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Top 10 Phases That Prove You Are Texan

Living in Texas all my life, I thought, "what are some phrases and words that I think are normal but some people would not understand cause they are not from Texas?" Here are 10 of them. 1. Mudrain. This is when a thunderstorm comes through and picks up dust so...
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Recruiting In College Sports Is Just Getting Crazier

Recruiting high school athletes to college (doesn't matter what sport it is) is and always will be an inexact science. That's almost a rhetorical statement nowadays. But it's even more nuts now with the advent of college athletes being allowed to receive money from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). That became legal a year ago, almost to the day in America.

Bored In Midland-Odessa? Check Out These 3 Awesome Events To Attend This Summer!

How many times have we heard a friend, family member or coworker say, 'there is NOTHING to do here!' Heck, I would be lying if I said I haven't said it a time or two. Sometimes we do feel that way but the reality is, we're just not looking hard enough or we're just not aware of exactly all this is going on. Here are 3 events going on throughout the summer months that you can have fun being a part of!

Ask Midland Odessa! – I Got My Girls Name Tattooed On Me But She’s Getting The Dog’s Name ON Her!

Buzz Question - About 3 years ago I got my girlfriends name tattooed on me. Well, my girl is ready to get her first tattoo. She always said it would be my name, but just found out she's getting OUR DOG"S NAME tattooed instead of mine! Really? I don't even know where this is coming from because she always said she would do my name. Um, should I feel shaded by this?

AJ McCarron Ready to Return to the NFL

Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is healthy and ready to make a return to the NFL. McCarron appeared on the NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” Monday and spoke about his rehab process and getting to spend an extended period of time with his family. The 31-year-old signal-caller...

Midland Odessa Pet Of The Week

Every Wednesday we feature a different pet that needs a new forever home here in the Basin from Lonestar Sanctuary For Animals. Sometimes it's a dog, sometimes it's a cat. They haven't had any guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, or snakes---yet. But you never know!. Meet Ghost!. Ghost is a beautiful...

What’s Going In Between Tommy’s Express and Dollar General In Odessa?

What started out as a catering and food truck business is turning into something more permanent. Currently under construction in between Tommy's Express Car Wash and the Dollar General location on Faudree Road in Odessa, is Brantley Creek Barbeque! West Texans have enjoyed original flavors created by the owners at special events over the past 6 years, the time is coming for their permanent home to open in the booming business district around Faudree rd.

How Young is Too Young to Leave a Child Home Alone in Texas?

It's summer and some parents are leaving teenagers home alone for the summer, but how young is too young to leave a child home alone?. Shockingly, there are very few states that have a minimum age requirement for leaving your child at home alone. Texas is a state that does not have a minimum age requirement, but before you go off and leave your 2-year-old at home, here are some things to remember.