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Georgia National Fairgrounds offering shelter for horses

PERRY, Ga. (WGXA) -- With Hurricane Ian approaching, the Georgia National Fairgrounds are offering up shelter space for horses. In a Facebook post, the Georgia National Fairgrounds state that they can provide shelter for up to 250 horses. All stall reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis and appropriate paperwork and...
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Native Plants and Birds: A Natural Connection

This week marks the last week of Georgia Grows Native for Birds Month as Georgia Audubon wraps up a month-long celebration of the important connection between birds and native plants. Why are native plants so important for birds, you ask? Without native plants and healthy habitats, we would have no birds. In order for Georgia Audubon to fulfill our mission of building places where birds and people thrive, it is critical that we create bird-friendly habitats and encourage others to do so as well.

Georgia Pecans: To Spray or Not To Spray Late Season Insects

We’ve nearly reached the end of the season. Pawnee will likely be ready to shake by the middle or end of next week and we are nearing the end of kernel filling on most other cultivars. I’ve had many calls today about whether or not to spray a pyrethroid for stink bug and/or weevils and whether or not to be concerned with aphid/mite flaring behind any such sprays.

Good Dog Happy Owner Dog Training Announces New Training Programs to Dog Owners Throughout Georgia

Good Dog Happy Owner is proud to offer dog training programs throughout Georgia, including Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Brooks, Senoia, Sharpsburg, Palmetto, Grantville, and Hogansville. "I spent 30 years in the corporate world training, and as a parent and grandparent, I know how to work with children of all ages,'' says Nick Garrison, owner of Good Dog Happy Owner. "I am also certified through the Council of Professional Pet Dog Trainers."

Rick Scott slams Raphael Warnock for using borrowed dog in political ad

Scott once adopted a dog during a campaign, but returned 'Reagan' after he was elected Governor. Rick Scott issued a new attack on a Georgia Democratic Senator Tuesday, in the latest sign that the 2022 campaign has gone to the dogs. Scott, the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee...

Timber rattlesnake fight on Georgia trail caught on video

PRESTON, Ga. - You've heard of a catfight, and a dogfight. But have you ever seen a rattlesnake fight? This video released by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources shows two snakes native to Georgia getting rowdy. The Wildlife Resources Division posted it to their Facebook page on Saturday. A...

WATCH: Trail Cam Shows Whitetail Buck Feeding on Submerged Corn in Flooded Georgia Field

A hungry whitetail buck was more than willing to submerge its muzzle to score some soggy corn in a Georgia field. On September 8th, the Georgia Outdoor News published a story that Jeffrey Autrey, an electrician from Collins, GA had sent in. Autrey apparently spread five gallons of corn across some lowland habitat near the Altamaha River on a new lease. He then placed a trail camera on a nearby tree. He was hoping to get a view of possible shooter bucks for the fall. Autrey didn’t expect to catch much footage after some hard rain.
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Are there big cats in Georgia?

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Big cat sightings in other states that have been caught on camera have people in Georgia talking. Some people insist they have seen them here. J.R. Gill and his wife live in Midway, which is south of Savannah. Earlier this summer, Gill discovered something had killed...