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Live flies, soup stored in construction buckets shut down three South Florida restaurants

Flies landing in sauce containers, beef broth stored in Home Depot buckets and leaking AC pipes prompted state inspectors to briefly shut down three South Florida restaurants last week. During a visit to a Chik-fil-A in Lake Park, one of the 47 flies found in the restaurant landed on an inspector’s arm. More flies were found in the food prep areas at Talkin’ Tacos in Miramar, and a few were ...
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Chicago Me Up Food Truck Brings Windy City Classics to South Florida

Chicago might be the best food town in the United States. The Windy City is home to a host of big-name chefs, including Rick Bayless, Grant Achatz, and Stephanie Izard. Chicago restaurants have taken home numerous James Beard awards and the city currently counts 173 Michelin-approved restaurants to its name.
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Chick-fil-A looking to hire 200 people in South Florida

(WSVN) - Chick-fil-A is looking to hire an additional 200 team members. The company announced a hiring event set for Friday, June 25 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The events will take place at 22 different locations across South Florida, and any applicant who visit during the event will be provided with an application and will be interviewed onsite.
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Walk In Talk: the restaurant life

This Chef has a Michelin Background ....

How does making an omelet without a non-stick pan get you in the door at Eleven Madison Park? Checkout Chef Erik Vigil's video as he explains what it takes to get into a Michelin Star Restaurant. Chapter Markers: 0:00 Intro 00:20 Rapid Fire Questions 2:46 Michelin Restaurant Talk 5:23 Currently Executive Chef at The Tampa Club 6:16 How Chef Erik Communicates with Suppliers 7:00 Carl's Expectations as a Distributor 7:25 How a Chef Saves a Supplier 13:16 Chef Erik's Popup Series CHECKOUT! Chef Erik's Bucket List Picks: <a href="https://noma.dk">https://noma.dk</a> <a href="https://cellercanroca.com">https://cellercanroca.com</a> <a href="https://osteriafrancescana.it">https://osteriafrancescana.it</a> Support Chef's Pop-Up Dinner Series: Beginning Oct 6th. Checkout the website for more details: <a href="www.blacktableco.com">www.blacktableco.com</a>. Congrats on the new concept Chef! Please SLAM that SUBSCRIBE button so we could continue bringing you Bad-Ass content from the kitchen! Thanks for tuning into Walk In Talk, the restaurant life! Remember, it's always cool in the Walk In!
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Yum! Florida Serves Up A Rich Menu Of Food Festivals

Yum! Florida Serves Up A Rich Menu Of Food Festivals. According to the old saying “the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and I think it is the same in the case of travelers (of both sexes!). No wonder Florida is such a popular destination for vacations and staycations: it not only has abundant and excellent restaurants, cafes, and bistros but also a varied menu of food festivals each year. These events, mostly outdoors, feature not only various foods and beverages, but often also live music, arts and crafts fairs and other activities as well as, in some cases, international flavor. For example, everyone can celebrate Greece during the annual Greek Festival in St. Augustine, feel German for a day in Miami and other Florida cities during Oktoberfest and go on a culinary trip around the world during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in Orlando.
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Starting today, you can get these free menu items from McDonald’s

FLORIDA, USA — (Note: The video above is from a related report.) McDonald's fans in North Florida and South Georgia, get ready for eight days of free treats!. The restaurant announced it will be offering free daily deals on the McDonald's App starting Monday, with a $1 minimum purchase. The deals are good for one day only.
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Kroger delivery service launches in Central Florida

Grocery giant Kkroger has just launched a new grocery delivery service in Central Florida, based out of a new facility in Groveland. The chain handles every step of the delivery process, from direct purchases on its app or website to the actual deliveries, making it different from the middleman services offered by popular apps like Instacart.
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Explorcation - Jamie & Skylar

This Restaurant Turned an Old Gas Station into a Unique Dining Experience | Longboat Key Florida

Whitney's on Longboat Key transformed an old Phillips 76 Gas Station into a unique dining experience. Stop by to check out the new tropical vibes and local music. Whitney's opened in January 2020 and started as an order at the counter, self-serve joint and has transformed into a full service dining experience. Even if you are not hungry for a full meal we would recommend stopping by for local music, a drink and maybe even dessert. Their Key Lime Pie is incredible! If you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a like and let us know in the comments. For more Florida content follow our channel on News Break. -- Business Website: <a href="https://www.whitneylbk.com">https://www.whitneylbk.com</a>/ Local Music Artist Featured in Video: Trevor Bystrom <a href="https://www.trevorbystrom.com">https://www.trevorbystrom.com</a>/ Song: Basa Ocean -- Additional Music Credit: Artist: Slenderbeats Song: Royal
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Walk In Talk: the restaurant life

The Chefs, Chef... Byron Gabel Another Tampa Legend

This Episode is AWESOME!!! Episode 3: Chef Byron, Chef Mike and Carl discuss what it takes for young Chefs to make it in the business. A must see! Please SLAM that SUBSCRIBE button so we could continue bringing you content from the kitchen! Thanks for tuning into this weeks preview from Episode 3 of Walk In Talk, the restaurant life! Remember, it's always cool in the Walk In! Chef Byron's Bucket List Restaurant Pick: El Bulli (Closed) <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Bulli">https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Bulli</a> Coming soon! Keep an eye out for Maple Brook Mushroom Co. Chef is a mushroom grower.. I've seen the product, and it is terrific! Friends of the Walk In Talk Show: <a href="https://www.donpablocoffee.com">https://www.donpablocoffee.com</a> <a href="https://www.ibisimages.com">https://www.ibisimages.com</a>
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Man drives 400 miles from Florida for one last meal at Price's Chicken Coop

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After more than 59 years, Price's Chicken Coop, the legendary South End lunch counter that's served all walks of life, is closing this weekend. News of the Charlotte landmark closing up quickly spread on social media and hundreds of people lined up for one last box of Price's signature chicken. Bob Shibley went even farther. Literally.
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Restaurant Review: Central Florida’s Old Spanish Sugar Mill Restaurant

Have you ever known about things that are practically in your backyard but you’ve never gone to see them? Joe and I have lived in Orlando for over 18 years but had never gone to The Old Spanish Sugar Mill Restaurant. A veritable institution for 60 years, less than 90 minutes away from our house, and practically all our friends and acquaintances have gone, and we just never managed to get there.