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Hawaiian Angler Takes the ‘Ride of a Lifetime’ While Marlin Fishing From a Kayak

Jason Freitas, an avid angler from Hawaii, recently reeled in the highly coveted black marlin while fishing from his kayak. According to an Instagram post, Freitas, a native of Pahoa, Hawaii, was fishing in 240 feet of the deep sea using live “opelu” or mackerel for his bait. He hoped to reel in some yellowfin tuna or wahoo at the time. However, he set his sights on something completely different when he heard a thunderous splash behind him.
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Man Kayaks From California to Hawaii in 91 Days

What would you consider a long trip by kayak? For some, the answer to that question could be measured in hours; for others, it might be measured in days. And then there’s Cyril Derreumaux, who recently became the second person in recorded history to travel between California and Hawaii in a kayak. In his case, you’d probably want months to measure the journey. All told, it took him about three months — or, to be more precise, 91 days.

The Beautiful Kikaua Point Beach Park in Hawaii

Kikaua beach is one of the most beautiful, friendly and even familiar that we can find on this great island that is Hawaii. Its crystal clear waters and white sands are surrounded by volcanic rocks and large areas of trees with great shade for hot days. Its calm waters and clean sands make it ideal for all kinds of people, but especially for families with small children looking for tranquility.

Hawaiian fisherman Michael Matsunaga catches 26-pound octopus, breaks brother’s record

A fisherman in Hawaii reportedly caught a large octopus and broke a state record that was once held by his brother. Michael Matsunaga, 69, of Wahiawa, Hawaii, caught a 26-pound octopus on Aug. 31, according to HawaiiNewsNow. Matsunaga was bottom-fishing at 400 feet when he felt a tug on his line, the station reported. Though he struggled to reel in his line, Matsunaga was finally able to bring the octopus onto his boat. “I finally got him in the cooler,” Matsunaga told HawaiiNewsNow. “And then I had to sit on the cooler because he was kinda of lifting me up.” When he returned to shore, Matsunaga brought the octopus to Hana Pa’a Fishing Co., where it weighed in at 25.95 pounds, according to a Facebook post from the fishing shop. Matsunaga’s catch broke the record for the largest octopus caught in Hawaii, HawaiiNewsNow reported.  The previous record was held by Matsunaga’s brother, Stewart Matsunaga, who caught a 19-pound octopus in 2000, according to HawaiiNewsNow. Matsunaga told the station he plans to eat the octopus, after boiling it in beer, “one leg at a time.”

The Aloha Festivals Floral Parade Returns Tomorrow

It has been two years since the Aloha Festivals floral parade has been held, and the state is l looking forward to celebrating this treasured tradition once again in the  community. This year’s theme is Aloha ʻĀina: Love of the Land, which emphasizes taking care of the land for future generations to enjoy. Kelly sat […]

Two Insect Biocontrols Proposed For Hawaiʻi Release

HAWAIʻI - State proposals to release a butterfly as a biological control for miconia, and a Brazilian beetle to control cane tibouchina, are examined in two environmental assessments. On Friday, two final environmental assessments (EA) were published, examining the potential impacts of releasing two different insects that will act...

Aloha Festivals: Hawaiian Airlines Partnership

Aloha Festivals began in 1946 as Aloha Week, seven days of events and activities revolving around Hawaii’s music, dance, customs and history. Fifty years later, it’s still going strong, and now one of the highlights is the floral parade! Hawaiian Airlines has been a long time partner of the event, and we learned all about their involvement with Debbie Nakanelua-Richards​, Director of Community & Cultural Relations at Hawaiian Airlines.