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Krispy Kreme FAIL in Winston-Salem and Our First Night In A TINY HOME!

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We found the cutest place to stay in Winston-Salem: a tiny home on a farm! We were even greeted by chickens at our front door the next morning (watch next week for them!). But first, we endured our first Krispy Kreme disappointment (and in the donut maker’s home town, no less), finally had some Bar-B-Q for the first time since getting to North Carolina, and checked out the downtown Winston-Salem art scene. Thanks for watching! | Follow our travels in real-time on Instagram Stories @StephenAndAndie 📷

Food, History, and Why We Support Local Businesses | Greensboro, NC

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Join us as we enjoy sampling the food and learning about the civil rights history of central North Carolina. Unfortunately, we had a fail in our art exploration. If there’s one thing we know about travel, it’s that you have to be flexible. Things rarely go according to plan, but that’s especially true when traveling during a pandemic like Covid. But that’s all part of the adventure, isn’t it? We had a great time in Greensboro, despite cold, rainy weather. We had an amazing meal – the food in the south is decadent! – we got to see the International Civil Rights Museum, including the Woolworth lunch counter where the first sit-in took place in 1960 (the main reason for our trip here), and we even learned that Greensboro, aka “Jeansboro,” is the home-base of iconic denim brands Wrangler and Lee! This college town in central North Carolina has a lot to offer. | Follow our travels in real-time on Instagram Stories @StephenAndAndie 📷