Bailee Madison – The Actress Is A Music And Instagram Star

If you haven’t been paying attention lately, and shame on you if you haven’t, little Bailee Madison is all grown up. By all grown up, we mean that the actress who got her start in films as a pre-teen is now a 22-year-old rising star and along with films and television, has even bigger plans for her career. So, let’s find out just who Bailee Madison is and where she plans on going in her near future.
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The Worst Ryan Reynolds Movie Is Getting A Sequel For Some Reason

R.I.P.D, Ryan Reynolds’ notorious box office disaster, is getting a surprising sequel. The news comes by way of this week’s Motion Picture Association bulletin which gives the project a PG-13 rating. Hailing from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned was awarded the classification for sequences of violence, language, disturbing images, and crude references. According to Bloody Disgusting, the film will be a direct-to-video release.
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Dwayne Johnson Wants A DC Vs Marvel Movie

Dwayne Johnson is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, with the box office to back it up. His next big outing will be for Warner Bros. Discovery and DC’s Black Adam, where the actor will play the titled character. Although Johnson seems to have a pretty good relationship with the folks over at DC, that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to play in the Marvel sandbox. During an interview with Games Radar, the Black Adam star teased the possibility of there being a future DC vs. Marvel movie. Johnson said he was “optimistic” that such a film could happen and said that the extensive catalog of heroes and villains in the DC world makes it too much of a possibility.

Jameela Jamil Appearing In Other Marvel Movies?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is premiering today on Disney+, with the Tatiana Maslany-starring series being one of the most anticipated Marvel releases in quite some time. Jameela Jamil is co-starring as Titania, a longstanding Marvel Comics villain who seems positioned as the arch-enemy of Maslany’s title character. However, it seems that Jameela Jamil is very much up for her role to be expanded to further appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Better Call Saul Creators Tease Another Spinoff

Better Call Saul has finally ended and brought an end to the universe of Breaking Bad, at least for now. However, the co-creator of Better Call Saul, Peter Gould, has teased the idea of another spinoff happening, this time revolved around a fan-favorite character that didn’t quite get the ending that they should have. Or rather, one that should see their story continue. That character is none other than Kim Wexler. According to Gould, “I’m not going to say that couldn’t happen. It certainly could. I feel like I need to give it a little rest. Certainly, never say never. And I think if you watch this episode, Kim Wexler seems like she’s got more to do, that’s for sure.”

A Gaming Company Is Buying Lord Of The Rings And The Hobbit

Embracer Group, the parent company for an expanding roster of studios and publishers, has acquired Middle-earth Enterprises from The Saul Zaentz Company. The division owns the catalog and intellectual property rights to motion pictures, merchandising, games, theme parks, and stage productions relating to The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. It also owns the rights to other Middle-earth-related literary works authorized by the Tolkien Estate and HarperCollins, which have yet to be explored, The Hollywood Reporter says.

See Brie Larson Run Into Her The Marvels Co-Star In A Gift Shop

Brie Larson is set to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in short order and the hype train is starting to build for the movie. She’s stepping back in as Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel but this movie won’t necessarily be a solo sequel to her first outing. Instead, it’s going to be more of a team effort with Larson possibly passing the torch to another character in the MCU with Iman Vellani entering the fray as Ms. Marvel. And it would appear the two already have a solid off-screen relationship, having spent plenty of time filming The Marvels over the past couple of years. Larson has posted a couple of things about the two and the most recent one had a chance-meetup vibe to it. Apparently, Larson and Vellani ran into each other in the gift shop after the latter had gotten done riding a Marvel-themed roller coaster. Check out the reaction the two had when bumping into each other.

Robert De Niro’s Next Movie Will See Him Return To His Best Genre

In the middle of the 1970s, Robert De Niro was a relative unknown in Hollywood. He had a spattering of roles for a decade before he landed the role of Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II. In an interview with CNN, he talked about how the role changed his life. It certainly changed his career, as he catapulted to stardom. The next four years saw Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and The Deer Hunter. Since then, he has been a huge name in the film industry, making movies across all genres. His most popular genre, however, has always been gangster movies. After The Godfather Part II, he starred in other mafia movies, including, The Untouchables, Goodfellas, Casino, and The Irishman. Now he looks to jump back into the underworld with a new role that returns him to the genre.

Kaley Cuoco And Pete Davidson’s Rom Com Release Date Revealed

In the last few months, Pete Davidson was dumped by Kim Kardashian and left his job as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Don’t feel bad for the 28-year-old comedian, however: he appears to have landed on his feet professionally. He has a new romantic comedy coming out–with Kaley Cuoco as the love interest, no less–and now we know when we can see it. According to a report from Deadline, Meet Cute will premiere on the Peacock streaming service on Wednesday, September 21. The film marks the first big test for Pete Davidson, to see if he can move on from his success on SNL. Some official stills from the film also made it onto social media, although an official trailer has yet to be released.

See The Epic 3D Billboard For House Of The Dragon

When HBO broadcast the last episode of Game of Thrones in 2019, it became a pop culture event that would define an era of cable network viewing. A fantasy series for the ages, the fictional show about political conflicts and family drama spun a web of interest for audiences during its eight-season run. At the time, the show garnered critical acclaim and a much-needed sequel to satisfy the needs of a fan base ripe for the taking. The George R.R. Martin novels were still being written (and still are), and a sense of what was to come was not in the cards just yet. Now, HBO is unveiling its newest prequel for the series called House of the Dragon, and we have our first look at an epic 3D billboard erected in its honor.

