RED Air MD-82 Crashes After Landing At Miami International Airport

A RED Air McDonnell Douglas MD-82 crashed after landing at Miami International Airport on Tuesday after its landing geared collapsed. On June 21, 2022, Dominican Republic-based RED Air was performing a scheduled flight from Santo Domingo (SDQ) to Miami (MIA) as flight L5 203. The crew of the 32-year-old MD-82 (registered HI1064) was cleared to land on runway 09, successfully touching down at 5:37 p.m. local time. It appears that the main gear collapsed some seconds after touch down, causing the plane to suddenly veer to the left once it started slowing down.
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Wizz Air CEO Recommends Staff Work Through Fatigue; Draws EASA Attention

Wizz Air’s CEO has landed himself in some hot water after suggesting that fatigued staff should push through tiredness and go the extra mile. In a company meeting held last week, József Váradi, the CEO of the Hungarian-based low-cost airline spoke about fatigue being one of the root problems behind higher cancellation rates. In the video published by the watchdog group European Cockpit Association (ECA) on Twitter, he said:

U.S. Drops International COVID Entry Testing Requirement From Sunday June 12

Travelers entering the United States will no longer have to present a negative COVID-19 test as of Sunday June 12, 2022. First reported by CNN and confirmed by White House Assistant Press Secretary Kevin Munoz, the Biden Administration will no longer require travelers to provide a negative COVID-19 test as it continues relaxing previously implemented safety protocols. This would make it just about 1 1/2 years since it was implemented in January 2021. The official announcement is expected some time later today, and appropriate guidelines are expected to be posted on the CDC website as well.

South Africa’s Comair And Kulula Have Ceased Operations

Another one bites the dust. South Africa’s Comair has reached the end of the line after the company’s business rescue practitioners (BRP) announced that they will switch its operations from recovery, to one of liquidation. This comes as a significant dent for South African travel given that they stood as the country’s second largest domestic airline, operating both a British Airways franchisee arm and the brand.

British Airways Brings Back Its Entire A380 Fleet Into Service

The Airbus A380 lives to see another day, at least with British Airways. The A380 has always been a unique aircraft because of its sheer size. Even though it has the capacity to carry more passengers than a 747 and does so efficiently when fully loaded, it was a case of joining the market a little too late. Twin jets like the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350, while much smaller, were much more efficient to the point where it made more sense flying two of them versus one A380. With other limiting factors to consider as well, Airbus only receive 251 orders for the behemoth, all of which have since been delivered.

St. Lucia Offering Up To 65% Off Hotels And Tours For 2022

If you’re still unsure about where to travel in 2022, maybe a 65% hotel discount might be enough to convince you to visit St. Lucia?. The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority has partnered with a number of local hotels and tour agencies to offer a number of discounts ranging from 10% to as much as 65% off market prices. According to the list, there are 25 participating properties and six tour options which have qualifying options for varying times for the rest of 2022.

Turkish Airlines Adds “Gate To Gate” Wi-Fi To Its Fleet

Turkish Airlines joins the ranks of carriers offering Wi-Fi and on-board streaming services from gate to gate. The airline which started offering internet service in 2011 allowed customers to connect to the web once the aircraft was above 10,000 feet. For many airlines, this is still the norm, but Turkish has started modifying its systems to offer uninterrupted service that starts right as the aircraft doors are closed and continue until they are opened at the destination.

Arajet Conducting Demonstration Flights Ahead Of Service Launch

It must be exciting times for the folks at Arajet as they run through a series of demonstration flights ahead of the airline’s entry into commercial service. At the time of this story’s publication, Dominican Republic-based startup Arajet completed three demonstration flights, two to cities in Colombia and one to Guatemala. The company which has taken delivery of two of its initial 5 Boeing 737 MAX 8s, has been busy over the last few days flying to various destinations which will soon make up part of its route network. The airline has been using its second delivered MAX 8 registered HI1027 named “Valle Nuevo” to operate these demonstration flights.

Trinidad And Tobago Discontinues TT Travel Pass

Traveling to Trinidad and Tobago just got a bit easier as the country’s government has discontinued its TT Travel Pass system. Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh announced that the country’s Travel Pass system has been discontinued citing a plateauing in the number of COVID-19 cases, along with other supporting regional and international data. In a press conference, Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh noted that cases have leveled off to around 200 cases per day, saying that they “are seeing a waning of this acute phase of the pandemic”, but reminded travelers and citizens that COVID-19 pandemic is still not over.

