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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebrated in Salt Lake City

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.Image is author's. The Salt Lake Branch of the NAACP held a luncheon at The Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City on January 15, 2022, the holiday to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King was a civil rights icon who was taken from this life too soon by an assassin's bullet. He fought against racism and sought equality for all. His work continues to this day.
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The Manhattan SKY | Sego Homes | Daybreak | South Jordan, Utah | @THEACTORSELLINGHOMES

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Priced in the 450K-460K range, The Manhattan Sky is definitely a hot floor plan that is flying off the shelf. As stated in the video, it was only a few months ago, that I spotlighted these units in the framing phase. Now with a model done, the availability is still scarce, and if interested, you will have to get a jump on it, so when the summer of 2022 is can move into this beautiful property WITH a rooftop deck! After the I shot the video, I was told that the 4th level room - adjacent to the deck - can be closed off, and turned into a 3rd bedroom. IMO, this room would THE bedroom to have. The floor plan itself is a little tight for my liking, especially in the kitchen/dining area. I was told that being the first rendition of this floor plan, they are looking into modifying certain areas (around the stairs), which would allow the addition of 2 feet to the dining/kitchen area. Other than that, I really like The Manhattan Sky. It's definitely different, different is good

Welcome to Salt Lake City | Downtown SLC | Utah | @THEACTORSELLINGHOMES

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There's definitely a unique vibe living in the metro area of any major U.S. city, in this case, beautiful (and still growing) Salt Lake City. Welcome to the former host of the 2002 Winter Olympics...and potentially returning host? Who knows... Anyway, downtown SLC offers spectacular urban living in exchange for your hard-earned money, hahaha....literally. Today's MLS search for available properties, pulled up condos starting in the mid-500s, and going well into the 2-3MM range. The views are truly stunning, if you're not sure, go ahead and look up a couple of video walkthroughs earlier in 2021. One was the former residence of former Utah Jazz owner - Gail Miller - listed back then for a cool (and modest) 14.5MM, and the other condo towering over City Creek Mall for 1.7MM - loved both of them. 2022 is about to bring a wave of even more competition than we saw last year. Prices are going to go up, as well as rates....we saw rates climb this past week, higher than expected.

Enjoy Taking an Indian Cooking Class in Salt Lake City

Indian Food(Image in the public domain) Eating and cooking various ethnic foods has become a hobby or pastime for many people. There are many chances for learning to cook ethnic foods and experience food from different cultures. With the diversity in Utah, enjoying ethnic foods at restaurants is readily available. The opportunity is also there to learn to cook ethnic food.

Welcome to Daybreak Part 2 | David Weekley Homes | South Jordan, Utah | @THEACTORSELLINGHOMES

I don't think I have to go much into detail regarding this great opportunity...I mean, I did talk a lot, and repeated my self quite a bit. Anyway... The timing is perfect right the beginning of the first month of the new year. As I mentioned, one of these homes will be move-in ready as soon as May 2022...that time will go quick. Now, if you continue to procrastinate, and let's say you miss this one, David Weekley Homes does have a few more options. 'First Come First Serve' is the name of the game, and you reaching out to me is extremely important right now to reserve your spot. David Weekley Homes products are truly exceptional, and although I did not go into it...they do offer some incentives to home buyers.

The Asher | Toll Brothers | Herriman, Utah | @THEACTORSELLINGHOMES

Happy New Year! And Welcome to 2022...the first video of the new year ;) What better way to start this massive year than by spotlighting another gem by one of my favorite builders, Toll Brothers. It was as quick one, but the walkthrough of The Asher floor plan, gives you an idea of what the home will look like - once completed. Projected completion date is mid-January. Having said that, this home is Move-In-Ready, which is a huge opportunity, considering that this community is completely SOLD OUT, and this property is just 1 of 3 available units within this Herriman neighborhood. Starting at 899.9K, this 2,200+ sq ft rambler is simple, but definitely beautiful. A modern farmhouse style that is part of a trend as of late. Equipped with high end finishes, great options, and an attractive color palette...I absolutely loved this home. The main level enjoys great ceiling height in every room, starting with the flex space directly to the left of the main entrance.

The richest person in Park City, Utah

The rich are getting richer. Earlier this year, Forbes announced its annual list Forbes 400, which ranks the richest Americans by their net worths. The 400 richest Americans saw their combined wealth increase 40% over the last year, to $4.5 trillion. Nearly all are wealthier than the previous year.

A Polynesian Craft Show Was Held in Salt Lake City

A booth at the craft show(Image is author's) There are various groups of people living in Utah who are from Hawaii or other Islands in the Pacific Ocean. They are called Polynesians. Many maintain close ties with other Pacific Islanders. They hold various events such as a craft show which was held in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City's Homeless Are Braving The Cold

Homeless Lean To(Image is author's) Since they don't have a home, condo, apartment, or any shelter in which to live, the homeless make do with whatever they can find. Some have found small tents or make make-shift places where they can have a little refuge and where they will try to sleep at night.

Where Salt Lake City Snowplows Go To Get Salt

Salt Shed at City Creek Canyon(Image is author's) If you go down the one-way street that is Bonneville Boulevard from 11th Avenue and come out the other end just above the State Capitol, you will see a covering about half-way down the road. It will be empty during the Summer and filled with salt in the Fall to be used during the Winter months when the snow arrives. Snowplows will come to that area during snowstorms to pick up salt (although it looks like sand). This may be just one of many such places in the Salt Lake Valley.

Visit Frosty's Winter Wonderland in The Avenues of Salt Lake City

Avenues Home at Christmas(Image is author's) It was at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when my wife and I were watching the news and saw the spectacularly decorated house at 805 East 18th Avenue in Salt Lake City. There was a news story on KSLTV which told about the house which has fabulous Christmas decorations. Since we live in the area of the State Capitol, we made sure to drive over to the Avenues area to look for the house and to check out the decorations, which are very impressive.

The Julien | Oakwood Homes | Saratoga Springs, Utah | @THEACTORSELLINGHOMES

The Julien by Oakwood Homes is definitely one of my two favorite floor plans in this development in Saratoga Springs. Aside from the strange entry leading to a sort of 'greeting area', once you make it upstairs to the main living area, I really like the flow of the kitchen, dining, and living room - an aesthetically pleasing great room for entertaining. I loved the spacious half bath directly from the living room. Not only spacious, but the two-tone concept is eye-catching, plus the tile is awesome. You can't neglect the window with great amount of natural light. The master bedroom and master bathroom keeps the consistency with the color palette - I like that too. The fact that they enclosed the toilet from the rest of the bathroom, is also a plus in this floor plan. In conclusion, despite some of the quirks of this home (I'm looking at you entry way), the home comes at a great price (490K).