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Report: Kevin Durant has 2 preferred landing spots

As Kevin Durant ramps up his efforts to force a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, he may be eyeing two particular teams as potential landing spots. The Boston Celtics are a “desired landing spot” of Durant’s, according to Ian Begley of SNY. Durant would also be interested in the Philadelphia 76ers, Begley says. Some members of the 76ers have pushed for the team to engage in trade talks, though no serious discussions have occurred.

Why did this highway sign fall down in Worcester?

WORCESTER - MassDOT is still trying to figure out why a highway sign fell down onto I-190 in Worcester Tuesday morning.It happened at about 7 a.m. on the southbound side of the interstate, just before Exit 1. Luckily, no one was hurt and no cars were damaged.The sign structure is about 24 years old and went up in 1999 as part of a sign replacement project."MassDOT is performing a root cause analysis and will be reviewing prior structural inspection reports as part of this process," MassDOT said. "If it is determined that the sign fell due to a structural failure all signs constructed during the same period in the corridor will be reviewed."The agency also said most sign structures on state highways are less than 25 years old, and the one that fell was due to be replaced in a project that's scheduled to go up for bid later this year. About 50 overhead sign structures on I-190 will be replaced as part of the project. 

58-Year-Old Dad Sleeping in His Basement in Attempt to Pay Off Kids $273,000 Student Loan Debt

A father of two is drowning in student loan debt as a result of putting his two children through college a few years ago. The man, George Botelho, a Boston resident, depleted his savings in addition to taking out Parent Plus loans over the course of eight years in order to make sure his kids received their degrees. A few years later, his life took a turn when he went through a divorce that left his finances devastated.

Driver faces charges after rollover crash caught on camera in Barnstable

BARNSTABLE - A Reading man is facing charges after he allegedly led Barnstable police on a chase that ended in a crash early Wednesday.Police said a Barnstable officer tried to stop an Audi Q7 on Route 132 because it was driving erratically just after 3 a m. The driver, later identified by police as 48-year-old Kenneth Brickhouse, wouldn't stop. Moments later, the car ran off Route 6A, rolled over and crashed. It was recorded on a doorbell camera nearby. Police said Brickhouse ran away, but they caught him a short time later.He was taken to Cape Cod Hospital where he was treated for what they said are minor injuries. Brickhouse now faces several charges.

NHL Rumors: David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins

The 26-year-old David Pastrnak is entering the final year of his contract which carries a $6,666,667 salary cap hit. TSN: David Pagnotta on TSN Montreal 690 radio on Monday on David Pastrnak, the Boston Bruins, and a potential contract extension. “Well, certainly discussions are there with respect to getting him...

Massachusetts renters warned about apartment scams

By Mike Sullivan, WBZ-TVWALTHAM -- It's a growing trend that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) expects to get worse when college students return in September. We are talking about rental scams. "A living nightmare is the way I describe it," says Ashley Colindres, a Waltham resident looking for a new place. "They will all ask you to send money up front, tell you that you can go look in the windows to see if you like the place. If you're still interested send us a deposit, and we will mail you the key."So far, the BBB says 12 people have...

Campaign urges peaceful coexistence with coyotes in Massachusetts

BOSTON - The MSPCA is launching a new campaign to encourage people to live safely alongside coyotes.There have been several recent sightings in neighborhoods, and experts say the animals aren't going away so it's important to learn how to coexist with them.They're reminding residents not to leave food out. If you get close to a coyote, wave your arms and make loud noises to scare them off. According to the MSPCA, there have been 25 coyote attacks on humans in the last 25 years. Two people were bit by a coyote in Swampscott earlier this summer. "Having this many coyotes in such populated areas is relatively new in our state-but they're here and they're not going anywhere," MSPCA advocacy specialist Elizabeth Magner said. "We have to coexist and modify our behaviors. If we do then we will be safe-and the coyotes will be, too."

Nets asked Celtics for Tatum and Brown in trade for Durant

BOSTON -- The Brooklyn Nets are asking for a lot in return for Kevin Durant, as they should. But they're taking things a little too far in their discussions with the Boston Celtics.It was reported a few weeks ago that the Nets were asking the Celtics for Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and a haul of draft picks in return for Durant. It's a hefty asking price that the Celtics reportedly balked at. But that is not their most outrageous ask in their Durant trade talks.According to The Boston Globe's Adam Himmelsbach, the Nets initially asked for both Jayson Tatum and...

Keller: FBI search likely means Trump running for president again

BOSTON - One question - does Attorney General Merrick Garland have the nerve and probable cause to go hard after former president Donald Trump - has been answered.Yes. Now we await the answer to another key question: what's in those documents the FBI seized from Mar-A-Lago Monday? That's the key to whether the events of Monday will be remembered as an unprecedented fishing expedition at the home of a former president that will cast more aspersions on the fishermen than the fish, as Trump and his allies immediately insisted, or a search that opened up an explosive new front in...

Former Massachusetts school dean who recruited students for Latin Kings pleads guilty

“Defendant attempted to murder a student he recruited while working at Boston Public Schools. A former member of the Massachusetts Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (Latin Kings) who was at the time an academic dean in the Boston Public Schools pleaded guilty today in federal court in Boston to racketeering charges. The defendant attempted to murder a student that he had recruited into the gang and who was selling marijuana in the high school at the defendant’s direction.

Former Boston TV News Reporter Sadly Passes Away At 64

Depending on what you had for a cable hook-up in the 1990s, you may have been able to watch some news stations out of Boston, based on where you lived in Berkshire County. If that was the case, you may be familiar with one particular reporter and anchor by the name of Uma Pemmaraju. Sadly, she passed away Monday at the very young age of 64 years old. Her cause of death has not yet been released.