She-Hulk Showrunner Tried To Get Her Into An Earlier Movie

Comedy writer and producer Jessica Gao is the creator and head writer of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and apparently she’s been wanting to bring the green-skinned beauty to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while now. A producer and writer on Rick & Morty, Gao recently revealed that she originally wanted to introduce She-Hulk not in a Disney+ series, but in a film. Specifically, she wanted the world to meet She-Hulk in Black Widow.

See The Cast Of The Chris Pratt Garfield Movie

With Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming to a near close this year, actor Chris Pratt will soon be saying goodbye to his character Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Pratt will be seen in the upcoming The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special after a brief, but memorable, part in this summer’s Thor: Love and Thunder. 2023 will bring Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which will help usher in Phase Five of the MCU’s plans for future movies, but Pratt will ultimately leave the Guardians franchise behind. Looking to new and exciting endeavors, Chris Pratt has set his sights on voicing a familiar character in 2024’s Garfield, along with a stellar cast.

Stranger Things Star Is Tired Of Fans Asking About One Thing

Joe Keery became one of the unexpected breakout stars of Stranger Things in season one, which is pretty good for a guy who was supposed to die horribly because he was a jerk. Since then, thanks to some acclaimed character development arcs and Joe Keery’s warm, funny screen presence. However, it seems that the Stranger Things star is absolutely sick of being asked about one thing: his hair. His glorious, glorious hair! Joe Keery recently revealed that he did not understand why audiences had become obsessed with Steve Harrington’s hair and actually thinks that it is pretty dumb.

Viola Davis Joins The Hunger Games Prequel

Viola Davis is heading to the Capitol – the Capitol of Panem, that is. News recently broke that the How to Get Away With Murder star would be joining the ever-growing cast for the Hunger Games prequel – The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Davis has nabbed the role of Head Gamemaker Volumnia Gaul. Fans of the original Jennifer Lawrence-led films will remember Wes Bentley taking on the role of Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane. The Head Gamemaker oversees the creation and changes made to the arena before and at the time the games are held. Because of her proximity to the brutality, we’re thinking that Davis’ Volumnia Gaul will be a ruthless and cutthroat character.

Christian Bale’s New Movie Has Been Moved Up

It’s quite a rarity to speak about a movie being pushed up. The usual case is that movies are delayed by heartbreaking amounts. Take Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, for instance. That film was meant to be released in 2022 and has been pushed back an entire year to 2023. However, the great news is that the new epic Amsterdam, starring Christian Bale among many high-level actors is being pushed up by an entire month. The film was initially going to release on November 4th but is now going to hit theaters on October 7th.

Dave Filoni Responds To Star Wars Criticism With A View Of The Future

Dave Filoni is one of the most beloved creative figures in the entire Star Wars franchise, and his influence is only getting greater by the year. Dave Filoni is particularly known for his work on the various animated Star Wars shows and creating (or co-creating) fan-favorite characters like Ahsoka Tano, the Grand Inquisitor, and Baby Yoda himself, Grogu. In a recent video interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dave Filoni responded to concerns that the upcoming glut of Disney+ Star Wars shows would lead to them becoming pretty much all the same. Check it out:

Exclusive: Josh Brolin Returning As Thanos In Secret Wars

The return of Thanos seemed… inevitable, didn’t it? Well, even if you didn’t think so, it doesn’t matter; he’s coming back. Our trusted and proven source has informed us that Josh Brolin is confirmed to return as the Mad Titan in 2025’s Avengers: Secret Wars. What remains to be seen is exactly what version of Thanos we’re bound to see in the event film, and what role he’ll play in the story.

The Gray Man Reveals Why Netflix Has A Blockbuster Problem

You’ve likely heard about, or even watched, one of Netflix’s biggest movies to date: The Gray Man, an action thriller starring A-list actors Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans and directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, the brothers who helmed some of Marvel’s most popular films, including Avengers: Endgame. In a new column for Variety, however, Tyler Aquilina points to some troubling trends with the film, which points to a larger issue for Netflix. As the world’s most popular streaming service battles numerous rivals for viewers, they are finding their biggest movies are not working out the way they hoped.

Robert Downey Jr. Has A Shelved Movie Directed By Jamie Foxx That Can’t Be Released

Since Robert Downey Jr. left his role as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, audiences have been clamoring to see one of their favorite actors return to his comedy roots. The actor who is best known for his role as Tony Stark started his career in film as part of the so-called Brat Pack in movies like Weird Science. Taking on more roles in the decades that followed, the two-time Academy Award-nominee is famous for his take on eccentric characters. Now, a movie that Robert Downey Jr. made with Jamie Foxx will be shelved for the foreseeable future.

Exclusive: Kevin Feige Considering Leaving Marvel After Secret Wars

There may not be as significant a figure in modern film as Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios and the primary architect of the MCU. That may be a dramatic statement, but maybe only Steven Spielberg and George Lucas could claim to have impacted the film industry as much as Kevin Feige did with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That is why it is somewhat shocking to hear from our trusted and proven sources that Kevin Feige is considering leaving Marvel behind after the culmination of the upcoming MCU Phases, Secret Wars.