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Cost of living: 'Shocking' demand for food parcels from families

"Going to these places makes it feel like I am hitting the bottom," said Kathleen, who last month had no other option but to resort to food pantries. She is one of many in Southampton who recently needed to approach food banks due to the cost of living crisis. There...
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A new upscale grocery store is coming to Scottsdale, Ariz. Set to open this summer, Gastromé Market will carry an array of specialty products and include an onsite café and education space. The 5,000-square-foot location at 7704 E. Doubletree Ranch Road is geared to gourmands. In addition to...
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U.K. Nurses Turn to Food Banks, Unable to Pay Rent Amid Record Inflation

The Royal College of Nursing in the U.K. says the country’s nursing workforce has reached a “critical situation” with nurses unable to pay their bills as prices continue to rise. Several Members of Parliament were told that some providers have had to rely on food banks and are currently unable to pay their rent, which is pushing nurses to quit in droves in search of better pay.

Nurses relying on food banks and unable to pay rent, MPs told

Nurses are “unable to pay rent” and are relying on food banks, MPs have heard.The Royal College of Nursing said the nursing workforce is in a “critical situation”.The warning comes as reports suggest that six NHS trusts have set up food banks for staff to help with the rising cost of living.Dr Denise Chaffer, president of the college, said that pay is also linked to safe care for patients.We have nurses that are unable to pay their rent, afford their petrol to get to work and they're unable to get a mortgageDr Denise ChafferShe said that staff retention was a...

Resources for Affording Food

Are you struggling to pay your bills and finding yourself with less money to buy food? Do you find that you don’t consistently have enough food for yourself and your family? Do you have difficulty eating healthy, balanced meals due to a lack of money? If you said “yes” to one or all of these questions, you might have what is called “food insecurity.” Read on to learn more about this and what you can do about it.

Norfolk and Suffolk residents turn to social shops and pawnbrokers

As the cost of living crisis continues, people are looking at new ways to save money. A social supermarket and pawn shops in Norfolk and Suffolk say they are seeing more people walk through their doors. Those using and running the sites have spoken to the BBC about the reality of living through the crisis.

Liverpool food bank struggling to keep up with rising demand

The founder of a Liverpool food bank said its "shelves are empty" because of soaring demand and the rising cost of living leading to reduced donations. New Beginnings, Improving Lives in Anfield said a recent upsurge in demand meant the service was now "struggling". "We don't have anything left; just...