Woman launches racist rant at Black DJ who filmed her berating restaurant staff: ‘Do some African-American fishing’

A video of a California woman who flew into a rage and started berating a Black man with racist remarks has gone viral.The unidentified woman can be seen having an argument with the staff of the Boathouse restaurant at Hendry’s Beach, Santa Barbara, over an unpaid bill.The woman can also be seen beginning to argue with Ian Soleimani, a Black man who works as a DJ, who had started filming the exchange after it became more heated.The four-minute video was posted by Mr Soleimani on his Instagram page on 12 May, after which it went viral, collecting 20,000 views and...
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Cats can memorize their friends' names, new study suggests

Your cat may not come when she's called, but that doesn't mean she's not listening. (Sorry, she's just ignoring you.) Recent studies suggest that domestic cats may share some of the same language recognition skills commonly seen in dogs. In a 2019 article in the journal Scientific Reports, a team of Japanese researchers reported they had demonstrated that cats could recognize their own names in a series of spoken words. Now, new research from some of the same scientists suggests that this familiarity may also extend to a house cat's feline friends.

Fishing Striped Bass with Jerkbaits

The jerkbait is an incredible bait to catch striped bass with. In this video, I went to the CA Delta in search of some Striped Bass. Caught a few nice stripers in a quick evening run.


Navarre fishing pier is the longest pier on the Gulf of Mexico. We thank you for your support. Hit the like button , subscribe and click the notification bell to receive notice of the next video. ALL CONTENT © 2022 ACROSS AMERICA TODAY LLC. Click the arrow below to...

Ten tips when taking kids fishing

Do you want to be a ‘Rock Star’ to your kids this summer? Consider grabbing some fishing gear and taking them on a family adventure. From the fresh air to the excitement of feeling a tug on your line, fishing provides the perfect excuse to spend together-time outdoors. Plus, introducing young children to the sport, which may seem daunting for some, is actually easy with a little planning.

Fishing for Channel Catfish (Part 2/2)

In this video we get out and do some catfishing with some fresh cut bait shad. As always I hope you all enjoy this video and please consider following us here on News Break where we post tons of great content each month. You can also connect with us on YouTube at "Fishing Colorado" or you can find us on Instagram at 5280fisher <a href=""></a>/

Federal government sues state over Kuskokwim salmon fishing rules

The federal government is suing the state of Alaska over its management of salmon fishing on the Kuskokwim River. The lawsuit says the state is violating Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act by allowing all Alaska residents, no matter where they live, to engage in subsistence fishing of king and chum salmon when there isn’t enough fish for all uses. But ANILCA specifies that the subsistence preference is for “rural Alaska residents.”