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Answers to public questions about Broward trash disposal will have to wait as Bergeron v. Waste Management trial is delayed

A blockbuster courtroom showdown over a $525-million acquisition made by Waste Management to reestablish its Broward trash disposal monopoly, set to begin today, has been postponed until next year. The trial directly pits defendant Waste Management against Bergeron Environmental and Recycling, owned by prominent Davie developer Ron Bergeron. He sued...
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Under oath, AG Barr and other top Trump officials invoked ‘state secrets privilege’ to hide FBI 9/11 report with no state secrets

Long before last month’s release of a 2016 FBI report about Operation Encore, the bureau’s probe into possible Saudi complicity in 9/11, top Trump administration officials swore under “penalty of perjury” that information in the report was a “state secret” whose public release was likely to cause “significant harm to the national security.”
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9/11 plaintiffs move to seize $7 billion in Taliban assets in the U.S.; Justice Department ponders whether to intervene

The Taliban’s August takeover of Afghanistan has prompted 9/11 plaintiffs to ask the Federal Reserve of New York to seize that government’s assets to satisfy a $7-billion judgment assessed against the Taliban for its previous government-sponsored acts of terrorism and support for al Qaeda that resulted in “murder and mayhem” on 9/11.

Pay-to-play lives in FEC decision not to enforce ban on political contributions by Boca prison contractor The GEO Group

In a ruling that undermines an 81-year-old anti-corruption law prohibiting pay-to-play political contributions by federal contractors, an impotent Federal Election Commission last week disclosed that it allowed Boca Raton private prison contractor The GEO Group to get away with making hundreds of thousands of dollars of otherwise illegal contributions to Super PACs.

COVID death undercuts Republican efforts for FEC disclosure, ‘election integrity’

The Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee has a problem. On Tuesday, it informed the Federal Elections Commission that it may be late with its required monthly financial filing because its member responsible for submitting reports electronically died suddenly on Saturday of COVID-19. The late Gregg Prentice developed software that converted...

Welcome to ‘Floridastan’: Trying to out-Texas Texas, DeSantis and GOP lawmakers hand vigilantes swords and shields

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Republican legislators are overperforming for their favorite constituents: rightist culture warriors seeking legal support in their struggle against people, ideas and policies they fear and detest. The Texas abortion bill that Florida lawmakers are busy copying is just one example. “It’s something we’re already working...

FBI declassifies and releases long-sought Operation Encore document about probe of possible Saudi government 9/11 complicity

The FBI, complying with President Biden’s recent executive order, made public late Saturday night a previously classified April 4, 2016 “review and analysis” report about Operation Encore, the bureau’s highly sensitive investigation of possible Saudi complicity in the 9/11 terrorist attack. The 16-page report is nevertheless heavily redacted in ways...

Mohdar Abdullah, ‘key associate’ of 9/11 hijackers, testifies secretly under oath after being tracked down in Sweden

Mohdar Mohamed Abdullah is one of 9/11’s most intriguing figures whose name you may not know. Today, exactly 20 years after the worst terrorist attack ever on U.S. soil, he’s emerged as an important witness in the sprawling New York civil lawsuit in which thousands of members of the 9/11 Families are suing Saudi Arabia, contending the totalitarian kingdom provided financial and material support to the al Qaeda terrorists responsible for those attacks.

Saudi Arabia: FBI closed 9/11 probes without charges, no reason to believe it will reveal powerful new evidence

The U.S. government’s recent reset of its position to consider declassifying many FBI secrets about 9/11 is being strongly resisted in court by Saudi Arabia. Lawyers for thousands of 9/11 family members who are suing Saudi Arabia in federal court in New York, citing the “extraordinary circumstances” arising from the government’s about-face, asked the court late last month for an extension of a Sept. 15 deadline to submit reports from experts who have reviewed the evidence.

9/11 Families ask DOJ Inspector General to probe FBI mishandling of key evidence; ‘Innocent explanation is not believable’

A missing videotape of two 9/11 al Qaeda hijackers partying in Southern California with a suspected undercover Saudi agent. Records of interviews with key witnesses and phone records among 9/11 co-conspirators that have vanished from FBI files. An unredacted copy of a joint FBI-CIA Intelligence Report about Saudi Arabia’s 9/11 involvement that’s nowhere to be found.

FEC slaps U.S. Rep. Salazar’s campaign for accepting tens of thousands of dollars in illegal contributions

Miami Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar’s re-election committee has amassed $147,400 in illegal excessive campaign contributions for her primary, according to a pair of recent warning letters from the Federal Elections Commission. The over-the-legal-limit donations include $5,700 from Abelardo de la Espriella, a Colombian lawyer and U.S. permanent resident who up...