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A Genius in Illinois Built a Tiny Sauna on Wheels

Have you ever wanted a sauna? What about one that's portable? One genius in Illinois had the vision to create his own sauna and it's on wheels. I found this neat personal relief wagon on Tiny House Listings. It was listed by a guy named Eugene and I could think of about a million uses for this thing. OK, so there's only one use, but it's a great one.
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Proposed Illinois pot dispensary’s target market: Wisconsin

A cannabis dispensary has been proposed to be built in Richmond, Ill., just south of the state border where Twin Lakes and Genoa City is located. Recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois. However, in Wisconsin it remains illegal for people to possess, smoke or consume marijuana, with people able to be criminally charged in Wisconsin.

5 Things We’ll Miss Most When Caledonia’s McEachran Winery Closes

Another business in the Rockford area is going away and this one is extra sad, given the details that were just released. You hear that statement a lot, do you think it's meant to evoke a feeling of sadness when people say it? The statement used to make me feel disappointed because I'd hear it said about a place I never checked out and now someone is telling me it's gone. Memories of that "nothing good lasts forever" disappointment now fuel me to make sure I check out places people are talking about as soon as possible. I sure am glad I won't ever feel disappointment over having never sipped, dined, and relaxed at this beautiful winery.
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Marian Central announces new wrestling coaches

Two accomplished wrestlers and former teammates at the University of Illinois were announced Thursday as the new leadership team for the wrestling program at Marian Central Catholic High School. At […]

Jamestown man accused of pepper spraying another man in Lakewood

A Jamestown man is accused of pepper spraying another man during an incident in the parking lot of a business in the village of Lakewood. Lakewood-Busti Police were called to Tractor Supply at 201 East Fairmount Avenue shortly before 11 pm Thursday evening for a reported assault. Officers say they found that 30 year-old Alex Peru had gotten into the altercation and pepper sprayed the other man in the face. The victim reportedly suffered an eye injury. Police arrested Peru for third-degree assault. He was issued an appearance ticket for Busti Town Court later date.

Last days for stateline area pools

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Kids are headed back-to-school which means its also time for area pools to close for the season. Here’s a list of final swimming days for some of the pools and water parks in the stateline:. August 14 - Alpine Pool in Rockford. August 21 -...

The Bright Side, August 17, 2022

The City of Lake Geneva Fire Department could have an edge over the rest of the county in the near future. Chief Peters is researching the possibility of bringing in more emergency room tools to the scene of serious accidents and emergency calls. The chief is considering the purchase of an ultrasound machine to help patients with internal medical problems. The ultrasound machine would help detect internal bleeding, abdominal injuries, finding difficult veins, fluid around the heart and lungs, along with the cardiac activity. Without this device, and the training needed to operate them, paramedics aren’t always able to determine exactly the proper care an injured or extremely ill patient needs, and this makes it difficult to transfer to the best facility possible to handle the specific needs. Without the machine, it’s almost impossible to diagnose among certain heart issues that require very different treatments.


At 2 am on August 10, 2022, the Beloit, Wisconsin Police were dispatched to a reported alarm at the ATM located along the driveway at the Educators Credit Union at 1154 Cranston in Beloit, Wisconsin. Units arrived to find the ATM had been b…. Original Article:
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Throwback Thursday: Keeping blacksmithing alive

DARIEN, Wis. — This week’s Traveler Throwback Thursday revisits the story of a man keeping blacksmithing alive in 1989. COPYRIGHT 2022 BY CHANNEL 3000. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THIS MATERIAL MAY NOT BE PUBLISHED, BROADCAST, REWRITTEN OR REDISTRIBUTED.

Surprising Stuff, August 17, 2022

The medical mess we are all caught up in. The modern medical experience continues to flow toward discovery, the discovery that it’s becoming a sad adventure for most people. Medicare Advantage is a highway robbery contract designed to steal from older citizens. Emergency rooms ask now for only three things; name, date of birth, and insurance coverage that can be instantly checked. Doctor’s offices, when called for an appointment, have staff who basically ask for the same information and then put you on hold to check the insurance before you can even get an appointment. Some, like a local podiatrist who shall remain nameless, located over there by the BP on Highway 50 near Walgreens, won’t book an appointment with anyone who has any kind of governmental insurance. No Medicare, no community care with the Veterans Administration, and no Badger care either. Bring cash and lots of it.

‘Broadband for All’ initiative to span several Northern Illinois counties

STATELINE - An initiative between several area counties will soon offer rural areas more reliable Wi-Fi for all residents across the stateline. Boone is one of at least four counties participating in the “Broadband for All Cohort” to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban communities. Pamela Lopez-Fettes with Growth Dimensions got the idea when she was approached by a local business several years ago.

Living Here, August 17, 2022

Former mayor Tom Hartz and Vandewalle and Associates have very likely conspired to violate the homeowners living on South Street. When Tom Hartz was mayor, before the reign of Charlene Klein, he had this great idea to get a grant from the state TAP grant fund, so that environmentally sensitive and people-responsive projects could be funded. This great thought process and idea resulted in the City of Lake Geneva being given approval on a million-dollar grant. This money was set aside to be spent on a walking/bike path to be put in paralleling South Street, running a mile and a half long from one end of South Street to the other (connecting to paths already there on each end). That money sits in a fund waiting for plans to be approved, and therein lies the rub. The citizens who own the properties along most of the course the path will, or would, take were never consulted about this project. Since South Street lacks curbs and sidewalks, the path is to be built within the confines of the right-of-way established for all public streets and roads in Lake Geneva.

Caledonia winery to close, selling off its grapes

CALEDONIA, Ill. (WTVO) — The McEachran Homestead Winery has announced it will close, 18 months after the passing of owner Herbert Greenlee in 2020. “We have made a tough decision. Due to both the external factors of simply living and doing business today, and the internal factors of our four families’ priorities forcing us to […]

Village of Darien, Walworth County's highest-taxed municipality, looks to reverse that course

DARIEN In the Walworth County village of Darien, where as of mid-July a single home building permit had been taken out this year, and the total tax rate has been among the area’s highest for nearly 15 years, officials see new development as the key to reducing the tax burden on residents. The tiny village, which stretches over just 1.29 square miles and had a population of 1,471 in 2020,...