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KDP chair Colmon Elridge on overturning Roe

Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Colmon Elridge released the following statement on the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade:. “For years, Republican politicians have pushed cruel, extreme restrictions on a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, with no exceptions even for victims of rape and incest. Today, with Roe’s downfall, abortion is now illegal in Kentucky. This extreme ban rips away choice from those who already had the fewest options to begin with, or even none at all, including victims of violent crime.
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KY Dem reactions to SCOTUS ruling

Statements by seemingly every elected official in Kentucky are pouring into the ForwardKY inbox. Here are a few from KY Dems in office:. “We now know with certainty that three Justices lied under oath to get to the Supreme Court, and that's not the worst part. Adding insult to perjury, they have used their ill-gotten power to strip away women’s constitutional right to bodily autonomy and rob them of personal choice. Let’s be clear: This means people will suffer. It means women will die. This is the path Mitch McConnell chose when he shredded the Constitution to rig the court with ideological zealots unbothered by the struggles of everyday Americans. This is a dark day for America. Every politician who celebrates it must be shown the door this November.”
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SCOTUS: Moving us closer to Gilead

The news just broke – the Supreme Court has thrown out the right to an abortion. Trigger laws all over the country, including in Kentucky, are going into effect. Women who were planning on getting an abortion now cannot. Facilities providing abortions will have to close in many states. And the patchwork of abortion laws that I discussed in this article will now come to pass.

Is the KY GOP governor's race OVER?

Aaron, Kimberly and Doug bring you a jam-packed episode this week! Doug is digging in on Kentucky's school safety efforts, and whether they're truly a model for the nation, as GOP Senators would have you believe. Over in the Campaign Corner we’ll chat with Megan Brannon, the Democratic nominee for the 70th district. Then, we're joined by an ACTUAL Colonel, representative Pamela Stevenson for a Q and A with our Kentucky Colonels. Finally, we close with our call to action.

Pam Dossett interview; Trump endorses Daniel Cameron

We welcomed Pam Dossett to My Old Kentucky Podcast this week. She's the Democratic candidate in the 8th House District in Hopkinsville (plus more of Christian, some of Trigg, and all of Caldwell Counties). She spoke about returning to politics after her 2020 race, the issues that are important to her, and how she's running in the new 8th District.

Yay! Even MORE guns, and more death! Three cheers for SCOTUS!

In a move both horrifying and non-surprising, the Supreme Court today struck down a New York law regulating guns in public, saying it was unconstitutional based on the 2nd Amendment. In their ruling, the conservative justices said that when the authors of the Constitution wrote “right to bear arms,” they meant everywhere, by everyone, with no limitations.

Quarles gets 52 new endorsements; Cameron gets one – Trump’s

The simmering GOP feud over who gets to run against Andy Beshear next year took another step toward “Boil” over the past few days. Ag Commissioner Ryan Quarles announced 52 new endorsements of his campaign for governor, from local electeds all the way up to members of the General Assembly. This brings his total list of endorsements to 106. (You can see the list here.)

The Daily Take for Wednesday

Good morning! Lots to talk about, but I’m going to focus on two national stories this morning, and save the state news for tomorrow. Let’s get to it.

Time to indict Donald Trump

I’ve just finished watching today’s hearing of the January 6th committee. I’m angry at what was done to these witnesses: at the attack on our democracy, at the death threats, at driving a 70-year old woman out of her home. There are more hearings, there are more...

Time to “Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time”

When I was a young Democrat in the 1970s, a comment made the rounds that Gerald Ford couldn’t “walk and chew gum at the same time,” a way of saying that he couldn’t concentrate on two things at once. We thought it was an amusing bit of political humor.

A coup looking for a legal theory

According to Ruth Ben-Ghiat, author of Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present, coup conspirators count on being protected when that coup succeeds and they have taken over the government – or, in a “self-coup,” have remained in office by illegal means. But if a coup attempt fails, then...

Democracy is on the line on November 8

Inflation, the Ukraine war, gasoline prices, the Covid-19 pandemic – none of these issues are as important as preserving the democratic order,” a recent Washington Post editorial argued. “Americans should vote like it.”. Republicans fervently hope they won’t. Historian Brian Clardy fears they won't. “Most Americans...

Our national pandemic of 'sick individualism'

I couldn’t help a double-take when the rusty old truck passed me on a western Kentucky highway. Painted on the side of its faded greenish hood was a bright red circle bisected by a similarly-hued diagonal bar that was superimposed over a white hypodermic needle. Below the hand-painted “artwork”...

Law enforcement groups voice support for gun safety measures

National law enforcement groups are joining the chorus of Kentuckians calling on the U.S. Senate to pass meaningful gun-safety measures. A bipartisan group of senators is working on specific legislation after announcing an agreement to support “red flag” laws, boost background checks, and increase mental health resources. Sen....

How to step back from an “irrepressible conflict”

When people in Murray, Mayfield, Benton or other small to medium-sized towns in the west Kentucky section of the Jackson Purchase need to go to a larger hospital nearby, we often go to one of the two hospitals in Paducah: Mercy Health (once called Lourdes) or Baptist Health (once called Western Baptist).

SCOTUS and the “Notorious SMS”

The Supreme Court of the United States has always been free from accountability. Oral arguments, final decisions, and written orders are the only aspects of justices’ work that are regularly made available to the public. The recent leak suggesting SCOTUS might strike down the constitutional right to an abortion was in part so stunning because it was the first time in modern history a draft decision has been made public while a case is still pending.

The Daily Take for Wednesday

G’morning, all. Hope you’re able to stay somewhat cool during this heat wave. We’re trying hard to keep our gardens from wilting and dying. I shudder to think of our water bill. And speaking of money, let’s talk about ... This post is for subscribers on...