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The Top-Rated Roofing Contractor In Dallas, TX

The Berman Group LLC is a reputable roofing and remodeling contractor in Dallas, TX. They take pride in the experience that the team brings to the table to ensure every project is done right and to maximize the claim of its client’s homes. The team is ready to take on your project since they are fully insured, work with other companies for insurance claim maximization, offer a free inspection, have a proven track record, and are experience-driven.
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Contour Airlines makes it official…they will provide air service for Fort Wood region

Contour Airlines announced on Wednesday the company’s largest expansion with the introduction of service in seven markets across the eastern U.S., connecting the small communities to major airports in Charlotte, Dallas, Nashville, and Philadelphia through an interline agreement with American Airlines. Matt Chifetz, CEO of Contour Airlines, said, “Contour...

American Airlines Has Long Way to Go As It Honors Bessie Coleman

American Airlines recently honored black aviator Bessie Coleman by flying an all-black, all-female crew out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, marking the 100-year anniversary of her becoming the first black woman to receive a pilot’s license in the United States. Coleman “bravely broke down barriers within the world of aviation and paved the path for many to follow,” the airline stated in a news release.

Leak leads to fuel starvation

The pilot, who had recently purchased the Beech V35, reported that he performed a preflight inspection that included “physical fuel level inspection in each wing with a flashlight.”. He checked both wing fuel sumps and drained the fuel sump twice on the left side. Additionally, he sampled the fuel...
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Potato Parcel Net Worth 2022

Products of Company: delivering potatoes with personalized messages. Potato Parcel is a very different kind of company which basically delivers potatoes in all part of the world with a slight twist. It is an online company, where you can order potatoes with some message written of them. It was a very different idea to create something that innovative, and it has worked extremely well. The site from which you can order these potatoes is The company is an American-based startup.

JSX Announces New Routes and Increased Frequencies

Dallas-Based JSX has announced via social media that it will be adding some new routes, and increasing some of the frequencies on a few of the routes they already operate. The airline operates a fleet of 30-seat Embraer E135s and E145s. New Routes. In the way of new routes, the...

Oncor Open House Meeting

Oncor Open House Meeting Regarding Electric Service Reliability in Princeton/Lowry Crossing Area. Oncor Electric Delivery is hosting an open house meeting to address questions regarding Oncor's electric service and local reliability improvements. Individuals attending this "come and go" open house will have the opportunity to discuss Oncor's electric service with its employees and representatives.


Break out the pumpkin spice conchas! We may still be in the last days of summer, but no one told that to the Pumpkin Pyle. DFM’s pumpkin patch is back in The Shed just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month with Texas Grown Pumpkins straight from the Pyle family in Floydada. Celebrate the spirit of Texas agriculture and heritage this weekend by supporting local farmers and ranchers, enjoying authentic Latin foods from Hispanic-owned small businesses, and then wrap it all up with a full day of dancing on Sunday!

With Rail Strike Averted, Focus Turns to Clearing Congestion

US freight-rail companies need to turn their focus to clearing a backlog of containers at ports and at inland train terminals now that they have reached a tentative labor deal that averts the start of a strike by about 125,000 workers, the chief of Port of Los Angeles said. There...

USDA restricts PACA violators in California, Nevada, Texas and Virginia

The U.S. Department of Agriculture imposed sanctions on five produce businesses for failing to meet contractual obligations to the sellers of produce they purchased and failing to pay reparation awards issued under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act. These sanctions include suspending the businesses’ PACA licenses and barring the principal operators of the businesses from engaging in PACA-licensed business or other activities without approval from USDA.

Local Office Project to Begin in December

Construction is reportedly set to start in December 2022 on Plano’s next office building project. Cawley Partners is constructing a four-story, 125,000-square-foot building east of the Dallas North Tollway on Parkwood Boulevard. The project, which will cost $28.6 million, will open in 2024, according to planning documents filed with...