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Many blame district court judge for deadly police shoot out with wanted fugitive

HOUSTON - The man linked to shooting two HPD officers on Monday, killing one of them has been identified as Deon Ledet, 30. He had a rap sheet with several felony convictions, so many are blaming a Harris County Criminal District Court Judge for Monday morning's deadly gun battle between a wanted fugitive and the two Houston police officers.
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Dog Haus Celebrates Grand Opening of Second Houston Restaurant

Acclaimed gourmet hot dog, sausage and burger concept to celebrate its Energy Corridor opening on Oct. 2 and host giveaway through Oct. 17. September 21, 2021 // // HOUSTON - The Houston community is about to have another go-to destination for gourmet hot dogs, sausages, burgers and one-of-a-kind creations when Dog Haus makes its debut at 1096 Enclave Parkway on Saturday, Oct. 2!
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Best Of Houston® 2021: Best Bar - Heights

Since pouring its first drink over four years ago, Better Luck Tomorrow has absolutely blossomed into the perfect Heights neighborhood hangout spot that drink master Bobby Heugel and chef Justin Yu envisioned. It’s hard to decide whether the food or cocktails are Better Luck Tomorrow’s biggest draw, a testament to how spectacular both ends of the establishment’s menu are. Riffs on classics like the Cold-Fashioned (the bar’s take on the famed bourbon cocktail that adds rum and brandy to the mix to great effect) sit alongside a periodically shifting selection of original drinks full of clever ingredients like dill, sumac, aloe and kiwi to form a libations list with something to excite even the most jaded of palates.

Betty's Salon relocates to new location in Friendswood

Betty's Salon moved to its new location at 801 S. Friendswood Drive, Ste. 108, Friendswood, in March. It was previously located at 3348 FM 528, Ste. 18, Friendswood. Betty's Salon offers services, including haircuts, hair color, highlights, facials and waxing, for men, women and children. Reporter, Pearland/Friendswood. Andy joined Community...
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Best Of Houston® 2021: Best Gluten-Free Pizza

When most gluten-free pizza crust has the texture of cardboard and costs an extra $2-3 for the privilege, it’s always a pleasant surprise to find a restaurant that serves a flavorful pizza that doesn’t suffer for being gluten-free. While not from Houston originally, MOD (Made On Demand) Pizza is an excellent choice for gluten-free diners. The Seattle-based chain has two pizza crust options billed as gluten-friendly: a rice, potato, and tapioca blend and a cauliflower crust.
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Best Of Houston® 2021: Best Soup Dumplings

A regional specialty from Shanghai, soup dumplings, or xiaolongbao, are a difficult delicacy to master. First, the dumping skin needs to be prepared fresh and rolled by hand until paper thin. Then, the dumpling itself must be made quickly — the filling placed on the just-rolled skin and then closed by a series of pleats that results in a perfectly shaped round dumpling. Prepared and steamed to order, the soup dumplings must be served at the table steaming hot with all the juice trapped inside.

Cheers to the new school year

Moms celebrated the first day of school with the third annual Moms & Mimosas brunch at The ’401. “Carpool attire” – PJs, yoga pants, onesies, and bedhead – was strongly encouraged, and prizes were awarded for the most creative outfit. The festive event included a DJ, a pop-up shop from Shopaholic Sanctuary, and a raffle, which benefited Friends of the Bellaire Pound. Moms toasting to the new school year included (pictured) Rebekah El-Hakam, Jennifer Lerner, Esther Puig, Melissa McPhail, Julie McNee, Tricia Wade, Tresa Spencer, Roxzan Zager, Elisa Garber, Thuy Promubol, Lauren Lo, Tricia Onufer, Hannah Dagley, Jenny Dagley, Lisa McCarthy, Jessica Laviage, Rainy Gibbs, Stacy Koetsier, Amanda Lewis, Lisa Lim, Angie Gubitz, Amy Roberts, Damien Whitley, Megan Oden, Whitley Levy, and Carrie Bozkurt.
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Best Of Houston® 2021: Best Sandwich

There is something about a fried chicken sandwich. Popeye's figured that out with its fried sensation that caused traffic jams at drive-thru windows and countless imitations. But if you aren't ready for something that heavy, Local Foods has an option that is not just as good, it's better. The Crunchy Chicken is an absolutely incredible sandwich that substitutes the crunch of friend skin for a delicious nut crumble and a smattering of their in-house-made potato chips. Add to that fresh sliced roasted chicken, house-made pickles, lettuce, tomato and a tangy ranch spread on a pretzel bun, and you have a consistently spectacular sandwich that won't blow your diet, entirely.

What critters live in Houston's bayous?

HOUSTON — Even in those murky, muddy waters, Houston bayous have had their fair share of sightings over the years. Alligators are pretty common, and otters? Not so much. But even in 1995, somehow a manatee swam its way up Buffalo Bayou. So that got us thinking: What else lives...

10 Best Frozen Yogurt Places in Houston – Yog(a)urt for the Soul!

When it’s hot and humid out (and let’s face it, when isn’t it hot and humid out in Houston?), there’s nothing quite like a cold, sweet treat to brighten your day and give you a bit of a pick-me-up. Frozen yogurt is an especially great choice for going out with friends because it’s so versatile.

Liposuction Surgery in Houston Texas

Liposuction (also known as lipoplasty) is a body-sculpting technique that removes fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. This method can be used on practically any part of the body and is frequently used in conjunction with other procedures.Liposuction makes you look thinner and more proportionate. Liposuction is an efficient way to get rid of love handles, saddlebags, a double chin, a bulge around the waistline, and other undesirable fatty deposits in order to get a better form and a more attractive figure.

Fall Migration Has Begun!

Despite the fact it still feels like summer here, the birds know it’s fall and migration has already begun! It’s a great time to go birding, as both the variety of species and numbers of birds are increasing on a daily basis. Red-tailed Hawk Immature on Galveston Island Kristine Rivers.

15 exciting new restaurants now open or coming soon to Houston

Houston's fall season is coming in strong with exciting restaurant openings on the horizon. Expect several takes on Mexican cuisine, two vegan spots, classic Italian, Szechuan and even something called "vibe dining." Check out the best of Houston's new and upcoming restaurants with our visual guide. KISS: From the Clé...