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Mark Cuban Pharmacy Solves a Problem Politicians Can't

For decades, politicians -- mostly Democrats -- have tried to reform healthcare. That has largely failed because healthcare reform has been a political issue. Once that happens, real progress becomes impossible because of the nature of American politics. Few people, even the politicians, agree that the current system works, but...
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Forget the baby apps. These are the apps every new parent should have

Baby showers are a great way for friends and family to help you get some of the stuff you’ll need for a new baby. While I may not be able to hand you a pack of burp cloths through a screen, as a third-time mom, I can offer something that’ll help make new parenthood a little less hectic: app recommendations.
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Navia Life Care Launches Aarogya Pay to Offer BNPL Healthcare Services

Smart healthcare company Navia Life Care has debuted a new process for instant loans called Aarogya Pay, designed to offer buy now, pay later (BNPL) options to patients, the Free Press Journal reported Friday (May 20). The company is looking to help patients access medical treatments by offering instant loans...

How to Deal With the Grief of Losing a Child

The loss of a child is unimaginable. Whether anticipated or unexpected, the pain that follows the death of a child is likely to feel overwhelming and endless. With time, healthy coping tools, and help from loved ones and professionals, the worst parts of grief will eventually pass. This article will...

Why America Has The Highest Healthcare Cost In The World

Americans spend a great deal of money on healthcare, far more than the rest of the world. According to the 2022 Cost of Healthcare Index (CHI) released recently by Bridge Patient Portal and Medical Web Experts, America spends $10,921 per capita, ahead of Switzerland ($9,666) and Norway ($8,007). The gap...

How To Maximize Your Earnings As A Nurse

Living in Florida can be expensive, and it’s only natural to hope that your salary is enough to cover your living costs with money left over for fun experiences. While nursing can be a lucrative career option, it may not immediately start that way. You might need to do some of the following things to ensure you can earn what you deserve.
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What if You Get Into a Car Crash With a Driver Who Has No Insurance?

Life gets more complicated if a driver who causes a crash doesn't have liability insurance coverage. In most states, drivers are required to have liability insurance. Not all motorists comply with the law and have this protection in place. If a driver is hurt by someone with no insurance, there...

What Australia’s new prime minister will do next and why result ‘sends clear message on climate action’

Australia’s prime minister-elect Anthony Albanese pledged to unite the country as leader of the first Labor government in a decade. In his election victory speech, he said: “Every parent wants more for the next generation than they had. My mother dreamt of a better life for me. And I hope that my journey in life inspires Australians to reach for the stars.”During the campaign, his Labor Party made a series of promises he thought would help voters do that.The party insists that increasing spending will boost the country’s economic growth, and has set out a vision of boosting manufacturing at home.Labor...

COVID’s Financial Toll Isn’t What You Think

Just a few years ago, Rose retired with a decent-sized 401(k). With some careful budgeting and a part-time job, her retirement finances were on track. Rose was looking forward to traveling, reigniting her passion for photography and spending time with her son and her grandkids. The pandemic changed everything. Her...

Modern HIV Treatment Is Not Associated with Wasting

The loss of fat and lean body mass known as wasting syndrome was still a problem in 2018, with nearly one in five people living with HIV having evidence of the syndrome, according to a study of health claims data published in the journal AIDS. The prevalence of wasting syndrome...

Insurance for Cats

Let’s say your cat, Fluffy, went in for her routine wellness visit, and the vet noticed that she had lost 2 pounds since last year. Granted, she had been a little overweight, but you hadn’t cut her food back to cause this weight loss. Since the vet was...