Norse Atlantic Selling Flights Between London and New York As Low As £255 Return

Budget travelers looking for a cross the pond bargain can look forward to another low cost option starting from August 12, 2022. Norse Atlantic Airways has announced the opening of bookings for flights between its London Gatwick hub and New York with return fares starting as low as £255/$322. The airline plans to start operating daily direct flights between the two cities from August 12 with its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, and has plans to announce more U.S. destinations in the near future. The daily flight will depart from London at 1:00 p.m. and arrive in New York at 3:55 p.m. local time. The return departs New York at 5:55 p.m. and lands in London Gatwick at 6:20 am local time the next day.

“Welcome To Luton” Sign Scares Arriving Gatwick Passengers

A YouTube prankster has managed to give quite a few travelers headed into London Gatwick airport a scare after he set up a “Welcome To Luton” sign on the approach path. The “Welcome To Luton” sign first popped up on Twitter on May 21, shared by Twitter user @abbdesmond. In her initial tweet, she said, “Flying in to Gatwick, just before landing this is what is out the left window… great prank, deffo at Gatwick” along with the photo of the sign which could be seen if you look out the left window on flights landing from the east (runway 26 left). Some were skeptical that the sign was not real but other Twitter users confirmed seeing it, and Abbey then posted a video proving that her picture was indeed real.

Surinam Airways To Dry Lease Boeing 737-800

Struggling Surinam Airways has decided to dry lease a Boeing 737-800 in order to reduce its month expenditure. The Surinamese-based carrier which currently wet leases a single Airbus A320-200 from Spanish-based Aura Airlines, wants to further cut its monthly expenses by switching to the dry lease aircraft. The airline will lease a 22-year-old Boeing 737-800 from GA Telesis with plans to operate the aircraft with its own crew. It is unclear if Surinam will carry out its own maintenance or if it will be outsourced to a third party MRO.

ATR Announces More Efficient ‘EVO’ Family

Aerospace company ATR has announced its plans to develop a next generation line of regional prop aircraft family called ‘EVO’. The ATR EVO line which is supposed to hit the market by 2030 will feature significant improvements, using more environmentally friendly and advanced technologies to reduce fuel burn and use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). While details are very limited, some of the changes include a new prop blade design, more fuel efficient powerplants that can run completely on SAF and a new cabin design, among other features.

Qantas 787 Flight Flew With 4 Covered Static Ports

A Qantas 787 was found to have four of its engine static ports taped up on a flight used to transport freight from from Melbourne to Los Angeles. According to a new report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), on September 22, 2021, a Qantas Boeing 787-9 (registered VH-ZNJ) arriving at Los Angeles after performing a cargo flight from Melbourne was found to have four static ports on its engine fan cowls taped up. The discovery was made by one of the company’s engineers at LAX. Static ports provide important air pressure data to aircraft systems. Boeing recommends they be covered to avoid contamination, when the aircraft is parked for periods up to 7 days.

All Flights To/From Jamaica Canceled Due To Air Traffic Controllers Strike

All flights to and from Jamaica have been canceled as of 10 a.m. local time after air traffic controllers walked off the job due the staffing issues. According to an official release from the Sangster International Airport, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) informed officials at both major airports that air traffic controllers were going on strike due to staff shortages at the Kingston Air Traffic Control Centre (KATCC). As a result, all flights into and out of airports including Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay (MBJ) and Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston (KIN) have been canceled for the rest of the day (May 12th).

EU Drops Airplane And Airport Mask Mandate

To no one’s surprise, EU agencies European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have decided to drop the mask mandate on board flights and in airports. Citing factors like high levels of vaccination, naturally acquired immunity, COVID-19 trends and the relaxation...

Southwest Airlines To Add Power Outlets, Improve Wi-Fi

Southwest Airlines has announced a number of inflight changes in the hopes of making the flight experience a bit better. Two major changes include addition of USB power outlets and improved Wi-Fi speeds. Power outlets. The airline is finally playing catch up by introducing power outlets on its fleet of...