Study finds that people at high risk for stroke can reduce their chances by making healthy lifestyle choices

Healthy assortment of vegetablesPhoto by Amanda Kirsh from Burst. "We can use genetic information to determine who is at higher risk and encourage them to adopt a healthy cardiovascular lifestyle, such as following the AHA's Life's Simple 7, to lower that risk and live a longer, healthier life," said Prof. Myriam Fornage, geneticist at the University of Texas at Houston.

Customer with allergies calls out Starbucks barista for making ‘unsanitised’ drink

A customer with severe allergies has called out her local Starbucks after she claimed a barista ignored her allergy requests, potentially putting her life at risk.Mia Silverman, who says she has more than 50 allergies and goes by @theallergicgirl on TikTok, described the recent experience in a video which has since been viewed more than 100,000 times. In the three-minute clip, Silverman said she was “debating” on making a video about her recent Starbucks trip, but decided to share her experience in an effort to call attention to the issues faced by people with severe food allergies.The 19-year-old college...

A shot in the arm: The hotels supplying ‘recovery’ drips for your hangover

In The Independent’s travel trends column, Trendwatch, we dig into the types of trip, modes of transport and top buzzwords to watch out for.We wake up in rumpled sheets. Champagne flutes are dotted around, hairspray and heels chucked near the Do not Disturb sign. Then: an unwelcome knock on the door. I stagger to it, draping a fluffy white robe around myself as I go. “I think you ordered one of these?” says a smiling woman in a black T-shirt.No, not catering staff with our breakfast, but a nurse wielding a drip stand, two bags of lurid yellow-coloured liquid, and...

New US monkeypox vaccine strategy could be huge boost for supply, but much is unknown

To stretch the supply of the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine, federal health officials authorized smaller doses using a different method of injection. Yet efficacy data for the vaccine is not clear, and some experts argue that not enough is known about how the low-dose intradermal strategy might affect the protection it provides in the real world.

Children under 10 will get polio boosters as virus returns to UK after 40 years

Children under 10 are set to be offered polio vaccine boosters amid a rise in the amount of the virus detected in London's sewage works.Health authorities plan to give children the shots regardless of where they are on their polio vaccine schedule, in a bid to prevent what would be the first community outbreak of the disease in the UK since the 1970s.Polio can cause symptoms including a high temperature, tiredness, headaches, vomiting and muscle pain. In rare and extreme cases it can lead to more serious symptoms that affect the brain and nerves.Earlier this year officials found traces...

Voices: The hidden ADHD tax is landing women like me in thousands of pounds of debt

“Why don’t you just save some money so that you don’t run out next time?” my friend asks me after I politely decline her invite out to dinner. Once again, I’ve spent my monthly paycheck long before payday and I’m waiting, struggling until it comes around again.My relationship with money has always been tumultuous. When I was little, I’d spend my pocket money as soon as I had it. As a university student, I was constantly making impulsive purchases. When my first student overdraft ran to its limit, I got another one. And another.A form of neurodiversity, ADHD is...

OPINION: Now is the time to grieve the heartbreak of abortion… and champion life

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the guest author. As I recently welcomed my first grand baby into the world, I was caught by surprise by contrasting emotions of exuberant joy over his birth, followed within weeks by an unearthing and re-cycling of grief related to a “choice” made over four decades ago. Turbulent emotions propelled me to an extended period of reflection, resulting in a deep, eruptive heart-cry for societal healing.