Heart Disease

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Plant-based diet may protect you from high blood pressure

In two new studies from the Medical College of Georgia, researchers found that a plant-based diet may effectively prevent high blood pressure. They found the diet may also protect against deadly preeclampsia in pregnancy. Preeclampsia is a potentially lethal problem during pregnancy where the mother’s blood pressure, which typically was...

“The Uncertainty Was a Big Piece. And I Couldn’t Get Answers”

Five years ago, on March 8, I was washing dishes, and I felt a fatigue I have never felt before. It was a chore to stand there. I wanted to go to bed. But I was having people over for coffee. They came and went, and I had severe pounding in my chest but figured I should start dinner. I couldn’t tell you what was wrong. It wasn’t a pain. It felt like I just didn’t have enough room in my chest for the things I have in my chest, like my heart and my lungs. I took my blood pressure and my pulse—we have the equipment because we need to check my husband’s frequently—and both were very low. I called my family doctor and told her some of the things I was feeling. I said, “Can I come in and see you?” She told me to go to emerg. I thought, Well, that’s rather dramatic, but she insisted.
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Signs of Cardiac Distress During Your Training Routine

Heart failure is the primary cause of death in the U.S. Almost 600000 Americans die from heart complications each year. No one wants to have a HEART attack. It's a very deadly condition. That's why health experts continue to insist on the importance of exercising.
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Germany Saw Uptick In Heart Attacks During 2014 Men’s World Cup

(CN) — Every passionate football World Cup viewer — from Montevideo to Nairobi — has lived through their share of distress or jubilation over the decades the international tournament has been played. But researchers in Germany identified a health trend during the 2014 games that veers significantly from the typical reactions die-hard fans have.
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12 Weird Veggies You Should Try For National Eat Your Vegetables Day 2021

National Eat Your Vegetables Day recognizes the vital role that vegetables play in our health. This special day is celebrated annually on June 17. If you don't already have a love for vegetables, then June 17 is a great time to start. On National Eat Your Vegetables Day, we acknowledge the vital role that the leafy greens play in our overall health. The day is most often celebrated by cooking up vegetables in the kitchen.

The health benefits of seaweed

SEAWEED has traditionally been part of the diet of Koreans, Chinese, Japanese and Europeans. According to NOAA’s National Ocean Service, seaweed is “chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and can be tasty.”. For at least 1,500 years, it added, “the Japanese have enrobed a mixture of raw fish, sticky rice,...
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The One Drink to Give Up For Better Heart Health, Says Dietitian

Heart disease is the number one cause of death both in the U.S. and globally, accounting for approximately 16% of all worldwide deaths each year. While genetic factors and certain health conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity, can all contribute to your heart disease risk, your eating and drinking habits also play a significant role when it comes to your cardiovascular health. In fact, there's one particular drink experts say you should cut from your meal plan immediately if you want to keep your heart healthy in the long run.
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Norwich 4D heart scan 'first for UK hospital'

A 4D flow MRI scan is being used to pinpoint heart valve leaks in patients with heart disease for the first time in the UK, a hospital has said. The equipment is part of an £8m project to replace ageing CT and MRI scanners at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in Norwich.
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Researchers discover how gut bacteria can influence stroke severity

A striking new gut-brain link has been discovered by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic. The findings show how a metabolite produced by gut bacteria can amplify the severity of a stroke and impair a person’s recovery. The research focused on a compound called TMAO (trimethylamine N-oxide), which is produced in...