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I Shopped Exclusively at the Local Dollar Tree for a Month So You Don't Have To

Step aside overpriced grocery stores, there's a cheaper option in town. Exterior shot of the local Dollar Tree, Seekonk, MassachusettsTracey Folly/AuthorRecently, I decided to try a non-scientific experiment right here in the Town of Seekonk, Massachusetts. Could I escape the clutches of the soulless department stores and overpriced markets in exchange for buying everything--and I do mean everything--at my local Dollar Tree? My bet was on "Yes!"
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Quincy Police Reunite Missing French Bulldog With Family

A 1-year-old French Bulldog has been reunited with his grateful owners two days after escaping from his yard in Quincy, Massachusetts. A suspect will face larceny charges, according to Quincy Police. Bruno the dog slipped right through his collar and took off Thursday night. It's unclear how police found Bruno,...
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Massachusetts Lobster Diver Gets Swallowed BY A WHALE

According to the Cape Cod Times, a veteran lobster diver was swallowed BY A WHALE during a morning lobster dive today. Michael Packard, already on his second dive of the day near Herring Cove Beach, in Provincetown, Massachusetts, was picking up lobsters near the bottom of the ocean floor when all of the sudden, the light went out.

Transit police officer attacked by stray dog at Shawmut MBTA station

BOSTON (WHDH) - A Transit Police officer was attacked by a stray dog at the Shawmut MBTA station on Wednesday, officials said. The officer responding to a report of a stray dog running loose at the station around 5:45 a.m. found a dog, possibly a German Shephard mix, unleashed and unattended. When the officer approached the dog to see if it had any tags or identifiers, the dog reportedly lunged at the officer and bit his hand, according to the MBTA Transit Police.
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The "Millionaire Tax" Passes Massachusetts Legislature and Will Be on the Ballot in 2022

Many argue that it counteracts the "unfairness" of the state's flat income tax. Symbol of wealthPhoto by Marcin Ciszewski on Unsplash. This past Wednesday, the Democratically-controlled Massachusetts state legislature passed the Fair Share Amendment, better known as the "millionaire tax," by a wide margin, 159-41. This means the proposal will be on the state ballot in November 2022.
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Juneteenth Is A State Holiday In Massachusetts; Commemorate Freed Slaves And Get A Paid Day Off

Massachusetts is going to celebrate Juneteenth, once a forgotten celebration, as a federally recognized state holiday. Juneteenth, which occurs every June 19, marks the day in 1865 when Galveston, Texas, slaves were the last ones told they were free two years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. It was also two months after Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered. The state has signed legislation authorizing it as a state holiday, WBTS-CD reported.