How to Get Matching Donations on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday – held on the Tuesday after US Thanksgiving – is designed to promote charitable giving during the end of the year holiday season. One of the ways to make the most of goodwill and giving during this time is through matching donations, which can double the impact of gifts for nonprofits.
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Introducing the Give Fundraising Academy

Now you can learn everything you need to excel with online fundraising through our new Fundraising Academy!. The Give Fundraising Academy is our place to gather everything Team Give has learned over the years and share it with you, for free. Academy students will be able to participate in online forums, earn SwagBucks, and gain insights into better online fundraising.
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You’re Invited to the Give Fundraising Academy Launch Party!

GiveWP is getting ready to launch our new Give Fundraising Academy!. Our team has been working hard for months on our new Fundraising Academy. We would love to have all our friends, customers, and fans to join us in celebrating its launch!. Join us in our Gather Town space for...

Ukraine Crypto Donations: How Cryptocurrency Impacts Global Giving

At its core, cryptocurrency exists for one reason: greater financial and economic freedom across the globe. In Ukraine, crypto donations allow organizations to ask for and fund non-lethal aid for the armed forces. The War on Ukraine and Crypto Philanthropy. Positioned to take advantage of crypto donations after legalizing cryptocurrency...

4 Critical SMS Fundraising Tips for Success

SMS fundraising is a unique way to raise money that can complement your everyday fundraising efforts in a variety of ways. However, it’s hard to imagine how SMS fundraising might fit into your overall online fundraising strategy. Things like text-to-give don’t make much sense if you’re already on a...

How to Give Strategically in Times of Crisis

When a disaster or crisis happens, naturally we all feel moved to provide support to the individuals and communities who need help. With a variety of crises that occur simultaneously – whether in your local community, a global crisis like the pandemic, or the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine – you may be wondering, where do I even start?

Venmo vs PayPal for Nonprofits

Let’s unravel the mystery of Venmo vs. PayPal for nonprofits. PayPal has been a long-running favorite for nonprofits to accept online donations. It’s easy to use for donors and easy to connect to for nonprofits. However, now that mobile giving is on the rise, and Venmo has taken the forefront in mobile payments, nonprofits are asking: Venmo or PayPal?

Returning vs. Recurring Giving: Overcoming Recurring Donation Reluctance

When examining which of your donors are most likely to opt in to recurring giving, what do you notice?. Though each nonprofit and charity is different, one trend you may notice is a lack of donors under 30 turning on a recurring giving feature. This may be because they’re embarrassed to opt out later, worried they won’t have sustainable income to give regularly, or need greater motivation to “set it and forget it.”

How to Set up Venmo Donations on WordPress

As Venmo donations grow more popular, you might be wondering, how do you set up Venmo donations on WordPress?. The good news is that it’s a lot simpler than you might think. Venmo donations are payments accepted through donation forms. Venmo payments are processed by PayPal, the parent company of Venmo.

Venmo Donations Introduced in GiveWP 2.20

The most recent GiveWP update includes a variety of new features and enhancements that you’ve been asking for. Not least of which is Venmo donations. Here’s a look at everything in GiveWP 2.20 and what we plan to do next. We’ve also included some important information about PHP version requirements now and in the coming months.

9 Impactful Ways to Say Thank You to Nonprofit Donors

Did you know that research studies show only 25% of online-only first-time donors are retained for more than a year after their initial gift? That’s a shame⁠—especially when you consider that these individuals likely have a passion for your cause, given they donated to your efforts in the first place.

Nonprofit eCommerce: How Swag Increases Fundraising Revenue

Does the marketing plan for your nonprofit organization include merchandise or swag? Nonprofit eCommerce can actually help you boost fundraising efforts with items that encourage giving or create demand. You can create a charity swag store that’s part of your nonprofit website and allows donors and the general public to...

We’re Headed to APF Icon 2022

The GiveWP team is making their way to fabulous Las Vegas for one of the world’s largest fundraising conferences, AFP Icon! Take a look at some of our favorite sessions from the week ahead and see how you can connect with us in-person in Vegas!. What is AFP Icon?

6 Summer Fundraising Ideas for 2022

Nonprofit fundraisers have a whole new look for summer 2022. With a mix of in-person events and virtual options there are more ways than ever to create a great fundraiser. These summer fundraising ideas can help jumpstart planning to create a fun way to raise money during the hotter months of the year. The common thread is that every one of these options can connect to your website and online donation platform to maximize impact.

How to Create Your Own Birthday Fundraisers (Like Facebook)

You don’t have to connect to social media to create a birthday fundraiser for your nonprofit. While nonprofits can sign up for Facebook’s fundraising features, allowing donors to raise money for them by dedicating birthdays, this type of campaign is better hosted on your website. This allows you to better track traffic and donations, as well as have funds released to your account right away.

The Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit Checklist

Effective nonprofit social media campaigns are built on a foundation of best practices and compelling storytelling. They include video, photos, stories, and influencers. Having a nonprofit social media toolkit is important for your in-house marketing efforts but it’s even more important when working with third parties, content creators, or influencers.

How to Set up a Charity Merchandise Website on WordPress

Selling merchandise on your charity website is a great way to not only raise money for your cause, but also awareness. Adding an online store to your fundraising efforts is no longer out of reach, even for the smallest nonprofits. Tools like WooCommerce and Printful make it easy (and cheap) to get started. Plus, with GiveWP you can be sure you’re making the most of your charity merch store with donation upsells in the cart or checkout.

10 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tips for Charities

There are many reasons to love peer-to-peer, but if you’re new to a peer-to-peer strategy, you may at times have felt too intimidated or overwhelmed to get started. After all, peer-to-peer fundraising depends a lot on motivating others to raise funds for your cause. Letting others take control can sometimes make anyone nervous!

What is a Fundraising Website Audit and How Do You Get One?

You’re building a fundraising website, but you don’t know where to start or how best to get the right attention. You just installed GiveWP but what should you do next?. Sign-up for our 30-minute Fundraising Website Audit like “Uniting 2 Serve Guatemala” did!. What is a...