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mRNA vaccine inventor speaks out on 'Tucker' after YouTube deletes video of him discussing risks

As colleges issue controversial mandates that students be vaccinated or not attend classes, and reports surfaced of numerous deaths potentially caused by the various coronavirus vaccines, the inventor of the mRNA technology that went into some of the vaccines told Fox News on Wednesday that Google-owned YouTube deleted a posting of a podcast during which he discussed his concerns and findings.

Covid-19 Vaccine Reaction Becomes Underlying Cause Of Death

The coronavirus vaccines are surrounded by so much controversy like there’s no tomorrow. This is one of the reasons for which some people are not that anxious to get the shots. Now, more news comes to add food for thought about the issue. BBC dropped the bomb that an adverse...
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Scientists find a new sign of Alzheimer’s disease in eyes

Over recent years, the retina has established its position as one of the most promising biomarkers for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. In a new study from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, researchers examined the roughness of the ten retinal layers and found that in some layers of the retina these measurements indicate that wrinkling begins at very early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Fauci explains how to keep your kids safe from the delta variant

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser on the novel coronavirus, recently revealed there’s a simple way to keep unvaccinated children safe from the delta variant. What did Fauci say about kids and COVID-19 variants?. Fauci said on the “Today” show that children who are younger than 12...
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The Delta variant is spreading. See your state’s COVID vaccination rate

Our mission to make business better is fueled by readers like you. To enjoy unlimited access to our journalism, subscribe today. President Joe Biden may have already conceded that the U.S. will fall short of reaching his July 4 goal to have vaccinated at least 70% of the adult population against COVID, but the stakes for advancing the nation’s vaccine drive remain high as the Delta variant—the highly transmissible and concerning strain of the virus that first emerged in India—swiftly makes inroads across the country.
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Vitamin D in body may predict your future death risks

In a recent study, scientists found that the circulating vitamin D levels in the blood may be an effective predictor of future health risks in aging men. The finding suggests the free, precursor form of vitamin D found circulating in the bloodstream is a more accurate predictor of future health and disease risk than total vitamin D.
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Cole Beasley Provides Scientific Proof There Is No Vaccine for Being Stupid ... Honest to God

Cole Beasley is the latest to prove that while there is a vaccine for COVID-19 there is not one for COVID-stupid. This week the Buffalo Bills’ scrappy little receiver announced he planned to refuse to comply with regulations negotiated by the union that represents NFL players -- regulations that give fully vaccinated players more freedom to return to normal than non-vaccinated players.