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Delta Air Lines passenger, 51, accused of groping girl on plane reportedly mixed Ambien and alcohol

A 51-year-old man travelling on a Delta Air Lines flight between Los Angeles and Orlando accused of allegedly groping a young girl says that the Ambien he took is to blame, The Daily Beast first reported.A US air marshal wrote in a signed criminal affidavit with the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida that Brian Patrick Durning, 51, was arrested on Friday by federal agents after his overnight flight from California landed at Orlando International Airport early in the morning.In the affidavit, signed on 24 June 2022, Tony Helico, a senior inspector with the US Marshals...
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Delta Air Lines Passenger Allegedly Groped Girl and Blamed it on Ambien

California man Brian Patrick Durning has been accused of groping a young girl and then a woman who came to her aid, and he says Ambien is to blame. Per the Daily Beast, the criminal complaint shows that the 51-year-old man was arrested for the alleged behavior once the Delta flight arrived at Orlando International Airport. According to the complaint, he was sat in the aisle seat next to the victim, who has not been named because they are a minor. Her mother was sat elsewhere on the flight due to “reservation issues.”
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Photo: Released WWE Star Reunites With Top NXT Star

“Hatchet” Samuel Shaw (FKA Dexter Lumis) and Indi Hartwell reunited Sunday during a USA Pro Wrestling event in Orlando, Florida. Shaw posted the reunion picture on Twitter with a caption befitting their former kayfabe relationship. Other current NXT Superstars such as Jacy Jayne and Roxanne Perez were also backstage...

Passenger allegedly molests child and woman during flight, blames it on Ambien

A California man is accused of groping a child during a flight from San Francisco to Florida — and blaming the sleep aid Ambien for the assault, according to court papers Friday. Brian Patrick Durning was arrested at Orlando International Airport after allegedly penetrating the girl with his finger and trying to grab the breast of a female passenger who tried to intervene, the Daily Beast reported. According to court papers, the 51-year-old male Delta flier was seated in the aisle next to a girl older than 12 but younger than 16. Her mother was seated elsewhere because of a reservation issue. Durning...

Man accused of molesting child on flight to Orlando, officials say

ORLANDO, Fla. — A 51-year-old man was arrested Friday after he allegedly molested an underage girl on a flight to Orlando, according to U.S. Marshals. Brian Durning was flying from Los Angeles to Orlando when the incident occurred on a Delta airplane in the early morning. He was taken into custody at the Orlando International Airport.
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Guest Buys 500 Souvenirs Moments Before Universal Permanently Closes Store

Moments before Universal Permanently closed a popular store, one Guest set out to buy a ton of merchandise. Over the years, we have seen many rides, attractions, and experiences unfortunately close at the Universal Studios Resort in Orlando, Florida. In the past few months alone we have lost Shrek 4-D, Classic Monsters Cafe, and just recently, the Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop.
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Disney Board extends CEO Bob Chapek’s contract by 3 years

BAY LAKE, Fla. – The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors unanimously voted on Tuesday to extend CEO Bob Chapek’s contract by three years. Chapek’s career at Disney has spanned over nearly 30 years and he was named the company’s seventh CEO just weeks before the theme parks were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The FBI Seized 25 Basquiat Paintings From a Florida Museum Because They Might Be Fakes

Click here to read the full article. In what might be every museum’s nightmare, a whole exhibition of supposed Jean-Michel Basquiat artworks was seized by the FBI on Friday for potentially being fake. The 25 works, part of the Orlando Museum of Art’s “Heroes & Monsters” exhibition, were seized after their authenticity was called into question, according to reporting in The New York Times. In documents reviewed by the newspaper, the FBI said its investigation had revealed “false information related to the alleged prior ownership of the paintings” and “attempts to sell the paintings using false provenance, and bank records show...