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Walmart and Dollar General Fined For Over-Pricing, Adding to Recent 2022 Challenges

Though the fines are barely blips considering the earnings of both companies, a message is being sent to superchains nationwide. This article is based on corporate postings and accredited media reports. Linked information within this article is attributed to the following, North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,, and
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The lockdown side-hustles that turned into full-time businesses

When the pandemic took hold in 2020, many people who had lost work or been put on furlough started their own businesses as a way to make ends meet. For some of these lockdown entrepreneurs, those companies have now become their day job and main source of income. Delivering groceries...
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How to Grill Brats Perfectly Every Time

For minimal-effort grilling with high rewards, brats should be your go-to. Bratwurst, also known as brats, is a sausage hailing from Germany and traditionally made with pork and veal, although all-beef ones or a combination can also be found at supermarkets. A variety of spices give brats their desirable flavor, and often include ginger, nutmeg, lovage, marjoram, coriander, or caraway. Brats are generally sold fresh, but are also available pre-cooked and come cured or uncured, and smoked or unsmoked.

Why You Might Want To Be Nicer To Trader Joe's Cashiers

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. Cashiers, servers, and anyone else who works for the public seem to mostly remember customers who fall into one of two categories. On one side of the spectrum, there are the infamous Karens who make everyone's lives harder with outrageous demands and expectations. And on the other side, there are the heroes who will leave incredibly steep tips (like one North Carolina man who ABC News reported gave $1,000 to the person serving him at a Waffle House) that everyone hopes will sit at the table they're assigned to in a restaurant.

Cheerios Brought Back A Limited-Edition Flavor That Not Everyone Is Ready For

Fans of this oaty "O," however, might have to be adventurous sorts to try whatever all the new variations General Mills has thrown at them over the years. While most might be familiar with the original, Honey Nut, Apple Cinnamon, and Multi-grain members of the Cheerios family, there is a bevy of lesser-known cousins that make up this eclectic family tree. But not all of them have gotten glowing responses.

How to explore the lavender fields of France (and things to do when they're not in bloom)

Sitting in perfumed silence amongst the lavender flowers is the very vision of Provence © Maples Images / Shutterstock. If there’s one flower that defines France, it’s lavender, thanks to the vast carpets of purple flowers that cover the countryside of Provence. The beauty of the lavender fields lives up to the hype – get out among the purple haze, sniff the heady summer breezes and navigate picturesque hilltop towns, ancient churches and pretty valleys.

The General Mills Cereal Dressing Up As Nostalgia For Halloween

There's nothing quite like spreading out a beach towel, slathering on sunblock, and stretching out on the sand to daydream about Halloween. Sure, it's still summer, but for fans of the year's spookiest holiday, the countdown begins long before the leaves start to change color. While Halloween candy is one compelling cause for excitement (Mars has already announced some of its festive offerings), there's even a treat in store for those whose favorite section of the grocery store is the cereal aisle.

Trader Joe's Just Gave A Fan-Favorite Gluten-Free Product A Makeover

Trader Joe's is among the growing number of grocery store chains that have made moves to accommodate shoppers' dietary preferences and needs, such as avoiding gluten, meat, or dairy. In that interest, it would be counterproductive for other franchises to be a slice above Trader Joe's when it comes to getting a piece of the gluten-free shopping pie.