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ASK MOM: Daughter always has to be right, turning into know-it-all

THE PROBLEM: My 14 yo daughter is a know-it-all. I wish I could say something nicer than that, but she’s getting on my last nerve. Whenever anybody tells her anything, she says: “I already knew that,” even if she clearly didn’t. But even worse, she’ll add a detail to make sure everybody sees she knows more than they do. When she’s got her facts mixed up, she’ll have some vague excuse, which always circles back around to her being right. Even though I say it bugs me, it actually makes me sad. Her needing to be right is off-putting not just to me, but to her brother and her friends, too.
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Amazing Stuffed Avocados!

There is nothing I love more than sitting down to a hot lunch! I’m not a cold sandwich kind of person, so I usually heat up leftovers or prepare a stir fry or Asian rice bowl just for myself. But when the weather heats up and eating lighter is a more desirable way to lunch, there are plenty of healthy options to whip up for those of us who prefer something a bit more complex than a peanut butter sandwich!

Summer Camp Story Reading List

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Imagine summer camp—but for demigods. At Camp Half-Blood, the children of Greek gods and goddesses train to use the powers their immortal parent has given them. This story includes plenty of friendly camp competition with a fantasy twist! Tack on a good mystery, an iconic trio, and a quest that goes even beyond the campgrounds, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a real page-turner.

Artificial Dad-telligence

The world is full of technology. And our technology is getting smarter every day. Some of it is smart enough to drive cars, to paint pictures, to play chess. But can any of those artificial intelligences out there help you be a better dad? I thought I’d ask some and find out! (Ok, ok, I admit, this is my most tenuously fatherhood-adjacent idea for a blog post so far. I’ve just been really fascinated by AI research lately. So sue me.)

ASK MOM: Am I raising a video game addict?

THE PROBLEM: I’m afraid my son is addicted to video games. He’s twelve, and he’s a sweet boy, but he only seems to be truly happy when he’s playing his favorite video game. I do limit the time he spends on screens at home (one hour a day), but I have no control over what he does at other kids’ homes. Sometimes, he sneaks a few hours when I’m not home (he admits this!), but I don’t want to over-dramatize the situation by locking his game up (or removing a cable) when I leave the house. I am at a loss as to what to do.

Government Island

Looking for a great place to hike, explore history and spend some time with the family, including the furry, four-legged variety? Stafford County’s Government Island, a 17-acre park, nature preserve and historic and archaeological site is sure to interest the entire family. The scenic heritage trail includes signs to...

ADHD Makes Good Eating Habits Hard for Kids

June 8, 2022—Studies show that there is a connection between ADHD and certain eating disorders, such as binge eating. Researchers believe that approximately one-third of people who binge eat have ADHD. Binge eating happens when children overeat out of boredom rather than hunger. Children with ADHD gravitate toward food as stimulation to overcome boredom and will often fixate on the novelty of certain foods until those foods become unexciting for them and they choose another.

Parenting on Vacation

I’m in the middle of a lovely two-week stay at a beach house rental in the Outer Banks. We’re lucky enough to go every year, and it’s generally a great time. I get to spend time at the beach and get a good amount of reading in. I get to enjoy some good food and good drinks. But it’s different than vacations without kids. A LOT different.

Frugal Family Fun

It’s summertime in the ‘Burg! My boys love to get outside and enjoy all that our city has to offer, but this frugal-minded momma needs balance in our family’s entertainment budget. By sprinkling in some free and inexpensive activities, I can fulfill the daily ask of “what are we doing today” without breaking the bank.

Study: Harsh Parenting, Youth Hyperactivity Related

May 31, 2022—Findings in a study published in Child Development show a circular relationship between harsh parenting styles and child behavior. Harsh parenting, as defined by the study, included yelling and spanking. The study suggested that children’s behavioral problems and maladaptive parenting have a bidirectional relationship, with each increasing the other—the more aggressive the parenting, the more expressive the negative behavior and vice versa.

Teen Sitters Earning Up to $30 Per Hour

May 30, 2022—Remember when $30 would cover the cost of a teen babysitter while you and your spouse enjoyed a three-hour dinner and stroll on the town? In 2022, that amount won’t get you past your dinner reservation. Babysitters are in such high demand that the rate of...

ASK MOM: Mom tired of son blaming everybody but himself

THE PROBLEM: My son (9 yo) has a bad habit of blaming people. (He blames our dog, too, if something gets knocked over or eaten.) He’s constantly ‘telling’ on his two sisters, and it doesn’t matter WHO did WHAT, I can never get a straight story from him. It’s always their fault. His teacher is also the ‘bad guy,’ and ‘everybody is always picking on him.’ The worst is during games, when ‘the coach never lets him play,’ or ‘James missed that fly ball and lost the game,’ even though the ball clearly landed practically at my son’s feet. I’m in a weird spot when I try to address this, because I feel like I’m constantly pointing out how my son is at fault, which isn’t helpful. I’m a little stuck here.