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What to do if you get sand stuck in your eye on the golf course

Viktor Hovland withdrew from the 2021 U.S. Open on Friday because he got sand stuck in his eye, and odd as it sounds, when I heard the news I shuddered. Not to take too much of a tangent, but something similar happened to me once during a tournament. I was playing well, and on the 9th hole I hit a shot from the fairway and a bunch of sandy dirt came back into my face.
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This Amazon Halo Prime Day deal is absolutely heavenly

Prime Day is the best time of year to score big savings on fitness trackers and health wearables, and it happens that one of the best Amazon device deals is on just such a wearable. This deal on the Amazon Halo fitness band is one that you're not going to want to pass up. Right now, Prime members can save $30 on one of the most innovative and interesting wearables around.
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Take care of your body with these discounted six items

Discover startups, services, products and more from our partner StackCommerce. NY Post may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. If you want to live a better life, whether it be by snoring less, working out more, or improving your oral health, stop scrolling! We rounded up six items that are discounted at prices cheaper than you’ll find on Amazon. They’re on sale for a limited time only, so act fast!
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How To Be Healthy in the New Year

The holiday season is wrapping up, and with that, the time of year when many of us decide to make New Year’s resolutions that we hope will help improve our lives in one way or another. And for many people, resolutions focus on improved health and fitness. According to a...

Fitbit Charge 4 vs. Apple Watch Series 3: Which should you buy?

When it comes to health and fitness tracking, the Fitbit Charge 4 is an excellent value. It features a built-in GPS, Active Zone Minutes, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, Sp02, stress management, and all-day activity and sleep tracking. You can connect and control your Spotify account directly from your wrist, and you'll get up to seven days of battery life on a full charge.
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How we test products at Insider Reviews

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Insider's history traces back to 2007 when it was a tech and business blog called Silicon Alley Insider. It has since grown into a major site for news and lifestyle stories. In 2015, the company launched Insider Picks, the precursor to what is now Insider Reviews, to help shoppers navigate the complex retail industry and make the best purchasing decisions.

Your Weekly Horoscopes: June 20 to June 26

The theme of this week is: getting back on track. There’s a lot going on in the astro weather, but for the most part, it’s providing forward momentum. First, on the 20th, the sun shifts into Cancer, giving us an official start to summer. Happy Birthday to our sensitive crabs, from Ariana Grande to Solange to Lindsay Lohan (who is on the rise herself right now!). Next up on the 22nd, Mercury stations direct and we can start to put everything that’s unraveled since May 29th back together. Then on the 24th, there’s a steady, grounding full moon in reliable Capricorn—a lunation for making lists, setting goals and letting our toes sink into the earth. We can’t rewrite the past, but we can adjust our expectations for the future.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS: the best Wear OS of the moment

Its GPS surname gives it away as a smartwatch with an outdoor focus. And so it is, but it would be unfair to assess him only under this qualification. Once on the wrist, we are faced with a smartwatch with a powerful presence, large in size (without reaching the Garmin or Suunto paella pans) and made of stainless steel and nylon with fiberglass, being 30% lighter than its predecessor (41.8 gr). A box that houses a 1.4 ”double screen (we’ll explain it later), fortunately, without a black frame around it. The strap of the tested unit is made of silicone that resembles leather; Since the pin has a standard width, you can attach the one you like best. It certifies IP68. The clock is managed by the touch screen and two buttons on the side.

‘Sweat’ Interview: Director Magnus van Horn And Star Magdalena Kolesnik Talk The Fitness Influencer’s Struggles

The fitness influencer has become its own branch of celebrity and Sweat director Magnus von Horn knew that going into his second feature. Well, not enough to know it would make good movie. Vefore starting production, the polish filmmaker was fascinated by an Instagram fitness influencer who would share every bit about her life with total strangers over an app. At first he watched with disturbed fascination. Then he questioned his own reaction.

5 Student Sites to Learn the Best Study Techniques and Methods

You know you have to study, but are you sure you know how to study? These sites teach you the best methods to learn any subject and plan for studying your curriculum. School and college life isn't easy. So any help is welcome when it comes to making it easier to study. While the internet is filled with ways to make flashcards online and other such apps, it's essential to get the basics of studies right. If you learn the best techniques to study better, you'll ace your academics.
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One Surprising Side Effect of Intermittent Fasting, New Study Says

Intermittent fasting has recently become the talk of the weight loss world, gaining countless devotees and being heralded as a simple weight loss plan that can help even those who've struggled to shed weight in the past. However, a new study suggests that it may be more than just pounds you lose when you adopt an intermittent fasting plan.
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The Importance of Mental Fitness

Every New Year, a lot of people make new resolutions to stay fit. It’s no surprise that we rush to renew our gym membership, buy the latest treadmills and kettlebells. And it’s for a good cause. Exercising an integral part of staying healthy and helps reduce the risks of several ailments like;