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Solved! What Kills Mold?

Q: I think I’ve found mold in my home. What’s the best product to kill mold once it’s identified?. A: When a homeowner positively identifies mold in their home, it’s essential to take care of it as soon as possible, so the mold spores don’t spread. Mold can cause several underlying health conditions and cause wooden surfaces to rot if left unchecked. Mold loves moist areas such as basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. Under the right conditions, black mold can grow in just 24 to 48 hours.
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A Month-by-Month Hydrangea Care Guide

Hydrangeas are deciduous shrubs that put on a beautiful color show during their blooming seasons. They come in many varieties; some bloom on old wood, while others prefer to flower only after a careful pruning on new wood. For the former, which include panicle hydrangea (H. paniculata) and smooth hydrangea (H. arborescens), Stacey Hirvela, a horticulturist with Proven Winners ColorChoice, notes that you will need to start tending to your plants as early as March. And for the latter? Varieties like bigleaf hydrangea (H. macrophylla), mountain hydrangea (H. serrata), and oakleaf hydrangea (H. quercifolia) require much less work throughout the year.
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The Addicted Gardener: How to raise sunflowers

Until last weekend, I hadn’t given sunflowers much thought as a flower for my yard. They are cheerful and I always admired them from afar, but never felt they fit my garden plan. Seeing their cheery heads sitting in blue jugs at my nephew’s graduation party made me want to grow some of my own. Serendipitously, I learned that the National Garden Bureau has named this the "Year of the Sunflower" and provided a good bit of information about these easy to grow flowers.
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Garden Notes: Pruning after blooming

Gardeners are thrilled. This spring, the dazzling bloom on flowering plants and shrubs has been the best kind of gratification; fantastic really, and it is not finished yet. Late rhododendrons are still colorful, specimen kousa dogwoods all over the Island are blanketed in white, and garlands of roses appear almost everywhere (yes, even Rosa multiflora).
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Master Gardener: Tips for a successful July garden

Be easy on yourself and on your garden this month. Do everything you can to conserve water. Enjoy the harvest of the summer garden. PLANTING: Don't plant ornamental plants in July. Instead use your water to keep the vegetable garden, orchard, and existing plants (especially trees) healthy. Edibles to plant include tomato, basil, and artichoke from well-developed seedlings. From seed, plant corn, winter and summer squash, radish, peas, bulb and green onion. Late in the month, you can start seeds for fall-harvested vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, chard, kale, and cabbage. Plant in the ground or start seeds in containers for transplanting in September.
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Country diary: the secrets of deadly nightshade

A translation of a 17th-century haiku by Bashō is “Fading bells – / now musky blossoms / peal in dusk”. His bells may not refer to the flowers we find in dusky shadows at the wood’s edge, but it fits them; they are musky and mysterious, ringing out an old story about magic, poison and death.
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Ragweed vs. Goldenrod: A Case of Mistaken Identities

Allergic rhinitis, aka hay fever, is a condition that can really hinder your enjoyment of outdoor activities. Characterized by sneezing, sniffling, congestion, red and itchy eyes, and just feeling low-key miserable most of the time, allergic rhinitis affects some 25 million Americans each year. The culprit is pollen, a byproduct...
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Novagrow superfood indoor garden

Novagrow 2 is a small indoor garden specifically designed to help you grow super foods all year round, providing a growing area for nutrient-dense herbs and greens. The creators of the second-generation of the Novagrow indoor garden, saying the system will help you grow edible greens that are 18 times more concentrated in vitamins then fully grown vegetables. In just 7 to 20 days you will be able to grow a wide-ranging of shooting plants all year round.
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New project researches how gardens can help the environment

London is sometimes called one of the world's greenest cities. Not only because the capital has a large number of parks, commons and green spaces, but because it also has a patchwork of hundreds of thousands of gardens. Of course, not every house in the city has a garden, but...
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How to Turn a Galvanized Tub Into a Raised Garden Bed

Literally, anything (almost) can be a container garden. A bucket, a barrel, an abandoned car — as long as it's big enough, looks cool and has good drainage. If you’re planning on growing plants you want to eat, we recommend using something that’s made of food-safe materials. Don’t bother with anything less than 12 inches across. Larger containers are easier to maintain because they can hold more soil, and the more soil a container can hold, the more moisture it will retain. We’re using a giant galvanized tub normally used for livestock feeding.
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Growing a themed garden

Have you been bitten by the gardening bug but aren’t sure where to start? Picking a theme such as a salad bar garden or salsa garden can help narrow down choices and focus your planning. Or how about growing a pizza garden with all your favorite ingredients and toppings?. Choosing...
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Tell us: has your garden been improved in the last year?

Has something amazing happened to your garden in the past year? As part of our How to Live Now series, we’re keen to hear about (and see photos of) everything from your garden bars, to hot tubs, to amazing plants – anything that has given your garden an upgrade lately.
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Don’t Blame Leaves: What Is Backing Up Hudson Valley Gutters?

It took my brother-in-law visiting from New Zealand for me to finally understand how I am supposed to clean my gutters. You may have someone who cleans your gutters for you. You might also have a newer model of gutter than I have which means you may have some kind of gutter guard. I have metal gutters that were probably put on my house in 1970. They work and they are strong but they can collect all kinds of stuff that ends up blocking them up.
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Deadly poisonous plant widespread in Pennsylvania now in bloom

Tall, shrub-like weeds with clusters of tiny white flowers that look a lot like oversized Queen Anne’s lace are lining roadways, fields, fencerows and waterways across Pennsylvania. But don’t go picking any of those bright blooms without protective covering. And you really don’t want it for any floral arrangement. Those...
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Don’t Let the Heat Dome Kill Your Garden! Five Ways to Save Your Plants’ Lives

How to take care of plants during the heat dome heat wave. It’s only natural that when extreme heat bears down upon us, we think of ourselves, our community, our pets, and our plants. After all, there is a record-breaking, deadly heat dome that has trapped hot air over the Pacific Northwest like a lid on a pot. According to the National Weather Service, this heat wave could smash eighty daily all-time high temperatures, and it could reach 100 degrees in Seattle, 107 in Portland (where the all-time-record is 107), and Spokane could hit a whopping 110 degrees. All in the middle of a drought, no less.