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This Struggling Baby Piping Plover’s Happy Ending Over on Cape Cod Is Movie Material

There's something so mysteriously intriguing about nature, but when humans get involved to help save a life, it becomes even more beautiful. Down on the Cape, a baby Piping Plover was found struggling along the shoreline with no parents in sight, but not too far off from its familiar nesting location. Thankfully, the good Samaritans over at the New England Wildlife Center were called into action to assist in making sure this baby chick was taken good care of.

Rhode Island Black Belt Becomes World Champion & Dedicates Win to Parents

On Saturday, June 25, my husband Ross Levine became the Karate Combat World Middleweight Champion. Karate Combat is the first professional, full-contact karate league that has been hosting worldwide events since 2018. Similar to MMA fighters hoping to land a shot with the UFC, karate specialists aim to fight for Karate Combat. Winning a championship title with Karate Combat is the highest level of achievement for a martial artist, and after Ross’s victory on Saturday, he became the best middleweight in the world.

How to Take the Family on Free Mini-Adventures This August

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Highland Street Foundation was responsible for bringing free admission to local museums and other recreational sites to families each Friday in Massachusetts during the summer. “Free Fun Fridays” was a beloved program that residents of the SouthCoast looked forward to each year until the pandemic brought it to a halt in 2020.
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Taunton Police Arrest Armed Robbery Suspect

TAUNTON — Taunton police have arrested a city man in connection to an armed robbery at a gas station last week in which the clerk was injured. Police said in a release that 38-year-old Christopher Azevedo has been taken into custody and charged in the GeKo gas station robbery last Wednesday.

Massachusetts State Police Cracking Down on Fireworks

With Independence Day quickly approaching, Massachusetts State Police have been cracking down on people crossing over to New Hampshire and Rhode Island to buy fireworks and bring them back to the Bay State, where possession is illegal. Tens of thousands of dollars' worth of fireworks were seized in Massachusetts over...

Jaylen, 15, Dreams of a Loving Family and Helping Animals

Jaylen is a kind and caring child. He is very intelligent and is doing well in his classes at school. He loves to read, do puzzles, build with Legos and play computer games. Peers in his program describe him as loving, independent, outgoing and resilient. Jaylen is also artistic and likes to listen to music and create art.

What’s Going on With Adele’s Las Vegas Residency?

Earlier this year, Adele postponed her Las Vegas residency with a teary-eyed video the day before it was supposed to begin. More than five months later, fans are still wondering if the dates will ever be rescheduled. The "Hello" hit-maker listed the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as the chief reason for...

Adorable Baby Goats Debut at Roger Williams Park Zoo

Two tiny Nigerian dwarf goats have joined the Farmyard at Roger Williams Park Zoo and you'll soon see them roaming the contact yard, too. I recently had the joy of taking my daughters to Roger Williams Park Zoo for an afternoon of animals and was kind of surprised by all the new babies at the historic Providence zoo. In just the last few years the sloths, tamarins, sea otters, tamanduas, grey wolves, giant anteaters, howler monkeys, and flamingos have all welcomed newborns. Now baby goats are at the zoo, too.

Many Massachusetts Beaches Face a Severe Lifeguard Shortage

Westport's Horseneck Beach Reservation has lifeguard coverage seven days a week, but not all Massachusetts beaches do. The worker shortage that has affected many other industries is being felt at the beaches, too. The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has hired people to fill many lifeguard positions at...

Cape Cod Driver Wants You to Pay His Student Loans

It was the first official summer weekend of 2022, and the weather was exactly what you dream of when you book a getaway at the end of June. Cape Cod traffic on Route 6 was as you might expect. It was crawling in some spots as the weekend warriors tried to make their way off Cape.

Former New Bedford Police Union Treasurer Sentenced to Prison for Stealing Union Funds

Former New Bedford police officer and former police union treasurer Joshua Fernandes was sentenced to prison today for stealing nearly $50,000 in union funds. Fernandes, 41, was sentenced by U.S. Senior District Court Judge Mark L. Wolf to three months in prison and two years of supervised release. He will have to serve the first six months of that supervised release in home confinement, with the first three months of that including location monitoring.

New Bedford’s Cape Verdean Heritage Celebration Happens This Week

Ivan Brito, President of New Bedford's 50th Annual Cape Verdean Recognition Week, was in good spirits trying to teach me how to toast in Cape Verdean Créole. "Cape Verdeans from all across the country come home this week to celebrate their heritage and independence by lifting a glass of grog, cheering 'Viva Cabo Verde, saluté!'" he said.

Dartmouth Mall Jewel Robber Sentenced to Prison Time

DARTMOUTH — A New Bedford man who stole expensive jewelry twice from two different stores in the Dartmouth Mall — while on probation for stealing jewelry — has been sentenced to serve up to five years in state prison. The Bristol County District Attorney's Office said 29-year-old...

New Bedford Man Charged for Riding Unlicensed Dirt Bike

NEW BEDFORD — A New Bedford man has been arrested and charged for riding an unregistered dirt bike after police said officers saw him speeding down the wrong side of the road, then crashing. James Luis Berrios-Alvarez, 21, of Cottage Street is charged with unlicensed and reckless operation of...