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Brainless Boneheads: The Easiest Arrest Ever

Welcome to Brainless Boneheads! Every Friday, Don Chase & Sarah find some of the wildest, craziest stories out there to help kick off your 4th of July weekend with a smile. – Brainless Boneheads is a regular Friday feature from Don Chase & Sarah. Read more Brainless Boneheads here. 1....
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Golf Digest

Colorado Avalanche defenseman Kurtis MacDermid getting folded by the Stanley Cup is today’s lesson in drunk physics

Now we’re no scientists. We’re just lowly sports writers. But we went to state school. We’ve lifted a keg or two in our day, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned if that’s heavy objects, alpha machismo, and alcohol really don’t mix. Inevitably something always gets lifted up, and invariably someone always gets put down. That’s just physics, and Colorado Avalanche defenseman Kurtis MacDermid learned that lesson the hard way on Thursday when he hoisted the Stanley Cup above his head in triumphant (and most likely inebriated) celebration and got promptly folded like Gumby on a bender.

Nets lose Bruce Brown, Andre Drummond in free agency

All eyes are on where the Nets will send Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, but the team already has lost starters Andre Drummond and Bruce Brown in free agency. Drummond agreed late Thursday night to a two-year, $6.6 million contract with the Chicago Bulls, with the second year a player option. But the veteran center’s departure was a fait accompli when Durant asked for a trade and the Nets went into rebuilding mode. Brown’s departure, early Friday morning, stung more. Brown agreed to a two-year, $13 million deal with Denver. The second year is a player option, according to ESPN. It seems...

Recovered: Osage Nation regalia stolen in Park Hill car theft

A family in the Park Hill neighborhood was reunited with family heirlooms that were stolen from their vehicle early Tuesday morning. Several pieces of Osage Nation regalia were taken when someone stole Jan Jacobs' car containing the items on Pontiac Street. Jan had just returned from a ceremony in Oklahoma. The items hold generations of significance for the Jacobs family."They're many things in there that have special meaning to begin with. He lost everything, from the eagle feather, all the way down to his moccasins, everything," Jan told CBS4 after the theft. "It makes me upset that somebody feels like...
Denver Channel

Drones will be the new fireworks in a local town in Colorado

There's nothing more Fourth of July than the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air. But America's birthday celebration is changing with the times. This year, dozens of cities, from California to Texas to Florida, are replacing fireworks with drones. Hundreds of them will be synchronized and swooping into formations like the Statue of Liberty, an eagle and even a drone version of a firework.

What else can the Denver Nuggets do?

Nearly every Friday for the last two and a half years, I’ve released a Film Friday column that has been Denver Nuggets’ related in some way or another. This week, we’re giving that column a little break because the NBA free agency period has officially kicked off, and there have been a flurry of moves around the league. The Nuggets were able to sign superstar center Nikola Jokic to a deal that will keep him in Denver until the 2027-28 season for $246 million over the course of the deal.

It's a real family affair for food truck that will be at Independence Eve

What's better for a 4th of July party than barbecue? The Hedahl family will be serving up their barbecued pork and chicken for Independence Eve from within their Still Smokin BBQ food truck.They are one of about a dozen food trucks the Civic Center Conservancy has invited to Civic Center Park for the return of Independence Eve. Dad (Erik) stays busy cooking all the meat as mom (Cagney) whips up the special sides including a family coleslaw. Even 11-year-old Gunnar is part of the team, taking orders and handling the money. "I've learned, of course, giving back change. Talking to...

Gun violence hot spots make up small area of Denver

Sounding at times like a statistician, Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said nearly half of all shootings in Denver and a quarter of the city's murders in 2020 and 2021 took place in just five geographical areas: "hotspots" that only make up 1.56% of Denver's land mass."Crime," said Pazen, "often disproportionally affects a small geographical area."In a recent interview with CBS4, Pazen laid out how his department is addressing gun violence hotspots- also known as crime clusters- and how hotspots have now shifted to other areas of the city."People are dying in our streets," said Pazen, "And it's not okay."With...

Independence Eve: Things to know about Sunday's celebration at Civic Center Park

Independence Eve is back! The Civic Center Conservancy is again hosting the free concert and fireworks show at Civic Center Park in Denver. The gates will open at 4 p.m. Sunday with food trucks and bars open in the park. CBS News Colorado's Michelle Griego and Dominic Garcia are the hosts for the concert beginning at 5 p.m. With the music still playing, the evening ends with its traditional bang -- a fireworks finale off the top of the Denver City & County Building, accompanied by a synchronized light show. (Please be aware that these are not...

Bruce Brown, Nuggets Agree To Two-Year, $13M Deal

Bruce Brown has agreed to a two-year, $13 million deal with the Denver Nuggets. Brown averaged 9.0 points, 4.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists in 24.6 minutes over 72 games last season with the Nets. Brown will hold a player option ahead of the second season. The Nuggets are using the...

Scattered afternoon storms expected this weekend in Colorado

It's the start of a long holiday weekend and the weather will be pretty typical for this time of year in Colorado. That means each day will feature scattered showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon.Mornings are typically dry and quiet with scattered clouds left over from storms on the previous day. Then as we add in daytime heating we usually see showers and storms form in the mountains around noon and across the lower elevations after 2 or 3 p.m. each day.Temperatures over the next few days will be near normal for this time of year with 80s and lower 90s in Denver, on the eastern plains and western slope. We'll see mostly 70s in the mountains with 60s above 10,000 feet.Looking ahead to next week there are signs in a few of the extended forecast charts that a heat wave could be on the way to Colorado. Some data shows highs in Denver potentially approaching 100 degrees by next weekend.

How to keep pets calm during fireworks

DENVER — The most patriotic day of the year can be a nightmare for many pets. The loud booms and lights from fireworks and firecrackers can make pets frightened, anxious and possibly destructive. Some animals may try to run away from home, according to Denver Animal Protection (DAP). Fireworks,...

‘He Hunted Them’: Man Gets 162 Years To Life For Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting Multiple Homeless Women

A Colorado man has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars for kidnapping and raping multiple homeless women. Joseph Gabriel Van Eck, 33, was sentenced to between 162 years and life in prison for kidnapping and sexually assaulting the victims in Denver in 2020, according to a press release from the District Attorney’s Office for both Gilpon and Jefferson Counties.