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Caddo Crime Stoppers Searching for Theft Suspect

On July 18th, 2022, Shreveport Police officers were dispatched to 1125 Shreveport Barksdale Highway in reference to a reported theft in progress. On arrival it was discovered that a black male suspect was believed to leave the store without paying for items when a confrontation occurred. The suspect was confronted...

Shameful ‘Trash Islands’ Exposed by Low Water in Cross Lake

My friend Ray Pliler Pearson who lives on Cross Lake in Shreveport alerted me to these disgusting 'trash islands' forming in the lake over the weekend due to low water levels. Did you know that Cross Lake is where Shreveport gets its water from? Yep! Cross Lake is Shreveport's primary source of water. After seeing the picture above, it really makes you feel safe, doesn't it?

Shreveport Police Need Help Catching Suspected Car Thieves

Shreveport Police Property Crimes investigators are investigating a string of burglaries across the city where the suspects burglarized vehicles at nursing homes, hospitals, and daycare facilities. The suspects forcibly entered the vehicles by breaking windows and took purses and other items from within. Credit cards taken in the burglaries were used to make purchases following the burglaries.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Comes To Shreveport This Week

Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, is coming back for another big year in Downtown Shreveport. The show started in 2015, and has grown into one of the premiere events in the Shreveport-Bossier area. Not only that, the show has been the largest consistently active comic con style show in the entire state of Louisiana.

Monster-Sized Crawfish Is Found in Texas Pond

Louisiana folks know all about crawfish and love when we find those big ones in the pot. But in Texas, things are bigger and they have discovered some monster sized crawfish that has everyone talking. Texas Parks and Wildlife experts say several invasive Australian Redclaw Crayfish have been found by...

If You See Police Do This With Their Lights This Is What It Means

I Have Always Wondered Why Police Vehicles Face Us With Blue Lights Shining Bright In the Middle of the Night. If you've ever driven down I-20 chances are you've been blinded by the light and no I'm not talking about Manfred Mann's Earth Band's hit. Why do police officers do this? It's something that irritates me to no end. Especially if I drive up on the bright lights at night.

US House Passes Measure to Double Size of IRS

A monster bill passes in the U.S. House and is now headed to President Joe Biden for his signature. It is a $740 billion dollar spending and tax increase bill. The bill includes funding for climate change initiatives and health care. It also comes with a tax hike for many. The House voted along party lines, 220-to-207 to ok this massive package. 3 Republicans did not vote.

Recreational Marijuana Amendment Back on Nov. Ballot in Arkansas

It looks like the issue of recreational marijuana is back on the state of Arkansas ballot for November, after the Arkansas Supreme Court ordered Secretary of State John Thurston to certify the ballot title for which Arkansans will have the right to vote for or against the amendment. If voted in favor this would eliminate the use of the medical marijuana card that is required to purchase or use marijuana.

A New Sleeping Trend is Actually Dangerous According to Experts

I Was Scrolling Through TikTok When I Saw a New Trend That I Instantly Knew I Would Not Partake in. TikTok is currently obsessed with a new health trend. All you need is tape. It's called "mouth taping". All you do is tape your mouth shut before you go to bed. This taping method is all so you breathe through your nose instead of being a mouth breather.