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Motorcycle Accident Near Laytonville – Ambulance Enroute

The CHP Traffic Incident Page is reporting a motorcycle accident north of Laytonville near the Black Oak Ranch. An ambulance is enroute to the scene though CHP is listing the accident as a minor injury accident. A tow-truck has also been requested. Please remember that information gathered from initial reports...
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PG&E’s Sale of Lumber Taken From Around Power Lines on Public Property Doesn’t Sit Well With Activists

PG&E, which has come under fire from local communities for dropping large swaths of trees as part of an effort to reduce wildfires, has sold a little over a million board feet of lumber from trees it is cutting down around a transmission line on state land in the Jackson Demonstration State Forest. It is paying the agency that manages this property for the lumber. No timber harvest plan was required for this operation.
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Two Arrested Near Willits for Transporting Living Marijuana Plants

On 05-06-2022 at about 11:30 PM a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Deputy noticed a vehicle towing a trailer traveling southbound on Highway 101 in Willits, California. The Deputy conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle for numerous vehicle code violations. The Deputy contacted two subjects in the vehicle who identified as Jesus Paredes [age 24 from Clearlake], and Juan Marquez-Diego [age 36 from Clearlake].

Laytonville Woman Accused of Ramming Vehicle and Shooting Tire of Garberville Woman

On 05-06-2022 the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a possible assault which occurred in the 32000 block of Shimmins Ridge Road in Willits, California. The Deputies learned that at approximately 5:05 PM a 33 year-old adult female [from Garberville] was parked in a vehicle in the 32000 block of Shimmins Ridge, when Tesla Hencz [age 27 from Laytonville], drove past. Deputies believed the adult female and Hencz had been arguing because they were both romantically dating the same person.

Recreational Boat Founders and Capsizes in Noyo Harbor—Coasties Get on Scene in the Nick of Time

Yesterday around 12:21 p.m. a 20’ recreational boat was entering Fort Bragg’s Noyo Harbor when it began to take on water. United States Coast Guard personnel arrived on the scene and found the boat sinking. Despite attempts to keep the boat afloat, it sank and capsized requiring the coasties to right the boat and through a series of laborious steps extricate it from the harbor’s waters. Coast Guard Petty Officer Baron Wilhelm stationed at Noyo Harbor provided the details of the incident.

City of Fort Bragg Works to Combat Odors at Wastewater Treatment Plant

The following is a press release issued by the City of Fort Bragg:. Nearly two years ago, the City of Fort Bragg completed a major upgrade to the wastewater. treatment plant facility to improve the reliability and quality of effluent (treated water released into the ocean). The new treatment system has proved to be far more efficient in the removal of solids from the waste stream than expected. This translates into a much greater need for onsite storage of the biosolids at the treatment facility. This is the source of the odor that many have experienced near the treatment plant facility located on the Coastal Trail and on occasion throughout the City.

Kind Bud Campout Focuses on Music, Cannabis, and Hash-Tasting

Press release from Mendocino Cannabis Resource Events (MCREvents):. Mendocino Cannabis Resource Events (MCREvents) is offering their inaugural “Kind Bud Campout” July 9th through July 10th at the historic Black Oak Ranch north of Laytonville, California. The culmination of over 30 years of cannabis activism, MCREvents is the brainchild...

Willits Letter Writer Says PG&E’s EVM is ‘Fueled by Greed’

Welcome to our letters to the editor/opinion section. To submit yours for consideration, please send to [email protected] Please consider including an image to be used–either a photograph of you or something applicable to the letter. However, an image is not necessary for publication. Remember opinions expressed do not...

Communication outage on coast was useful practice

On Tuesday, May 10th, at approximately 10:40 in the morning, a private construction crew inadvertently drilled into a major communication cable in Fort Bragg. As a result, communication services were lost throughout all of Fort Bragg and the surrounding communities from Gibney Lane north through West Port. There were also reports of spotty Internet and phone service in communities as far south as Elk and east to Laytonville. Approximately 16,000 people were affected according to AT&T as quoted by the Sherriff Department. Services that were lost included all cell phone carriers, Internet, cable TV, and landline connections in and out of the area. Landlines within the affected area could call other local landlines, however, circuits were soon overloaded so only about 1 in 5 calls went through. This outage had implications for emergency services since the 911 system went down and people with only cell phones would not have had the ability to call 911 either.

Visiting “Houseboat Eric” at the Vet’s home

Sometimes friendships begin in unconventional ways. I wrote “An Eclectic History of Mendocino County” in 2019. In the section on hippies and the Back-to-the-Land movement, I included a photo of a hand-built houseboat on Big River. When the book came out, Albion resident Tom Wodetzki told me, “That’s...

Letter to the editor: Magoffin

The discussion for removing the Albion River Bridge is coming to an end. CalTrans has begun a public comment period, ending May 20th. If the decision to replace moves forward it will take three years to complete. This project is one of three projects, Albion River Bridge, Salmon Creek Bridge, and straightening/widening Highway One along the coast between these two bridges, which Caltrans refuses to acknowledge as one big project, thereby avoiding an environmental impact report, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act.