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Inside Bryant Park's Winter Village 2021 | Christmas in NYC

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It's finally Christmas time in NYC, and a visit to Bryant Park's Winter Village is a great way to celebrate! Ice skate on their FREE rink, book a cozy igloo or curling lane with your friends, and support small businesses by doing your holiday shopping from the 170+ local vendors on site. Follow me on Instagram: <a href=""></a> Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. <a href=""></a>/ Source: <a href=""></a> Artist: <a href=""></a>/

The Woman Who Jumped From Empire State Building’s 86th Floor and Survived

Elvita Adams in the ambulance after her fall in 1979Wikimedia Commons. Since 1930 when the building of the Empire State Building was finished over a dozen people attempted suicide by jumping off the building. Known as one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, the Empire State Building ranks at a height of around 1,050 feet (320 meters), more than sufficient to get the job done. One lucky person managed to survive a suicide attempt. Elvita Adams is the one and only person to jump from such a great height and survive to tell the tale.

Best Vegan Restaurant In NYC? REVEALED!

BeatNic... Formally Known As By Chloe, Has Relaunched & Reopened It's Vegan Doors. With 11 Locations (NYC, RI, & Boston) It's Safe To Say That It May Just Be One Of The Best Vegan Restaurants To Reemerge & Cater To Our Vegan Hearts. Kels Acosta & Myself Will Head On Over To See All The Deliciousness It Has To Offer.

Walking 5th Avenue from 59th Street to Rockefeller Center

I walk 5th Avenue during the Holiday Season from 59th Street to Rockefeller Center. This famous street has many decorations. Some of them include a decorated Pulitzer Fountain, New York City taxi cab, hot air balloon, a dreidel, and teddy bears with presents. I also stop by the Saks Fifth Avenue light show and holiday windows before making my way to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

Olivia's Restaurant & Juice Bar: Are the stellar reviews really accurate?

Bridgeport is my home town and I love the city, especially with all the great food options based on many different ethnicities! Olivia's Juice Bar has been on my radar for sometime. I've read many reviews and everyone says that the food is amazing and the service is perfect! Well, let's find out: is Olivia's Juice Bar as good as everyone says? Let's find out at 12 noon est ONLY on Mostly Healthy Food Reviews! Olivia's Restaurant & Juice Bar 1223 Park Avenue Bridgeport CT 06604 *Know anyone that might be interested in becoming a LIVE DONOR for someone like ME in need of a Kidney? Check out my NEW Microsite for Kidney transplant information! **<a href=""></a>

Our family experience at Hotel Hugo SoHo New York

Hotel Hugo is one of our favourite NYC boutique hotels. You can’t beat the optimal location, only steps from all the areas vibrant shops, cafes, and eateries. The stylish and cozy rooms are always a comfortable home away from home, and the staff are consistently helpful and informative if you’re looking for advice or assistance during your stay. The cafe at the entrance serves fragrant artisanal coffee and generous buttery pastries in a stylish setting, and we never miss a visit to Bar Hugo for delicious fare, amazing cocktails, and those NY skyline views. If you’re in search of a reliable, sophisticated boutique hotel in one of NYC’s most loved neighbourhoods Hotel Hugo is a great choice.

Blake Griffin Is Officially Out Of The Brooklyn Nets Rotation

14-5, Boston The top rated Brooklyn Nets defeated the Celtics on ESPN the day before Thanksgiving. Aside from another impressive victory on the road, center Blake Griffin has been completely replaced by LaMarcus Aldridge. Steve Nash is none for playing with rotations and substitution patterns so this should come as no shock.

Popular Montclair Restaurant will be Closing its Doors in December

The popular Montclair restaurant known as Cocina Candela has recently stated that they will be closing as of December 12th. One of the only Puerto Rican restaurants in town, Cocina Candela was opened 6 years ago back in 2015. Owner, Kenny Candelaria has explained that the lease will be expiring soon and unfortunately, he has not been able to “see eye to eye” with the current building owners. Because of this, the restaurant will be forced to close once the lease is up in a few weeks.

Our family experience at The Kimberly Hotel New York

The Kimberley Hotel offers old school glamour, amazing location, and impeccable service at their NYC establishment. We loved the inviting lobby featuring elegant style, helpful and inviting staff, and even a circular fish tank to entice our eager children. The suites are extremely spacious offering plenty of comfort for visiting families. We loved having a huge separate lounge, sophisticated bar area, refreshing outdoor balcony, and a deep jacuzzi bath. You’re optimally located just a few minutes walk to all of 5th avenues shops as well as the NY Public Library, Grand Central Station, and Bryant Park. The area has a plethora of mouthwatering eateries but we loved the in house restaurants for our dinners after a long day of sightseeing. Bistango served fragrant pizzas and traditional Italian fare and Empire Steakhouse is a must if you’re looking for one of the best steaks in town. We loved staying in the grandeur and decadence of The Kimberly Hotel which felt like a slice of history at the heart of buzzing NYC.

New York City Should Prepare For Another Winter Storm

Since New York City experienced several winter storms last year, government officials want residents to prepare for adverse weather and hazardous driving conditions. According to the New York government, "the leading cause of death and injuries during winter storms is transportation accidents." Therefore, residents of New York shouldn't drive during adverse weather conditions unless it's an essential journey (such as going to the hospital). If you need to travel, drive slowly and keep a large distance between yourself and other vehicles.