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Florida school board member boasts 'woke' teachers are 'working from the inside'

A Sarasota schools board member revealed at a recent talk that "woke" teachers are "working from the inside." "I just wanted to give a little reassurance that here in the state of Florida, there are school board members that are woke," school board vice chair Tom Edwards said, in a video originally shared by Florida GOP vice chairman Christian Ziegler and posted on LibsofTikTok. "We are here! And and we are working… We have your backs. You need to know, we have your backs."
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Nationwide teacher shortage prompts ‘scramble’ ahead of the school year

An ongoing teacher shortage across the United States is forcing officials to act quickly to come up with solutions before the start of the 2022-2023 school year. "We're seeing what I guess we could call a mad scramble to try to fill classrooms," Marisol Garcia, president of the Arizona Education Association, told NBC News reporter Jesse Kirsch in a special report that aired Monday on TODAY.
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How many teacher vacancies are in your school district? The latest county-by-county breakdown

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As most of the students in Northeast Florida get ready to head back to school there are concerns in school districts over an ongoing teacher shortage. Every Florida school district in Northeast Florida has vacancies, some more than others. While there are positive signs that some spots are being filled, it’s expected that many students in our area will start the year without a full-time teacher leading the class. It’s a trend happening all across the country being fueled by a long list of factors, including low pay and an ongoing educational culture war.
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Florida’s school culture wars disappoint teachers caught in the middle

The big story: Florida lawmakers adopted new laws this year targeting what they deemed “indoctrination” in the public schools. They created rules regarding what teachers can teach, particularly as it relates to race and gender, and placed new requirements on the books and other materials that go into classrooms and libraries. They established new rights for parents to control what happens to their children in schools.

Tampa religious school to receive federal lunch funds after all

A private religious school in Tampa will not have to follow new federal laws regarding sexual orientation and gender identity in order to continue receiving federal school lunch dollars, the school’s lawyers said Monday. Alliance Defending Freedom, the conservative legal firm representing Grant Park Christian Academy in a federal...

Nathaniel Cunneen: Florida just lost its school choice crown — can we get it back?

The education freedom tide lifts all boats. For the better part of two decades, Florida has set the standard for school choice in America. With more than one million graduates of school choice programs stretching across two decades, Florida has served as the model for school choice success and the only place where education reformers could study the effects of education freedom at scale. In the more than twenty years since the introduction of school choice in Florida, the state catapulted from the bottom of national K-12 rankings to the No. 3 spot.

Florida private school granted exception to Biden LGBTQ+ policy changes, will receive federal meal funding

A private religious school in Florida will not be expected to follow a new LGBTQ+ inclusive policy to receive federal funding for school lunches. Grant Park Christian Academy sued the Biden administration and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) late last month, arguing that the rule threatened its “ability to feed hungry children.”

Pensacola, UF teaming up to host Climate Smart Floridians Program

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — In an attempt to better educate its citizens on climate change, the City of Pensacola is teaming up with the University of Florida IFAS Extension to host the Climate Smart Floridians Program. The program was developed by the University of Florida IFAS Extension to provide citizens with information about climate change […]

More children’s books under siege by Florida school district

“This alarming development is just the latest in an onslaught of attacks against students’ freedom to read in Florida,” said Jonathan Friedman, director of free expression and education programs at PEN America in a statement. K-12 has been been the target of censorship as it continues to creep...

Teacher shorts a local and national problem

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio — As students prepare for the first day, school administrators are struggling to find teachers. Edison Local Superintendent Bill Beattie says finding teacher this summer has been a challenge. “We have had to get creative and hire people that are working on their certification to get...

How should FL school districts respond to the monkeypox outbreak? There’s little state guidance

Quality Journalism for Critical Times As the number of monkeypox cases spread across Florida, more and more school districts will have to contend with how to approach the disease as public school students, teachers and staff start their first day of school this week. So far, districts haven’t gotten much guidance from state health officials, leaving those sorts of questions […] The post How should FL school districts respond to the monkeypox outbreak? There’s little state guidance appeared first on Florida Phoenix.

Know and share these back-to-school traffic safety reminders from AAA

The roads are about to get more crowded and dangerous as millions of students and teachers return to school. A new AAA survey found 38% of drivers admitted to speeding in an active school zone. At least 32% said they use their cellphone while driving through active school zones. AAA...

Where have all of Florida’s teachers gone?

Empty Classroom(shutterstock) Everyone can remember a special teacher who inspired, motivated, or guided us to that singular level of excellence. We each had that one teacher who was an understanding listener who helped us navigate the travails of growing up. What motivates certain people to become teachers, a job that is arduous, long and demanding, at the best of times, and where have all of Florida’s teachers gone?