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The 11 Best Hair Dryer Brushes, According to Experts

Click here to read the full article. If the pandemic taught us one thing, it’s that we love a streamlined beauty routine. When it comes to blow drying your hair, anything that will cut down on time, yet not sacrifice one bit of volume or shine, is nothing short of a miracle product. That’s where the best hair dryer brushes come in. A hair dryer brush is a hot tool hybrid—half blow dryer, half traditional round hair brush — that can create waves, curls, or a smooth, straight blowout in one simple step. “I’m a huge fan of blow dryer brushes!”...
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5 holiday hair tips from a trichologist

Hands up if your hair feels the holiday blues, too. We've all returned home from a sunny break at some point with colour fade, a flaky scalp or frazzled ends to contend with. But it’s not only the heat that compromises the condition of our hair on holiday, there’s the chlorinated pools and water quality changes in the showers, too.
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The popular Dyson AirWrap is $150 off at Nordstrom Rack right now

At New York Post Shopping, we’re always on the prowl for the hottest products. Well, the Dyson AirWrap — the all-in-one hairstyling tool that has vacuum-like suction and power — nearly broke the Internet in popularity. Now, after a too-long hiatus of being out of stock nearly everywhere, the Dyson AirWrap is back. Not only is it back, but it’s also $150 off at Nordstrom Rack. Though it’s not the latest and greatest edition, the beloved model is still a tier above some other blow-drying tools, much ado to it drying and stying your hair simultaneously with different barrel attachments to achieve...
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10 best hair straighteners for every hair type, budget and style

Now an essential part of our everyday routines, the mighty hair straightener has come a long way since the early Noughties when the heat-styling tool went mainstream. So much so that brands have started to rename them as “stylers”, as gone are the days when hair straighteners just smoothed out our strands. Today’s best straighteners won’t give you just Y2K poker-straight strands but beachy s-waves and tight curls, too.While their versatility isn’t the only thing that’s evolved, so is the sheer number of hair straighteners on the market. With a constant stream of new launches, it can be a minefield...

80s and 90s Hairstyles Are Having a Renaissance

Fabulousity is back at the forefront and nostalgia takes the lead. In 2022, many hair enthusiasts are requesting stylists to recreate nostaglic moments that are nonother than other “Fly Girl” era looks, which are making a rapid comeback. Once were styles our mothers adored, can now be found...

Rowan Blanchard Gets a Hair "Dusting" For Fall

Rowan Blanchard is getting ready for fall with a hairstyle refresh. The actor posted a picture on her Instagram Stories and captioned it "cut and dye @_hairbylaurie," tagging celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps. Her updated look features a deep, jet-black color and "dusted" ends. It's a style you'll want to add to your fall beauty mood board stat.

Are "Draped Layers" the New "Rachel" Haircut?

The "draped layers" haircut is anticipated to trend this fall. The haircut features face-framing layers that overlap in a draping pattern. The style is a modern take on a popular '90s hair trend. Remember when the "Rachel" haircut was everywhere in the '90s? People couldn't get enough of the "Friends"-inspired...

We Tried the TikTok-Famous Heatless Curler. Did It Work?

I was calling my friend via FaceTime when she popped up with her hair styled as a medieval princess. I had heard about the “heatless curls” trend on TikTok, so I suspected this explained her new Marie Antoinette-style braid. “You have to try this,” she told me. “You just wrap your hair around the band, sleep with it and you’ll have curls the next day!” After sending me pictures of the result and telling me how the locks lasted the entire day, I knew I had to try it out.

Tiffany Haddish’s Hairstylist Reveals The Secret To Styling Her Pixie Cut

It seems like only yesterday that Tiffany Haddish shaved her hair off, but it’s actually been a minute. In the two years since, the actor and comedian has embraced her buzzcut which eventually grew out into a chic pixie (and along the way, she also sported a number of gorgeous wigs and extensions). Now, Tiffany Haddish’s blonde pixie cut has become her signature, and she played up the look for the premiere of her new movie, Easter Sunday.

We Rarely Get to See Lizzo In Box Braids Like These

She went tropical with this new, not-a-care-in-the-world hairstyle. It was about damn time Lizzo went remote and enjoyed some R&R after a whirlwind of a Grammy-winning, BET-performing, and chart-topping summer. On August 6, the artist appeared to be on a well-deserved holiday and has a new protective hairdo vacationing along with her.

Is Your Hair Dry — Or Do You Have Protein Overload?

If your hair is on the thirsty side, you're not alone. This summer has been a scorcher and with intensely hot sun come seriously parched strands. The freak weather isn't the only thing that might be behind your dry, brittle lengths. With selfie-worthy colour trends like 'hair frosting' and 'glow lights' taking over London salons, you'd be forgiven for overdoing it on the bleach, which is notoriously stripping. But if social media is anything to go by, there could be another reason why your hair feels like straw lately.

Curly Hair for Men: The Ultimate Guide, Straight From Grooming Experts

Throughout history, people with straight hair have chosen to wear curls to switch up their look. Renaissance artists glorified curly hair in their depictions of historical figures, and in the centuries that followed, men chose to wear curly wigs to denote social status. According to New York-based hair stylist Lauren Berrones, “in the 18th century, men’s hairstyles were greatly influenced by Greek and Roman art. The Romantic era of poets and painters made the most desirable hairstyles for men [those with] curls, waves, and movement. Once men would have it styled, they would refrain from washing so that it could last longer.”