How Will DAOs Impact the Future of Startups?

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) has been on my radar this year. I would like to share how DAOs will impact the future of startups from my perspective. I've worked at various startups for seven years and some of them have made it to unicorn status. A DAO's funding source is from community members interested in being part of the DAO. The structure of a DAO is flat. There are no executives. All the members hold power based on their membership status. Decisions about projects are made by the community.
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Is Bitcoin Actually the Answer to Your Money Problems?

Before we can evaluate if and how Bitcoin is worth any value, we must first acknowledge and agree that there are problems worth solving. Especially with a market downturn, it is helpful to take a step back and re-establish an investment thesis for Bitcoin. This article poses four questions for anyone doubting the problems Bitcoin solves.
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Let's Look at Plutonians: The Intergalactic Space-faring RPG

Plutonians is an upcoming space-faring Role Playing Game (RPG) that is being built on the Solana blockchain. Gameplay elements will include raids and space battles as well as world-building and mission creation and vehicle rentals. The game is also being built with a modular approach, making it possible for modders, developers, and gamers to create their own worlds, missions, and tools. The story takes place in outer space and revolves around The Order of the Nineteen, a collective of aliens based on one of Pluto's moons.

Crypto's Pubescent Identity Crisis

We need to stop looking for a new Satoshi to lead us out of this mess, and instead rely upon our own wits and conviction to reclaim the dream we promised to fulfill. We need to re-imagine together what crypto can be. Your highest dreams now seemed too timid as...

#FoundersConnect: An Interview With Bernard Parah, CEO of Bitnob

Bernard Parah is a Tech entrepreneur who is very passionate about solving monetary difficulties using Bitcoin technology. He is the CEO of Bitnob, a technology and financial services company that lets users buy, save and invest in bitcoin. With Bitnob, African users can save their money from inflation, and have access to it from all over the world.

Introducing Nova Finance

Nova Finance is launching a portfolio management platform that harnesses the power of programmable assets. Experienced cryptocurrency investors can design profitable and sustainable investment strategies on the platform to build successful portfolios. They can also earn additional revenue by sharing these portfolios with newcomers and those with less knowledge and obtain a cut of the yield being generated.

The Practical Guide to Earning Web3 Tokens without Investing

Zainab Owolabi writes about opportunities for creatives in Web 3.0 through dapps. Different dapps may have different terms of use which may contradict what you know of the blockchain-powered applications (dapps). Dapps are predicted to have some of the following: decentralised platform that controls your content (no central authority) Allows for data security (no selling of your information for ads) Puts no censorship on your content* Will enable you to earn for your content.

Building A Stone-Age Blockchain

A memorable and fun story to help you understand how the blockchain works. - An island in Micronesia creates the first blockchain currency for its village. - The villagers have a decentralised ledger that maintains all the transactions. - The currency has value because of trust - Villagers are nodes in the blockchain - Proof of work is required for the coin to be validated.

Alien Worlds (TLM) Coin Price and Future Predictions

TLM is the native digital currency for the Alien Worlds metaverse and an ERC-20 token running on reduced inflation rates. The Alien Worlds game also features NFTs with opportunities for upgrades and can even be used to mine TLM. Experts say that TLM will only reach $0,02 by the end of 2022 and will be gradually growing up to the first half of 2023. Experts recommend to buy TLM and see its cost triple in 2026-2027, moving past 2023 pride ups and downs.

Introducing The New Nomination Transfer Feature For DApp Staking

Shiden and Astar are improving how DApp nominators can shift their funds from one project to another. Nomination Transfer allows users to move the entirety or portions of their nominations to other projects while skipping the unbonding period. This way you’ll never have to sacrifice your staking rewards to support a project you are interested in.

How Brickken is Making it Possible to Tokenize Company Stock

Asset tokenization is one approach to solving this fundraising problem. Token offerings have played a big part in the growth of the cryptocurrency market. This works by creating digital ownership tokens that can be used to fractionize (or divide) ownership of an asset. Brickken has developed a tokenization protocol and interface to help companies create equity-equity models. These tokens can be tokenized into digital tokens, with each token representing a percentage stake in the building. The platform is currently working on bringing this technology to the mainstream.

XCM on Astar is NOW LIVE!!!

XCM transfer is now on Astar and you can transfer your KSM +DOT to Shiden + Astar! The significance of XCM is attributed to the groundbreaking capability of DOT, Polkadot’s native coin, on the Polkadot network. It’s here, folks! XCM transfer is now on Astar and you can transfer...

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies With a Better Future Than Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies gaining popularity due to their ability to provide smooth transaction payments in a very short amount of time. With a CAGR of 7.1 percent, the worldwide cryptocurrency industry is expected to reach US$2.2 billion in 2026. Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency in the global cryptocurrency market, has far outperformed its market position due to its unique technology. To generate profit in crypto wallets at some point throughout the investment, crypto investors could search for alternative top 10 cryptocurrencies with brighter futures than Bitcoin.

The Future President of Argentina Might be a Crypto Supporter

Javier Milei is a self-declared anarcho-capitalist economist. He has said he would break up the ruling class, decrease government spending, and close down the central bank that has bad monetary policy. Milei has said in multiple interviews that he is a minarchist, but if given the right technological conditions in the world, he would be an anarchist. Bitcoin and its underlying technology, blockchain, and consensus mechanisms can be seen as enabling technologies for this new social order that Milei dreams of.

Privacy in Blockchain: Building A Surveillance Free World

Privacy is the most important thing in this digitized world. People should not pay their privacy as the cost of using the Internet. Most applications today collect users' data for their personal usage too. They either share it with third parties or use it to promote targeted ad content. Privacy-based blockchains are reinventing the world wide web as we know it. Beldex is a privacy coin with a private ecosystem. It is an ecosystem of decentralized applications building decentralized applications. The user need not provide personal information to sign up for an account using their personal information.

An Event To Remember Forever - An Outline of the ETHDenver Festival

ETHDenver is the world’s largest Web3 community gathering that has been taking place in Denver, USA since 2018. The first ETHDenver Festival in 2018 had 3,000 people in attendance and in the following year, the event attracted 4,500 enthusiasts. In 2021, the organizers were compelled to take a break due to Covid-19 restrictions but this year, ETHDenver was back and it exceeded all expectations. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the Ethereum network, gave an impressive speech from the audience.

An Intro to Shamir's Secret Sharing Cryptographic Algorithm

Adi Shamir’s Secret Sharing* is a cryptographic algorithm that allows distinct parties to jointly share ownership of a single secret by holding *shares*. The original secret can only be reconstructed by using a minimum number of shares, which allows different parties to cooperate without the need to fully trust one another. The family creates four shares and sets a threshold of three, with the Bitcoin key as the original secret. Every Shamir sharing scheme has a total of shares and a threshold.