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What is Hume Lake Christian Camp east of Fresno? There was a COVID outbreak there

Hume Lake Christian Camp is the center of COVID-19 concerns that officials from the Fresno County Department of Public Health stopped short of calling an “outbreak.”. Last week, a San Francisco television station reported that at least three Bay Area children who were at the camp tested positive for the virus and were sent home early. On Wednesday, the Well Church is Fresno announced the cancellation of its youth activities after members were exposed to COVID-19 while staying at the camp.
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Clovis parents, it’s simple: Mask up your children so they can go back to school

It is understandable that local elected officials are getting tired of state requirements being handed down when it comes to the COVID pandemic. And it totally makes sense that parents are fatigued with all that COVID has imposed on them and their children, given that schools were shut down last year and learning had to be done at home, a development neither parents nor students were prepared to do.

What to know about new masking guidelines in California

The delta variant is really throwing a wrench into our vaccinated summer. The super contagious strain of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, leading, once again, to a rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths, prompting leaders to reverse course on guidance that if you’re inoculated, you can go almost anywhere without a face covering.
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BLOG: The financial side of being a caregiver

One in five Americans are currently unpaid caregivers, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, that number is on the rise. Caring for a family member can be complex. While deeply meaningful and rewarding, it can also present challenges, both emotionally and financially. If you may need to step...
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Internet pundits rejoice: Death, wildfires, pandemic & drought can increase clicks to line their pockets

It was an eerie death pall of sorts that settled over the Northern San Joaquin Valley Wednesday afternoon. As smoke blocked out the direct rays of the sun westerly breezes swept across the valley from charred Sierra forests hundreds of miles away. You could smell — and actually taste — the smoky remnants of more than 200,000 acres of wild lands burning throughout Northern California.