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Lubbock Parks and Rec Showing ‘The Goonies’ & More for Free This Summer

Summer days tend to get repetitive with the same old swimming, fishing and camping adventures. Lubbock families can add some cinematic fun under the stars to that list. Lubbock's Parks and Recreation Department is bringing back Movies in the Park in honor of Parks and Recreations Appreciation Month. The three movies being shown this summer are definitely worth appreciating.

Boost Your Kid’s Mental Health in 3 Easy Steps

In a world filled with violence, sadness, and constant change, it can sometimes be hard to see the good in life. However, as a parent, teaching our kids to be hopeful will not only make them more resilient human beings, but it also lessens their chances for developing depression and anxiety disorders later in life.

Zaxby’s Comments On Whether They’re Coming to Lubbock

Get your taste buds ready, Lubbock. Have you ever heard of the amazing Zaxby's? I've got some news for you, Lubbock. You might know the name very well soon. Zaxby's has so many great options and locations across the country. It all started in Statesboro, Georgia and expanded from there. It was all built around good chicken and the famous Zax sauce. From when it started back in 1990 to today, they've opened more than 900 locations.

Lubbock Middle School Makes Major Changes to Dress Code

Mackenzie Middle School recently contacted students' families to inform them about their updated dress code for the 2022-2023 school year. Previously, the Lubbock ISD school followed a "Standardized Dress" code that required students to wear gray, red, white or black collared shirts with khaki or black pants, shorts, capris or skirts. Along with that base uniform, the students were not required to wear belts, but if they chose to do so it must be black or brown with no oversized buckles. The students were also required to wear closed toe shoes with socks.

Candy at Parades Has to Be One of the Dumbest Ideas Ever

Typical Lubbockites, who no doubt love to complain about the price of gas, fought in the streets over a couple of cents worth of candy. I wanted to get the part about the Lubbock dumbassery out of the way. Yes, it appears there were at least two instances of people fighting in the streets over candy. There was the one brawl that everyone has already seen on film, and a second incident in which a woman allegedly tried to back her car up into somebody.

It’s Time for a Fireworks Purge in Lubbock

In The Purge, all crime is legal for 24 hours. This includes everything; that's why they say "all." My idea adopts the central idea from The Purge and modifies it to the world of fireworks. Here's where I'm going with this: for two hours, every 4th of July, ALL FIREWORKS...

Will Lubbock Join the Trend of Later School Start Times?

With the first day of school rapidly approaching, some people and schools are talking about pushing back the start time. It all started in California. They just passed a law to push back the time students have to show up to school. Beginning fall 2022, high schools in California legally can't start classes before 8:30 a.m. Then, for middle schools in the state, they can't start before 8 a.m.

Carlos Santana ‘Doing Well’ After Collapsing Onstage in Michigan

On Tuesday night (July 5), guitar legend Carlos Santana collapsed onstage at the Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan and is now said to be "doing well." Santana, who will turn 75 on July 20, has been touring North America steadily all year in support of Blessing and Miracles, the 26th studio album from the Santana band, which came out last year. According to an update from the guitarist's team, he suffered heat exhaustion and dehydration, which led to the onstage collapse and the necessity of treatment at the venue before being taken to a nearby medical clinic for treatment.

Lubbock Salvation Army Receives Grant from Lowe’s Hometowns

The Salvation Army Texas South Plains' Passage Program was awarded a grant from Lowe's Hometowns to make facility improvements. 2022 will be the first of a 5-year, $100-million commitment to the communities Lowe's serves. According to a Salvation Army press release, Lowe's is intending to help restore and revitalize spaces serving as "the hubs and heartbeats of communities, including neighborhood housing, parks, community centers and much more."

A Texas Brewery Is Dropping a Hot Dog-Flavored Seltzer

Martin House Brewing Company has made plenty of outrageous brews in the past, but I think they've outdone themselves this time. The brewery based out of Fort Worth, Texas has plenty of wild ones in their portfolio, like Best Maid Pickle Beer and a Dinosaur Lawnmower sour that was based on Flintstone vitamins.