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Police find 20-year-old shot dead in Blades

Blades, DE- Delaware State Police Homicide Unit is conducting a homicide investigation in Blades. On June 19, 2021, at approximately 10:49 p.m., Delaware State Police were dispatched to a shots fired complaint in the area of E. 4th Street, Blades. During the investigation, troopers discovered a 20-year-old male lying on the side of the roadway with an apparent gunshot wound. He was transported to an area hospital, where he was pronounced deceased. Identification is pending notification to next of kin.
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Google installed COVID contact tracer apps without permission, and people are pissed

As an unfathomably large and powerful international corporation, it makes sense that people are generally wary of Google, in the same way that space truckers are wary of any boss that tells them to land on an alien planet and inspect unknown life signs. Some Massachusetts residents are feeling that way right now, after noticing that the state's official COVID contract tracing app was installed on their phones, allegedly without any alert or permission.
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Even creepier COVID tracking: Google silently pushed app to users’ phones

Over the weekend, Google and the state of Massachusetts managed to make creepy COVID tracking apps even creepier by automatically installing them on people's Android phones. Numerous reports on Reddit, Hacker News, and in-app reviews claim that "MassNotify," Massachusetts' COVID tracking app, silently installed on their Android device without user consent.
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How to share your Google One storage with your family

A colleague here at The Verge tells this story: “This weekend my wife was like, ‘Google says I’m almost out of storage!’ and I was like ‘We have 2TB with Google One, that’s not possible!’” What was the problem? Well, just because you’ve established family sharing with your Google account, you don’t automatically start to share your extra storage from Google One. You’ve got to turn it on.
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Selling stuff online? Beware of Google Voice verification scam

PORTLAND (WGME) – Scammers are looking to hijack phone numbers in order to swindle others. The Better Business Bureau says people are most likely to encounter this scam when trying to sell items online. Selling stuff online can be an easy way to make a quick buck, but it doesn’t...

How to land the top spot in Google search with featured snippets in 2021

Take, for example, a search like this: “how many days until halloween.”. You can see that instead of displaying the top result right away, Google answers the question for you in a rich snippet. It also gives you related search queries featuring countdowns for other holidays. On the right is a knowledge panel from Wikipedia about Halloween, and below that, you’ll see the featured snippets section. These snippets will expand when clicked with answers for related questions.
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The best Amazon Prime Day deals on home security cameras happening now, including $30 off Google's Indoor Nest Cam

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Home security cameras have many different use cases, from monitoring for intruders to keeping an eye on pets. If you're considering buying one, Amazon Prime Day 2021 is an especially great time to score a discounted device. Our favorite home security camera, the Arlo Pro 3, is available at a 44% discount on Prime Day, for example.
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Google adds 30 handsets to its ARCore support list

Google's ARCore SDK makes it easier to develop augmented reality apps but also ensures a consistent experience across devices. For this purpose, the company certifies devices through a specific process that confirms the camera, motion sensors, and CPU perform as expected. For instance, a certified ARCore phone has access to Google's 3D Animal library in Search and Playground, and has been tested to work properly with these services.

Apple wants to air-condition your VR headset

Hello! Welcome back to our weekly look at patent filings from Big Tech. I'm looking forward to sharing the weirdest (and coolest) patents companies have filed in the past week. But just remember: The big tech companies file all kinds of crazy patents for things, and though most never amount to anything, some end up defining the future.
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Google is offering some Pixel Buds A-Series owners $10 store credit

Some Pixel Buds A-Series buyers are getting a code for $10 off any Google Store purchase. The code is valid through March 16, 2022. Google's Pixel Buds A-Series made their debut earlier this month as a cheaper, more reliable alternative to the original Pixel Buds. Google is giving some Pixel...
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Texas Power Companies Have Been Remotely Raising Temperatures In People’s Homes

It sounds kind of strange, but that’s what seems to be the case. According to various reports, people are claiming that they have their thermostats adjusted to be lower, only to realize later that it had been turned up. Before you start freaking out, know that this is apparently something that users might have actually agreed to in the first place.

Google Chrome on iOS is getting an enhanced privacy feature

​Google Chrome for iOS now allows you to lock your incognito tabs behind Face ID so other people can't snoop on what sites you are visiting. Google Chrome's incognito mode is commonly used to visit sensitive sites that people do not want to appear in the browser history or for cookies to be saved.
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Hands-on with the first Pixel 6 Pro case

While we continue waiting around for Samsung to show off its upcoming foldable phones, there’s another device that’s even further away that we’re excited for. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have been leaked a few times now, with some renders showing that Google could be moving away from its conservative approach. After seeing a flop in the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, Google played it safe with options like the Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, and Pixel 5. But if these new renders are to be believed, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro could be the most interesting devices of the year.
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Google Chat gets improved search with precise filters, start on Android

Following the official launch last week, Google Chat is picking up improved search. Starting on Android, the experience is adding filters to “help you find artifacts like files and links more easily.”. Upon tapping the search icon (in the dedicated Chat app) or the field (Gmail), you’ll see the “refreshed”...

Google downsizes health division, reorganizes consumer-health team

Google is reportedly shaking things up in its health division. The company is moving more than 130 of its roughly 700 Google Health employees to Search and its new Fitbit group, according to an Insider report. Insider's sources say that none of the teams left at Google Health will focus...

Google Sneakily Installed COVID Tracking App on Androids

Google is getting slammed with complaints for allegedly auto-installing a COVID-tracking app on Android phones. Users in Massachusetts noticed that MassNotify, the state's contact-tracing app, was installed on their devices without approval. Google Admits to Automatically Installing COVID App. Massachusetts launched MassNotify on June 15, 2021, and users soon began...
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Google just ran out of last year's Pixel Buds

The 2020/2nd gen Pixel Buds are now listed as "out of stock" at the Google Store. This follows the release of the new, cheaper, slightly awkwardly named Pixel Buds A-Series and sizeable discounts for the older model over the last two months at several retailers, raising questions about whether or not the older model has been discontinued.