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Cavs eyeing Jae Crowder reunion after Suns trade request

The Cleveland Cavaliers are ready to compete with the big boys next season after swinging for the fences with the Donovan Mitchell trade. Now it’s just a matter of surrounding their young core with veterans prepared for the long battles ahead. One vet being linked to their roster is Phoenix Suns forward Jae Crowder, who […] The post Cavs eyeing Jae Crowder reunion after Suns trade request appeared first on Cavs Nation.

What would a Bulls trade package for Jae Crowder look like?

Back in early August, I wrote about how Jae Crowder‘s cryptic Tweets might be signaling his impending departure from Phoenix and how it could stand to massively benefit the Chicago Bulls. Not even two whole months later, the versatile two-way forward has come to a formal agreement with the Suns to find a new home for the 2022-23 season.

Suns Expected To Sell For More Than $3 Billion

The Phoenix Suns are expected to sell for more than $3 billion, sources tell ESPN. NBA franchise valuations have continued to rise coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic and with new television rights deals on the horizon. Robert Sarver purchased the Suns for just over $400 million in 2004.
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Phoenix Suns Land Eric Gordon In Major Trade Scenario

Class division is a serious social problem. You didn’t expect this NBA article to lead with such a sophisticated topic, did you? Jokes aside, it is. Without getting overly political, it seems fair to say that nobody should be starving to death while others have billions of dollars. However you’d personally opt to solve that problem, basic human decency dictates that you treat it as one.

Former 76ers Šarić, Luwawu-Cabarrot reunite in Phoenix with Suns

Do you remember in elementary school when you maybe got a different teacher than one of your best friends? You’d still see each other now and again, but it wasn’t quite the same as when you’re together all day everyday. Then maybe the next year you were back together and it felt like the most amazing reunion?

2 young point-guards for the Phoenix Suns to target

The Phoenix Suns are a basketball franchise neck deep in rumors, scandal and controversy. Dealing with the insistent trade demands of Jae Crowder, right before training camp begins, would be enough for any NBA executive to lose a bit of sleep. General manager James Jones is certainly in an unenviable...

NBA world reacts to insanely awkward Deandre Ayton interview

It’s been a dramatic offseason for Phoenix Suns star center Deandre Ayton after he agreed to a massive four-year, $133 million maximum offer sheet with the Indiana Pacers before that deal was matched by the Suns to keep him in Phoenix. It seems like that drama carried into the...

Cavs Interested in Trading for Suns’ Jae Crowder

That interest makes sense, given that the Cavs are currently still deciding on who will start at small forward (related Dribbles). Crowder could prove to be the perfect fit. He has already played for the Cavs once, during the LeBron James era, appearing in 53 games with Cleveland during the 2017-18 season. President of basketball operations Koby Altman traded Crowder to the Jazz in February 2018. A.

Somers: Can Phoenix Suns recover from offseason drama hangover?

Not long ago, although it seems like forever now, the Suns were as innocent as an NBA team could be. They were joyful, remember? Going 8-0 in the NBA bubble in 2020. Coach Monty Williams giving emotional speeches about his love for his players. Advancing to the NBA Finals the following year. Guard Devin Booker muttering “damn” in the moments after they were eliminated by Milwaukee. Setting a franchise record by winning 64 games last season.

Monty Williams prefers Jae Crowder's situation resolved before Phoenix Suns season opener

Head coach Monty Williams isn't looking too deep into Jae Crowder's situation with the Phoenix Suns as the team has been trying to trade him. "It didn't really bother me," Williams said. "Once I learned all the stuff that was going on, I was like, OK, it is what it is. In this league, you're going to have distractions. My thing is I can't focus on it. Once I know what is, then I can move forward." ...