6.30 a.m. The 55-year-old supermodel admitted being lucky that she lives by the ocean while speaking to The Wall Street Journal recently, but it wasn't a sea soak the legendary fashion face was referring to as she revealed twice-daily Jacuzzi indulgences that keep her sane. Cindy said that she relaxes in the hot tub brand's equipment together with husband Rande Gerber, and there are photos. Check it out below.
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National Parks Safety Tips For Photographers

Our national parks are popular, and with those crowds come folks unprepared for the hazards and sometimes lacking common sense, increasing the risk of accidents. People falling from cliffs trying to take “selfies” is far too common an occurrence at places like Grand Canyon, and at Yellowstone, more than 20 people have died (and many more have been injured) when illegally leaving the boardwalk and falling into the park’s famous hot springs. These are just a few of the potential dangers you may encounter in the national parks, but tragedy can be prevented through preparedness for the conditions. With proper planning and situational awareness, you can avoid foreseeable problems and enjoy the incredible views. These national parks safety tips will help ensure you have a wonderful experience—and return home with the photos to prove it.